If you're interested in submitting one or more logo designs for the upcoming 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup (and qualifiers/fetus), send them to f4r via email (f4r.hanakodlmg at gmail dot com) by 12:00pm UTC on Sunday, 2nd of April. On the 3rd I'll put them all up on the wiki on a single page, after which you'll have one week (until 12:00pm UTC on the 10th) to discuss them wherever you want, suggest changes, make revisions, and so on and so forth. A day or so following that deadline, we'll hold a poll to see which design is the most popular, after which the winner should be finalized barring any final modifications or adjustments from the 4CCC. As has been the case for the past few cups, we'll hold a second round of voting between the top designs from the first should the results be deemed close enough to warrant it. Ball logo: .ai .svg .png

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Friendlies settings and deadline announced

Gameplay settings for the upcoming 2014 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies were announced today:

  • Vanilla game (ver 1.12) will be used
  • +100 ball speed
  • Professional AI difficulty
  • Elite Cup (aka champion's league) exhibitions

The save deadline is 23:59:59 UTC this Friday.