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Welcome to >implying rigged!
>implying rigged is the community hub and information center of the 4chan Cup, a series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Since 2011 the boards of 4chan have competed on the field for the unrivalled honor of being crowned champions. The 4chan Cup's Elite tournaments are held every six months, in Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn play host to the Babby Cups - qualification tournaments where teams play for the right to compete at Elite level.
57 boards have competing teams in the 4chan Cup.
For more information on a team click an icon or for quick reference visit the list of teams.
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  • DATES TBC: 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

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Upcoming Tournament
2014 Autumn Cup Logo.png
2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Dates to be decided
Competitors: 41
Cup holders: /toy/
Reigning Elite champions: /mu/
Reigning Babby champions: /pol/
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No scheduled event!

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1. Vg icon.png /vg/ 2345pts 6. Toy icon.png /toy/ 1699pts 11. Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 1332pts
2. Hr icon.png /hr/ 2251pts 7. Mu icon.png /mu/ 1630pts 12. Gd icon.png /gd/ 1302pts
3. An icon.png /an/ 1883pts 8. H icon.png /h/ 1593pts 13. A icon.png /a/ 1274pts
4. X icon.png /x/ 1843pts 9. Trv icon.png /trv/ 1463pts 14. Asp icon.png /asp/ 1233pts
5. U icon.png /u/ 1830pts 10. Wsg icon.png /wsg/ 1371pts 15. Pol icon.png /pol/ 1169pts
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Player of the Week
Potw kerning.png Kerning Gd icon.png
Build: 205cm/124kg
Player Skills: C02, C03, P08, P09, P19
Playing Style: Fox In The Box
Our tour of the titan-slayers continues with with /gd/'s team captain, Kerning. As a Fifth Founding team /gd/ is among the youngest teams of the cup. So while their scar thus far may not be long, it has certainly become deep, and Kerning most often is the one holding the scalpel. As /gd/ has frequently been a team which stacks the defense, Kerning is often with minimal support at the forefront as the team's center forward. He is prepared for this situation with cards such as Speeding Bullet and First-Time Shot. With 19 career goals he is /gd/'s most prolific scorer, and while many of those goals were in draws or losses, /gd/'s short history boasts some upsets as well. These include a Winter Friendly win over /lgbt/ and a Summer Friendly 5-2 win over /po/, their biggest victory yet, but not their biggest upset. That happened on the last day of Group A's games. /sp/ and /gd/ both were fighting for survival, but /sp/ coming in as the clear favorite. They held each other to a draw for the first 80 minutes until Kerning plunked a goal in from the side of the net, and teammate Glitch Art added insult to injury just 6 minutes later. /sp/, for the first time ever, would be forced into the Babbies. /gd/'s run to the cup was halted in the Ro16, but Kerning left behind a smoking crater that used to be /sp/'s Elite status, something which will now be remembered forever in 4chan Cup history.
Featured Team
Ft mu.png /mu/ – Music Mu icon.png
Ranking: 7th
Key Players: Jeff Mangum, MC Ride, Talentless Hack, The Deak
Recent Form: W W W W W
In pre-modern warfare it wasn't the side that won the most battles, but rather the side that won the last battle who won the war. The war of the Elites is over, and the old solider /mu/ stands as the lone victor, but at what cost? Before there was a threat of relegation as a member of the Original Sixteen, /mu/ would find itself in the loser's bracket of the first two 4chan Cups. There's an old adage that there's no such thing as an atheist in the foxhole, demonstrated by a then-unmanaged /mu/ accepting Jesus Christ to survive relegation into the first Babby Cup only through number of goals scored. /mu/ would continue to make it into the knockouts for the next three major cups but never claim a trophy, Including an especially stinging loss in Summer 2013 in the championship game. All the while, familiar fellow elites like /fit/ and /int/ would begin to fall around them. Summer 2014 has probably been the most unorthodox cup yet. While giants like /sp/ and /a/ fell into relegation, /mu/ embraced the strangeness to create a winning team. Their arsenal included an unusual, open formation, Talentless Hack the Golden Boot silver player, and a soundtrack by a band you probably haven't heard of; they're pretty new. Most important is their legendary goalkeeping which carried them all the way to the final, and would deny several deadly and precise shots from /hr/ long enough for /mu/ to finally claim a star of their own. So congratulations to /mu/! The Cup trophy is yours, but the struggle to remain Elite resumes next Winter. Fight on, soldier.