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{{sq player |no=5 |pos=CB |name=5 Inch Dick}}
{{sq player |no=5 |pos=CB |name=5 Inch Dick}}
{{sq player |no=77 |pos=CB |name=S/adv/irgin}}
{{sq player |no=77 |pos=CB |name=S/adv/irgin}}
{{sq player |no=800 |pos=CB |name=Suicide Hotline}}
{{sq player |no=21 |pos=CB |name=Red Flags}}
{{sq player |no=12 |pos=RB |name=STOP RESISTING!!!}}
{{sq player |no=12 |pos=RB |name=Be Yourself}}
{{sq player |no=3 |pos=DMF |name=Polyamory}}
{{sq player |no=3 |pos=DMF |name=Polyamory}}
{{sq player |no=13 |pos=DMF |name=Anti-Social}}
{{sq player |no=784 |pos=DMF |name=Panic Attacks}}
{{sq player |no=88 |pos=DMF |name={{greentext|>>/r9k/}}}}
{{sq player |no=88 |pos=DMF |name={{greentext|>>/r9k/}}}}
{{sq player |no=784 |pos=DMF |name=Panic Attacks}}
{{sq player |no=999 |pos=DMF |name=Doomerposting}}
{{sq player |no=4 |pos=CMF |name=Shut in NEET}}
{{sq player |no=4 |pos=CMF |name=Shut in NEET}}
{{sq player |no=21 |pos=CMF |name=Red Flags}}
{{sq player |no=1 |pos=CMF |name=Wow, It's Literally Me!}}
{{sq end}}
{{sq end}}

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If you would like to put forward suggestions for or discuss anything about the /adv/ team, you can do so in the talk page.

Kill yourself
Adv logo.png
/adv/ - Advice
Founded August 2011, January 2012
Manager AdviceDawg
IRL manager WayJay !!YFJnn8+UiFE, Svenskii !!nQLt/0Ty+IY
Team colors
HEX color A67B5A
Noose Brown
Ranking 13 (decrease 2)
Highest rank 11 (August, 2011, Current.)
Lowest rank 59 (5 May 2019)
Top scorer Suicide (59)
Top assister Suicide (25)
Captain Suicide
Website /adv/ - Advice
Nickname The /adv/isors
The s/adv/irgins
The advice dogs
Home ground Advice Dog Arena
Historic performance
40 14 51 105 38.1%
189 205 -16
Biggest win
/pol/ Pol icon.png 1–8 Adv icon.png /adv/
August 6, 2016
Biggest defeat
/adv/ Adv icon.png 2–7 Gif icon.png /gif/
April 15, 2016
First match
/tv/ Tv icon.png 3–1 Adv icon.png /adv/
August 6, 2011
Elite Cup
Appearances 8 (First in 2011 4chan Summer Cup)
Best result 5th, 2016 4chan Summer Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 11 (First in 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup)
Best result 5th, 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem Papa Roach - Last Resort
Victory Anthem Playing PES Is Pointless
Victory Anthem (Clean Sheet) S3RL - Friendzoned

Goal horn System of A Down - Chop Suey!
Suicide Goalhorn Hollywood Undead - Bullet
Red Flags Goalhorn Billy Talent - Red Flag
Shut in NEET Goalhorn Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
Femanon Goalhorn Marina and The Diamonds - Oh No
Toaster Bath Goalhorn Metallica - Ride the Lightning
DUDE WEED LMAO Goalhorn Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees
Wash Your Fucking Hands Goalhorn The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me
Home kit Advhome-2018abcq.png
Away kit Advaway-2018abcq.png
Third kit Advthird-2019abc.png
Fourth kit Advfourth-2020sbcq.png

Being one of the Original Sixteen, /adv/ has been a quiet yet reliable team for the entirety of the 4chan Cup. By now names like Suicide, 5 Inch Dick and S/adv/irgin are recognized by nearly all Cup spectators because of their long road traveled. They were slow to find their footing early on, ranking 8th in the inaugural 2012 Summer Cup and failing to qualify for the first Spring Babby. Things changed by Autumn 2012 with progression to the Round of 16, and improved further in the 2013 Winter Cup. It was there that /adv/ were grouped in the famous Group Hell. After hard-fought but bitter losses to /a/ and /mlp/, /adv/ were considered dead-on-arrival in their third game against /m/. What happened next, to many, was the most celebrated upset not only in team history, but in all of 4chan Cup history. /adv/ humiliated /m/ with a 6-1 blowout, confounding absolutely everyone present, relegating /m/ and /mlp/, and themselves surviving all the way to the Quarter Finals. After that, /adv/ was a quintessential yo-yo team, being relegated and then promoted from every cup right up until the 2014 Spring Babby, where they failed to promote. After a brief stint back in the Elites in Summer 2016 and Winter 2017 they became inactive shortly after the 2017 Spring Babby Cup. After revival in late 2018, /adv/ were aborted, won one Wooden Spoon, nearly won another, and then finally promoted to their first Elite Cup since 2017.

Exports as of Autumn 2018 (tactics and aesthetics to come)

Tactical Export

Fresh New /adv/ Music


Main Article: /adv/ Roster.

No. Position Player
Bitches and Whores
Ask the Opposite Gender
Be A Man
Toaster Bath
Wash your Fucking Hands
Suicide Captain
No. Position Player
Get it off your Chest
How do I Get GF
5 Inch Dick
Red Flags
Be Yourself
Panic Attacks
Shut in NEET
Wow, It's Literally Me!


Summer 11: The Original Team

/adv/ was one of 16 boards that entered the inaugural 4chan Cup competition, the 2011 Summer Cup with a team of players distinctly different from the sort of players that teams use today. Their first match was a 3-1 loss to /tv/, but they did form a brief losers bracket run eliminating rivals /soc/ as well /int/ before bowing out to /mu/. Their performance was just enough to put them in the top half, finishing 8th overall.

Winter 12-Winter 13: The Fall and Rise

For the 2012 Winter Cup four new boards were added. To keep the bracket from needing any byes or preliminary, the 4 least popular boards were removed from the competition to make way for Second Founding. /adv/ was one of those boards. Though the other 3 boards that were dropped soon made their return for the 2012 Spring Babby, /adv/ were disqualified for not completing their team on time and were instead replaced by /an/.

Even in the famous Group H promo, /adv/ was not considered a favorite to survive the group stage.

Their return finally came in the 2012 Autumn Babby. They started out with two draws in a row against /soc/ and /lit/ with their gold striker 5 Inch Dick providing all their goals. With both of those teams on 4 points by /adv/’s final game they needed a win against /gif/ to advance to the knockouts and out of the babbies. A 4-0 victory secured /adv/’s place in the Winter Cup. They earned 5th place in the babbies, eventually being eliminated by rivals /r9k/ in the most dreadful match of football ever seen in the cup.

/adv/’s 2013 Winter Cup started with them being placed in Group Hell with /m/, /a/ and /mlp/. Given the strength of their opposition they were instantly deemed relegation favourites. Though there were plenty of goals in their matches against /a/ and /mlp/, they would both end up being losses for /adv/. Their final match was against the titanic /m/, ranked 2nd best team in the cup at the time. A 2 goal victory was needed to give /adv/ safety from relegation. The now legendary match between is considered by most to be one of if not the biggest upset in 4chan Cup history: /adv/ 6 - 1 /m/.

Summer 13-Winter 14: Yo-yo Seasons

The Summer Cup started with /adv/ being drawn against /mlp/ once again, /trv/ and /f/. The momentum had certainly dissipated from their previous cup run as they eventually found themselves being relegated. 1-0 losses against /trv/ and /mlp/ meant their win over /f/ was not enough for survival. AI glitches were not kind to /adv/, though the fact they did not score a single goal from open play shows how weak they were.

/adv/ were much improved for the following Autumn Babbies, where they won all three of their group matches against /asp/, /c/ and /po/ to 9 point their group and bounce back up to the elites. /toy/ defeated /adv/ in their first knockout match and eventually went on to win the babbies themselves.

Now looking to prove a point that their elimination from the elites was just a fluke, /adv/ started the 2014 Winter Cup with a win versus /cm/. When it came to a rematch against /a/, /adv/ once again let 4 goals past. Though they still had a good chance of qualifying, an embarrasing 3-7 loss against /cgl/ saw relegated /adv/ once again.

After two losses in a row in Spring 2014, /adv/ had to hope for another miracle run to begin with their match against /k/.

Spring 14-Spring 16: Stuck in the Babbies

The 2014 Spring Babbies was /adv/’s worst ever performance in a cup, failing to win a single match or even score a goal by themselves. /k/’s keeper Castle Doctrine’s own goal meant that he was /adv/’s top scorer. Losses to /pol/ and /co/ as well as draws against /k/ and /lit/ meant that they finished 34th place out of 40 teams.

Their fortunes were better for Autumn, where they managed wins over /tv/ and over /v/ in a very entertaining 5-4 match. However it was losses against /lit/ and /s/ that saw them promoted over /adv/ where a draw against either of them may have put /adv/ through instead.

Disqualification in 2012, a dreadful performance in 2014 and some bad luck in 2015 meant that the season of spring started to seem cursed. An opening win against /y/ gave /adv/ some hope early on in the campaign. The next match against /po/ saw a 69 minute long lead for /adv/ swing the other way as /po/ scored in the 88th minute and again in injury time to steal all 3 points. While they controlled the match against /cm/ for a solid 70 minutes, they failed to find the back of the net and once /cm/ got a goal the match was theirs. Mathematically relegated by their last match, a 4-2 loss to /o/ capped off another bad cup.

The poor result in spring, as well as a severe case of >no fans led to /adv/ having to compete in a fetus cup. 2 wins and a draw saw them through, and an initial win against /3/ in the 2015 Autumn Babby gave /adv/ a chance to return to the elites. Due to other results in the group, this opportunity was still there even after losses to /a/ and /toy/; the winner of their match against /s4s/ would advance in 2nd place. This picture should tell you which team went through.

3 points from 4 games meant that /adv/ would enter another fetus cup in order to qualify for the 2016 Spring Babby Cup. The tournament format saw the top teams in each group going through with the 3rd placed teams in each group entering a knockout round to replace /o/. /adv/ suffered an unfortunate draw against /biz/ followed by a humiliating 2-7 defeat to /gif/, the worst in the team's history. Victory against /fa/ was enough to see them through to the playoffs where they looked a lot stronger, easily dispatching /toy/ and /vg/ to claim the last spot for Spring.

2016 Spring was kicked off for /adv/ with a match against rivals /r9k/ which they lost 2-1. A 4-2 victory against /c/ and 1-0 defeat to /vr/ meant a third place finish in their group. This initially looked like it at least avoided a situation where /adv/ would need to enter another fetus cup by finishing just 3 places from advancing. It was then that powerful meme magic finally allowed /adv/ a return to the elite cups after 2 and a half long years.

Summer 2016 - Spring 2017: A Lucky Opportunity Well Taken, Followed By Death

Many wouldn't have seen /adv/'s surprise return to the elites as much more than a chance for them to improve their pot for the upcoming Autumn Babby. They certainly wouldn't have expected the result of their first match: /pol/ 1 - 8 /adv/. The hammering even saw Suicide setting a new record as he found the net 6 times, the most by a single player in a single match in the history of the cup. They next faced /lit/, a team they hadn't managed victory against in 3 previous attempts, but they managed it 5-3 on this occasion. All but confirmed for the knockouts, /adv/ finally showed a sign of weakness as they slipped to a 4-2 defeat to /an/. /adv/ bounced back in their Round of 16 fixture against /s4s/, keeping a rare clean sheet in 2016 in a 3-0 win. The quarter-final against /m/ was a back and forth match where /m/ stormed to a 2-0 lead within 12 minutes. /adv/ managed to claw the match back, equalising twice before finally taking a 4-3 lead. /m/ managed to level the game with around 10 minutes left and it was that point that Char came to laugh at /adv/ and kill the game off with a brace, securing a 6-4 victory for the giant robots. Suicide's 12 goals in the cup were almost enough to earn him the golden boot despite having 2 fewer games than 4 other teams; it was only in the final that a >rape double-brace for /mlp/ saw the award slip from his grasp.

Winter 2017 did not go so well. The Righat drew /adv/ into Group F with /fit/, /out/ and /h/. Things got off to a great start thanks to Suicide's brace against /out/, followed by a 0-0 borefest with /fit/. /adv/ topped the group going into the final day and watched from the stands as /fit/ blew their opponents the fuck /out/. /adv/'s task was to not lose to /h/, who went into the match as underdogs. The /h/arbingers surprised everybody and won 3-0, knocking /adv/ out on goal difference.

While Winter was a lost cause, Spring 2017 delivered what looked like a walk in the park for /adv/. They were drawn into Group A with /p/, /po/, and somehow-escaped-the-Fetus /t/, in what was labelled "the worst fucking group ever". /adv/ would take on /po/ first and opened the scoring with a Relationshit strike. However, memories of that ill-fated day in Spring 2015 flooded back to /adv/, and those memories turned out to be precognitive. /po/ struck back twice within the last fifteen minutes of the game and went on to win 2-1. Suicide brushed off the loss within two minutes in their game against /p/ with an early goal, but /adv/ were forced to share the points in the end. After /p/ disposed of an already-promoted /po/, /adv/ had a new task: Score at least three goals and win by at least two in their last game. And they looked to be in luck: /t/ was their opponent.

All that luck turned out to be useless. /t/ crushed /adv/'s hopes and won 4-1 in a match that ultimately did not even matter, in a group that ultimately did not even matter. Along with /p/ and /t/, /adv/ were put to sleep by /merit/ for having no fan support or fan interaction (polls, match threads).

After six long years in the cup (with a brief absence in 2012), /adv/ appeared to rest in peace.....

Autumn 2018 - Present: /adv/ 2.22 You Can (Not) Revive

On August 1st, 2018 a thread was posted in /adv/ looking if there was interest in a team revival. The new, revamped version of /adv/ took the pitch for the first time in a year and a half, in the 2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers. /adv/ drew into Group A along with /c/, /out/, and /v/, and despite having some hype, failed miserably and finished last in the group. /v/ shellshocked /adv/ in the first game 4-1, and then got beat by /out/ in a much closer game than the 2-0 scoreline would indicate. The sole bright spot coming from the last game of the group against /c/ where /adv/ managed to come away with a 3-1 win off of an Ask The Opposite Gender brace, and a Suicide header. /adv/ will be going back to the psychiatrist's office to get some better meds, and will return with its automatic qualification for the 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup. With a new game came absolutely no difference in play, and /adv/ paid for it. Being grouped in with /k/, /lit/, and /r9k/. /adv/ decided to quit taking their medication and got sent to the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers. /adv/ took the pitch in the Qualifiers grouped with /cgl/, /m/, and /v/. In their first game /adv/ dropped 3 on /cgl/ including a Suicide brace and Shut in NEET scoring his first goal, helping /adv/ win 3-2. /m/ played /adv/ tough in the second match, with /m/ winning 1-0. Moving into the final day /adv/ had to score 2 goals and win in order to advance out of its group, all against /v/ who had just shellacked them a year earlier. /adv/ took their opportunity, winning 3-1 off of 3 Red Flags assists, and goals from Suicide, Femanon, and Toaster Bath helping /adv/ finally advance out of their first group since Summer 2016 to get into the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup. /adv/ managed to let a golden opportunity slip away from them as they watched /x/, /gif/ and /lit/ march right past them, sending them right back to the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers nearly avoiding a second Golden Spoon in two Babby cups on their way out. /adv/ is down again, but they're used to it. Not destroyed by another heartbreak, the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers came, and /adv/, with a mysteriously clean new player from China, managed to win the qualifiers, beating a crippled /n/, a >NO SHOOTING CARDS /a/, and taking a loss to /bant/. Back to the Babbies! /adv/ drew /b/, /vr/, and /wg/ in their group for the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup /adv/ pulled away from /b/ 2-1, tied with /vr/ 1-1 and then lost to /wg/ 3-2. All seemed lost for /adv/ who sat with one game left, awaiting their fate from the locker room during the /vr/ v /b/ game. /b/ pulled off a miraculous upset, sending /adv/ to the 2020 4chan Summer Cup; /adv/'s first legitimate Elite cup since the 2014 4chan Winter Cup, and their first Elite promotion since the infamous 2016 4chan Summer Cup. /adv/ then faced /sp/ in /adv/'s Century game, which turned out as a loss for /adv/ 4-2. /adv/ look to take their momentum into the 2020 4chan Summer Cup where they'll look to finish better than their tournament record 5th place. /adv/ were drawn into a tough group, consisting of /c/, >/g/, and defending elite champions /pol/. /adv/ beat /c/ 2-3 off of goals from Femanon, Be A Man, and Suicide, the show continued as /adv/ trounced a hapless /g/ 2-4 off the boots of Wash Your Fucking Hands, Toaster Bath, Suicide, and Red Flags. Despite the two commanding wins, /adv/ wasn't out of the clear yet. They still had a familiar foe left to beat. Standing on top of the group with 6 points, and in control of their own fate, /adv/ took the pitch vs /pol/. All looked lost after Moonman scored the fastest brace in cup history to put /pol/ up 0-3, but /adv/ weren't going to give up so easily. Toaster Bath struck back in the 64th minute, and then Suicide FC took over, scoring a brace of his own to tie the game up, 3 all. The whistle blew, /adv/, who had just played in the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers was staying elite for the first time since Summer 2016, topping the group on 7 points. /adv/ drew /ck/ for their Round of 16 matchup, where they made swift work off the boots of Femanon and Wash Your Fucking Hands, winning 2-1. Then came the Quarterfinals. /adv/ lost a heartbreaking rematch to /c/ 3-2 in extra time, where Suicide tried to carry the team, scoring a brace. This /adv/ team fell just short of equaling its best performance in a cup, but did end up tying its best ranking of all time. /adv/ look with anticipation towards the 2020 4chan Winter Cup, where they hope their seasonal depression will finally lead them to their first star.

Match History

2020 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
SC20 Design E2.png
2020 Summer Cup
Quarter Final C icon.png /c/ 2-3 L
Suicide Goal 37'45+2' August 2, 2020
Round of 16 Ck icon.png /ck/ 2-1 W Wash Your Fucking Hands Goal 60'
Femanon Goal 78'
August 1, 2020
Group Stage Pol icon.png /pol/ 3-3 D Toaster Bath Goal 64'
Suicide Goal 71'75'
July 25, 2020 The Downfall Hyp
G icon.png /g/ 4-2 W Wash Your Fucking Hands Goal 29'
Suicide Goal 58'
Toaster Bath Goal 74'
Red Flags Goal 90+2'
July 19, 2020
C icon.png /c/ 3-2 W Femanon Goal 6'
Be A Man Goal 45+0'
Suicide Goal 56'
July 17, 2020
SBC20 Design A.png
2020 Spring Babby Cup
Round of 16 Sp icon.png /sp/ 4-2 L Suicide Goal 10'
Femanon Goal 78'
May 9, 2020 100th match for /adv/
kobr owl
Group Stage Wg icon.png /wg/ 3-2 L Suicide Goal 32'83' May 3, 2020 back to the elites despite the loss
/adv/ makes it out of a babby group stage for the first time since the 2013 autumn babby cup
Vr icon.png /vr/ 1-1 D Suicide Goal 71' May 1, 2020
B icon.png /b/ 2-1 W Toaster Bath Goal 15'
Suicide Goal 85'
April 25, 2020
SBC20 Design Aq.png
2020 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers
Group Stage Bant icon.png /bant/ 3-0 L April 12, 2020
A icon.png /a/ 3-2 W Suicide Goal 18'
Femanon Goal 22'
Toaster Bath Goal 34'
April 12, 2020
N icon.png /n/ 3-1 W Suicide Goal 21'45+3'
Wash Your Fucking Hands Goal 88'
April 11, 2020

2019 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
ABC19 Design E.png
2019 Autumn Babby Cup
Group Stage Lit icon.png /lit/ 1 - 0 L November 2, 2019
Gif icon.png /gif/ 3 - 4 L Suicide Goal 17'90+1'
Suicide Hotline Goal 80'
October 27, 2019
X icon.png /x/ 5 - 2 L Suicide Goal 45+1'86' October 25, 2019
ABC19 Design Eq.png
2019 Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers
Group Stage V icon.png /v/ 3 - 1 W Suicide Goal 13'
Femanon Goal 31'
Toaster Bath Goal 78'
Bitches & Whores Booked 15'
October 13, 2019
M icon.png /m/ 1 - 0 L October 12, 2019
Cgl icon.png /cgl/ 2 - 3 W Suicide Goal 6'21'
Shut In NEET Goal 57'
October 11, 2019
SBC19 Design B1.png
2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Group Stage R9k icon.png /r9k/ 1 - 3 L Femanon Goal 49' May 26, 2019
Lit icon.png /lit/ 3 - 2 L Suicide Goal 9'
Bitches & Whores Goal 81'
May 24, 2019
K icon.png /k/ 1 - 0 L May 18, 2019

2018 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
ABC18 Design Aq.png
2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers
Group Stage C icon.png /c/ 3 - 1 W Ask the Opposite Gender Goal 3'66'
Suicide Goal 61'
October 14, 2018
Out icon.png /out/ 2 - 0 L October 13, 2018
V icon.png /v/ 4 - 1 L Red Flags Goal 73' October 12, 2018

2017 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
SBC17 Design A.png
2017 Spring Babby Cup
Group Stage T icon.png /t/ 4-1 L Relationshit Goal 35' May 20, 2017
P icon.png /p/ 1-1 D Suicide Goal 2' May 14, 2017
Po icon.png /po/ 2-1 L Relationshit Goal 26' May 6, 2017
WC17 Design A.png
2017 Winter Cup
Group Stage H icon.png /h/ 3-0 L February 19, 2017
Fit icon.png /fit/ 0-0 D February 17, 2017
Out icon.png /out/ 2-1 W Suicide Goal 3'27' February 11, 2017

2016 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
Summer16 H ALT 2.png
2016 Summer Cup
Quarter Final M icon.png /m/ 6-4 L Relationshit Goal 15'45+1'
How do I get GF? Goal 26'
Suicide Goal 59'
August 21, 2016 Full Match (Dailymotion)
Highlights (Dailymotion)
Round of 16 S4s icon.png /s4s/ 3-0 W Suicide Goal 9'77'
Relationshit Goal 86'
August 20, 2016 Full Match (Dailymotion)
Highlights (Dailymotion)
Group Stage An icon.png /an/ 4-2 L How do I get GF? Goal 3'
5 Inch Dick Goal 87'
August 14, 2016 Full Match (Dailymotion)
Highlights (Dailymotion)
Lit icon.png /lit/ 3-5 W Suicide Goal 20'57'82'
Relationshit Goal 44'63'
August 12, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Highlights (Dailymotion)
Pol icon.png /pol/ 1-8 W Suicide Goal 23'29'38'45'56'81'
How Do I Get GF? Goal 35'
Relationshit Goal 62'
August 6, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Highlights (Dailymotion)
Suicide set the record for most goals scored by an individual in one match
2016 Spring Cup Logo.png
2016 Spring Babby Cup
Group Stage Vr icon.png /vr/ 0-1 L May 14, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
C icon.png /c/ 4-2 W Suicide Goal 35'50'90'
Relationshit Goal 39'
May 8, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
R9k icon.png /r9k/ 2-1 L Relationshit Goal 86' May 6, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
2016 spring fetus logo.png
2016 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers
Play-off Final Vg icon.png /vg/ 3-1 W Relationshit Goal 51'
Weed Goal 88'
How do I get GF? Goal 90+3'
April 17, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Play-off Semi Final Toy icon.png /toy/ 4-1 W Suicide Goal 3'
How do I get GF? Goal 14'
Relationshit Goal 82'
5 Inch Dick Goal 89'
April 17, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Group Stage Fa icon.png /fa/ 2-1 W Suicide Goal 58'
Relationshit Goal 86'
April 16, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Gif icon.png /gif/ 2-7 L 5 Inch Dick Goal 15'
Suicide Goal 66'
April 15, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)
Biz icon.png /biz/ 3-3 D Relationshit Goal 24'45+1'
Suicide Goal 50'
April 15, 2016 Full match (Dailymotion)

2015 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
ABC15 Design G.png
2015 Autumn Babby Cup
Group Stage S4s icon.png /s4s/ 1-2 L Femanon Goal 12' November 8, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
Toy icon.png /toy/ 3-4 L Relationshit Goal 23'
Suicide Goal 36'
Weed Goal 78'
November 7, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
A icon.png /a/ 2-1 L Suicide Goal 63' November 1, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
3 icon.png /3/ 2-0 W 5 Inch Dick Goal 6'
Relationshit Goal 55'
October 30, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
Autumn 15 Qualifiers.png
2015 Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers
Group Stage T icon.png /t/ 4-3 W 5-Inch Dick Goal 7'90+'
Relationshit Goal 45+'
Suicide Goal 49'
October 3, 2015
Out icon.png /out/ 2-1 W Suicide Goal 16'
Relationshit Goal 75'
October 3, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
Diy icon.png /diy/ 0-0 D October 3, 2015 Full match (Dailymotion)
2015 Spring Cup Logo.png
2015 Spring Babby Cup
Group Stage O icon.png /o/ 4-2 L RelationshitGoal 42'
SuicideGoal 59'
May 10, 2015
Cm icon.png /cm/ 3-0 L May 8, 2015
Po icon.png /po/ 2-1 L Suicide Goal 19' May 2, 2015
Y icon.png /y/ 3-2 W Suicide Goal 12'83'
Shungiku Nakamura Scored 61'
April 25, 2015

2014 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
2014 Autumn Cup Logo.png
2014 Autumn Babby Cup
Group Stage V icon.png /v/ 5-4 W Relationshit Goal 27'40'
5 Inch Dick Goal 32'
Suicide Goal 48'
Polyamory Goal 69'
November 2, 2014 Highlights(Youtube)
S icon.png /s/ 2-0 L October 31, 2014 Highlights (Youtube)
Tv icon.png /tv/ 3-0 W SuicideGoal 41'47'58' October 25, 2014 Full Replay (Twitch)
Highlights (Youtube)
Lit icon.png /lit/ 3-2 L SuicideGoal 24'
5 Inch Dick Goal 90+'
October 19, 2014 Full Replay (Twitch)
Highlights (Youtube)
2014 Summer Cup
Friendlies Vr icon.png /vr/ 0-0 D June 1st, 2014
Tg icon.png /tg/ 1-3 L OKCupid Goal 68' May 30th, 2014 Full replay (Twitch)
2014 Spring Cup logo.png
2014 Spring Babby Cup
Group Stage Lit icon.png /lit/ 0-0 D April 20, 2014 Full replay (Twitch)
Full replay (Youtube)
K icon.png /k/ 1-1 D Castle Doctrine Scored 8' April 18, 2014 Full replay (Twitch)
Full replay (Youtube)
Co icon.png /co/ 0-2 L April 12, 2014 Full replay (Twitch)
Full replay (Youtube)
Pol icon.png /pol/ 0-3 L April 5, 2014 Full replay (Twitch)
Full replay (Youtube)
2014 Winter Cup logo.png
2014 Winter Cup
Group Stage Cgl icon.png /cgl/ 3-7 L 5 Inch Dick Goal 2'
S/adv/irgin Goal 24'71'
February 22, 2014 Full replay
A icon.png /a/ 2-4 L 5 Inch Dick Goal 59'83' February 16, 2014 Full replay
Cm icon.png /cm/ 2-1 W Cheating GF Goal 37'
5 Inch Dick Goal 45+'
February 14, 2014 Full replay
Friendlies S icon.png /s/ 0-0 D January 26, 2014 Full replay
U icon.png /u/ 3-0 L January 12, 2014 Full replay

2013 Results

Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date Replays and Notes
2013 Autumn Cup logo.png
2013 Autumn Babby Cup
Round of 16 Toy icon.png /toy/ 2-0 L November 30, 2013 Full replay
Group Stage Po icon.png /po/ 1-0 W S/adv/irgin Goal 22' November 23, 2013 Full replay
C icon.png /c/ 1-0 W S/adv/irgin Goal 7' November 17, 2013 Full replay
Asp icon.png /asp/ 4-1 W 5 Inch Dick Goal 22'
Friendzoned Goal 53'
S/adv/rigin Goal 63'
Cheating GF Goal 85'
November 15, 2013 Full replay
Friendlies Ck icon.png /ck/ 2-1 L S/adv/irgin Goal 60' September 22, 2013 Full replay (6mins)
D icon.png /d/ 1-0 W S/adv/irgin Goal 58' September 21, 2013
2013 Summer Cup logo.png
2013 Summer Cup
Group Stage Trv icon.png /trv/ 1-0 L August 25, 2013 Highlight
F icon.png /f/ 2-1 W S/adv/irgin Goal 62'
5 Inch Dick Goal 68'
August 23, 2013 Highlights (3m 47secs)
Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 1-0 L August 17, 2013 Highlight
Friendlies Asp icon.png /asp/ 4-2 L S/adv/irgin Goal 34'
Cheating GF Goal 44'
July 21, 2013 Full replay
Jp icon.png /jp/ 3-1 W 5 Inch Dick Goal 26'57'
S/adv/irgin Goal 51'
July 14, 2013
2013 Spring Cup logo.png
2013 Spring Babby Cup
Friendlies Sci icon.png /sci/ 2-1 W Cheating GF Goal 5'
5 Inch Dick Goal 90+1'
April 7, 2013
Trv icon.png /trv/ 3-1 W Cheating GF Goal 3'81'
5 Inch Dick Goal 78'
April 5, 2013
2013 Winter Cup logo.png
2013 Winter Cup
Quarter Final Sp icon.png /sp/ 3-1 L 1stworldproblems Goal 51' February 24, 2013 Highlights
Round of 16 V icon.png /v/ 3-2 W 5 Inch Dick Goal 2'56'
S/adv/irgin Goal 54'
February 23, 2013 Highlights
Group Stage M icon.png /m/ 6-1 W 5 Inch Dick Goal 3'30'
S/adv/irgin Goal 45+1'49'63'
Friendzoned Goal 56'
February 17, 2013 Highlights
Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 4-2 L S/adv/irgin Goal 23'
5 Inch Dick Goal 52'
February 15, 2013 Highlights
A icon.png /a/ 4-3 L S/adv/irginGoal 18'63'
FemanonGoal 40'
February 9, 2013 Highlights

2011/12 Results

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers Notes
December 15, 2012 Hr icon.png /hr/ 2013 Winter Cup Friendlies 0-0 D Clrs' first game as manager.
October 21, 2012 R9k icon.png /r9k/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup - Quarter Finals 0-0 D
(2-3 L)
October 21, 2012 H icon.png /h/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup - Round of 16 1-0 W Beta As FuckGoal 44'
October 20, 2012 Gif icon.png /gif/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup - Group Stage 4-0 W SuicideGoal 8'
5 Inch Dick Goal 15'31'75'
October 14, 2012 Lit icon.png /lit/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup - Group Stage 1-1 D 5 Inch Dick Goal ?'
October 13, 2012 Soc icon.png /soc/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup - Group Stage 2-2 D 5 Inch Dick Goal 5'55'
September 29, 2012 Fa icon.png /fa/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 2-0 L
September 15, 2012 G icon.png /g/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 3-1 L Beta As Fuck Goal 5'
June 2, 2012 Fit icon.png /fit/ 2012 Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 3-2 L Beta As Fuck Goal 23'
5 Inch DickGoal 33'
June 2, 2012 Gif icon.png /gif/ 2012 Summer Cup Friendlies 2-2 D Beta As Fuck Goal 42'85'
May 26, 2012 Soc icon.png /soc/ 2012 Summer Cup Friendlies 2-0 L
May 12, 2012 R9k icon.png /r9k/ 2012 Summer Cup Friendlies 2-0 W Cheating GF Goal 45+1'47'
February 25, 2012 R9k icon.png /r9k/ 2012 Spring Babby Cup Friendlies 3-1 W ???
February 19, 2012 Soc icon.png /soc/ 2012 Spring Babby Cup Friendlies 2-1 L ???
August, 2011 Mu icon.png /mu/ 2011 Summer Cup - Losers' Bracket - Round 3 2-0 L ???
August, 2011 Int icon.png /int/ 2011 Summer Cup - Losers' Bracket - Round 2 3-0 W ???
August, 2011 Soc icon.png /soc/ 2011 Summer Cup - Losers' Bracket - Round 1 2-0 W ???
August, 2011 Tv icon.png /tv/ 2011 Summer Cup - Winners' Bracket - Round 1 3-1 L ???

Cup Record

Event Place Status
2020 4chan Summer Cup 6th (Quarter-finals) steady
2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup 14th (Promoted, Ro16, Curse Broken) increase
2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 1st (Qualified) increase
2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 31st (4th in group, Relegated) decrease
2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 4th (Qualified) increase
2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup 32nd (4th in group, Relegated) decrease
2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 10th (4th in group, Promoted to 2019 Spring Babby Cup) steady
2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 28th (4th in group, RIP) decrease
2017 4chan Winter Cup 22nd (3rd in group, Relegated) decrease
2016 4chan Summer Cup 5th (Quarter-finals) steady
2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup 19th (3rd in group, Promoted) increase
2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 9th (Qualified through playoffs) increase
2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 30th (3rd in group, Relegated) decrease
2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 1st (Qualified) increase
2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 34th (4th in group) decrease
2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 19th (3rd in group) steady
2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup 37th (5th in group) steady
2014 4chan Winter Cup 27th (3rd in group, Relegated) decrease
2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 13th (Ro16, Promoted) increase
2013 4chan Summer Cup 20th (3rd in group, Relegated) decrease
2013 4chan Winter Cup 6th (Quarter-finals) steady
2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 5th (Quarter-finals, Promoted) increase
2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup Disqualified steady
2011 4chan Summer Cup 8th (Loser's R3) steady

Goal Scorers

This table doesn't include goals from the 2012 Spring Babby Cup Friendlies.
Inactive players have a grey background.
Own goals have a red background.

Player Goals
Suicide 57
5 Inch Dick 30
Relationshit 22
S/adv/irgin 16
Cheating Girlfriend 8
Femanon 8
Original Sixteen team 6
How do I get GF? 5
Beta as Fuck 5
Toaster Bath 5
Wash Your Fucking Hands 3
Friendzoned 2
Ask The Opposite Gender 2
Red Flags 2
Polyamory 1
Shut In NEET 1
Bitches & Whores 1
Be A Man 1
First World Problems 1
OKCupid 1
Shungiku Nakamura /y/ Y icon.png 1
Castle Doctrine /k/ K icon.png 1


Team Awards

Winter Cup 2013

Autumn Babby 2014

Match of the Tournament: /adv/ Adv icon.png 5 - 4 V icon.png /v/

Summer Cup 2016

Underdog/Surprise of the Tournament: Adv icon.png /adv/

Old Logos


R9k logo.png
The Beta Bowl

Sharing so many identical features, /adv/'s main rival is the once-feared ROBOT9000, now a festering shell of its former self as ROBOT9001. Matches between the two sides usually result in no-score draws due to both teams being scared of touching the ball in case anything bad happens.

2 Wins 0 Draws 2 Losses