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== {{team away|machi}} ==
== {{team away|machi}} ==
* '''Tactical Export:''' [ kikikanri...]
* '''Tactical Export:''' [ kikikanri...]
* '''Aesthetics Export:''' [ Kikikanri!]
* '''Aesthetics Export:''' [ Kikikanri!]
* '''Audio Export:''' [ Ki...KIKIKANRIII!!!]
* '''Audio Export:''' [ Ki...KIKIKANRIII!!!]
* '''Pastebin:''' [ クククのク]
* '''Pastebin:''' [ クククのク]

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If you're unsure of what team slot(s) you are assigned, then check HERE:

Primary Sign-ups

Check the pastebin above for your team INVITATIONAL slot

Alola icon.png /alola/

25px /announcement/

Baldi icon.png /baldi/

Banter F.C. icon.png /Banter F.C./

BestGirl icon.png /BestGirl/

Bird icon.png /bird/

Bushi icon.png /bushi/

Cops icon.png /cops/

Ctt icon.png /ctt/

Dangeru icon.png /dangeru/

Dbs icon.png /dbs/


Dg icon.png /dg/

Dinergate icon.png /dinergate/

Dothack icon.png /dothack/

Dp icon.png /dp/

  • Tactical Export: Ghost
  • Aesthetics Export: With
  • Audio Export: A
  • Instructions: Boner

Eb icon.png /eb/

25px /ENF/

Eurovision icon.png /eurovision/

E-s icon.png /e-s/


Vaughan fhg no border icon.png /fhg/

Hlg icon.png /hlg/

  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Hsrpg icon.png /hsrpg/

Ihmc icon.png /ihmc/

Jojo icon.png /jojo/

Kickem icon.png /kickem/

Kp icon.png /kp/

L icon.png /l/

Ll icon.png /ll/

Lovecraft icon.png /lovecraft/

Machi icon.png /machi/

Mana icon.png /mana/

Mancrim icon.png /mancrim/

Mgr icon.png /mgr/

Mogra icon.png /mogra/

Monhun icon.png /monhun/

Mugen icon.png /mugen/

Nba icon.png /nba/

Nc icon.png /nc/


Nhl icon.png /nhl/

Pcr icon.png /pcr/

  • Tactical Export: babu
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Porter icon.png /porter/

Reddit icon.png /reddit/

Rgg icon.png /rgg/

San Marino icon.png /San Marino/

Sd icon.png /sd/

Seinfeld icon.png /seinfeld/

  • Tactical Export:
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Sinnoh icon.png /sinnoh/

Spebsqsa icon.png /spebsqsa/

Spk icon.png /spk/

  • Tactical Export: Man
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Trek icon.png /trek/

Ttgl icon.png /ttgl/

ToeiToku icon.png /ToeiToku/


Uma icon.png /uma/

Umvc3 icon.png /umvc3/

  • Tactical Export: Tic
  • Aesthetics Export: Tac
  • Audio Export: Toe

25px /vnts/

Team withdrawn

Vocaloid icon.png /vocaloid/

Wc icon.png /wc/

Yt icon.png /yt/

video deleted due to terms of service violation

Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/

3Hz icon.png /3Hz/

4ccg icon.png /4ccg/

5 icon.png /5/

マギア☆レポート icon.png /マギア☆レポート/

音MAD icon.png /音MAD/

Filthy Secondaries

Check the pastebin above for your team BACKUP slot

Watchmen icon.png /watchmen/

Dropout icon.png /dropout/

Aquabats icon.png /aquabats/

Bootleg icon.png /bootleg/

Bw icon.png /bw/

Cwc icon.png /cwc/

100oj icon.png /100oj/

Textport: Just roll the die bro, go for win norma bro!
Aesthetics: I hope everyone's ready for some Good Ol' Rigging Juice!
Pastebin: Poppo always wins, baybee!

25px /jitsu/