/ag/ League

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The /ag/ League is the highest level of Pro Evolution Soccer esports.

Currently, the /ag/ League has had five completed iterations.

Tournament Teams Final Semi-Final
Champion Score Runner Up Semi-Final Winner Score Third Place
/ag/ League 1 32 Ag icon.png /ag/ 3–0 Kanker icon.png /kanker/ Kanker icon.png /kanker/ 1–1
4–2 (pen)
Metallurgy icon.png /metallurgy/
/ag/ League 2 64 Ag icon.png /ag/ 11–0 Ita icon.png /ita/ Ita icon.png /ita/ 3–0 Nbl icon.png /nbl/
/ag/ League 3 64 Ag icon.png /ag/ 15–1 Snes icon.png /snes/ Snes icon.png /snes/ 4–3 Mogra icon.png /mogra/
/ag/ League 4 64 Ag icon.png /ag/ 4–1 Piemonte icon.png /piemonte/ Piemonte icon.png /piemonte/ 3–0 Eurovision icon.png /eurovision/
/ag/ League 5 64 Ag icon.png /ag/ ∞–0 100oj icon.png /100oj/ 100oj icon.png /100oj/ 1–0 Bushi icon.png /bushi/