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Welcome to >implying rigged!
>implying rigged is the community hub and information center of the 4chan Cup, a series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Since 2011 the boards of 4chan have competed on the field for the unrivaled honor of being crowned champions. Elite tournaments are held in Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn play host to the Babby Cups—qualification tournaments where teams play for the right to compete at Elite level.
60 boards have competing teams in the 4chan Cup.
For more information on a team click an icon or for quick reference visit the list of teams.
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Upcoming Tournament
2015 Spring Cup Logo.png
2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup
April 24th–26th, May 1st–3rd, 8th–10th, 16th–17th
Competitors: 40
Cup holders: /toy/
Reigning Elite champions: /tg/
Reigning Babby champions: /b/
2015 Spring Babby Cup draw will happen in:


Getting started


The games



1. Tg icon.png /tg/ 2844pts 6. Asp icon.png /asp/ 1509pts 11. Wg icon.png /wg/ 1311pts
2. H icon.png /h/ 2180pts 7. Hr icon.png /hr/ 1414pts 12. S icon.png /s/ 1233pts
3. Ck icon.png /ck/ 1986pts 8. Vg icon.png /vg/ 1411pts 13. Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 1224pts
4. Lit icon.png /lit/ 1826pts 9. S4s icon.png /s4s/ 1407pts 14. B icon.png /b/ 1171pts
5. E icon.png /e/ 1582pts 10. U icon.png /u/ 1344pts 15. I icon.png /i/ 1019pts
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Featured Player
POTW Doomrider.jpg DOOMRIDER Tg icon.png
Build: 189cm, 108kg
Player Skills: C03, P08, P09, P13
Playing Style: Dummy Runner
Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider! Let our enemies tremble in ruptured awe before his fearsome goals! So sayeth the newest 4CC champions, /tg/. Currently a gold player and one of /tg/'s trio of Second Strikers, Doomrider, along with his partner in crime, Creed, has been arguably the team's most popular striker. Starting with a goal in /tg/'s very first game way back in Winter 2012, they have since kept coming to the tune of 48 in total. Doomrider may have also secured his status as the most acrobatic striker in the 4CC. The Demon Prince now his two legendary bicycle kick goals to his name; the first being the award-winning goal of Autumn 2013 where he set up his own aerial shot vs. /sci/; the second is now the title-clenching kick which nabbed the championship from /h/. We've interviewed Doomrider about the secret of his success and he said, “I use a very strict health regimen which starts with a half-hour jog every morning at 6 A.M. Sharp. I then follow it up with a healthy breakfast of whole-wheat – Ha ha, just kidding! IT'S COCAAAAAIIIN!"
Featured Team
Ft lit.jpg /lit/ – Literature Lit icon.png
Ranking: 4th
Key Players: DFW, Lolita Wanted It, MC Homerotic, Niggardly Jew
Recent Form: W W W L L
/lit/ penned their application into the 4chan Cup as part of the Founding Babbies. From the get-go in Spring 2012, /lit/ had a difficult time finding any success, playing the role of the Cup's nerds and being the recipients of metaphorical wedgies and swirlies from more physical teams. After a year of struggle it seemed /lit/ finally found their footing as they topped their group and reached the quarter finals, finally being halted by /tv/. Their optimism was never higher going into the 2013 Summer Cup, but hopes were swiftly dashed. A crushing 0-7 defeat to /v/ would herald their worst cup performance yet, as well as relegation back to the babbies. The following Autumn and Spring cups would not fare any better, and /lit/ by this point was sadly seen by other teams as merely fodder instead of a hurdle. The status quo changed with the coming of Summer 2014. Giants like /a/, /sp/, and /wg/ fell, but that was only the first half of a story which continued in Autumn where new, unexpected talent arose. Intellectualism was in resurgence, and /lit/, along with long-time rivals /sci/ stormed decisively into the knockouts and back into an elite cup. In this past Winter Cup, others still expected little from /lit/, but the bookworms were ready to show those in doubt just what plebs they were! With upsets over /vg/ and /wsg/, lit continued to shed its old aura with commanding wins over /wg/ and /asp/. The end result was a 4th place finish – respectable in its own right, but also /lit/'s finest cup performance ever. They have demonstrated that success can come not just from a sports page, or a magazine, but a goddamn book.