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|captain= Leaf Girl
|captain= Leaf Girl
|nickname= /bant/its, /bant/elopes
|nickname= /bant/its, /bant/elopes
|w= 5
|w= 7
|d= 3
|d= 3
|l= 10
|l= 10
|gf= 24
|gf= 30
|ga= 38
|ga= 39

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Succendam Earm Asinus Tuus
Bant logo.png
/bant/ - International/Random
Founded 1 April 2018
Manager Bantanna
Owner Mayor Simon
Duketer !!EfRrA7tGOrb

Grill !!u8ODbK/RIz+
EternalFlip !!57l0cbOWbkI

IRL manager Managerless
Team colors
HEX color 3c65a7
Banter Blue
Ranking 52 (decrease 13)
Highest rank 19 (August 2018)
Lowest rank 52 (August 2019)
Top scorer Leaf Girl (10)
Top assister Queen (6)
Captain Leaf Girl
Website /bant/ - International/Random
Nickname /bant/its, /bant/elopes
Home ground ImpTrash Dump
Historic performance
7 3 10 20 35%
30 39 -9
Biggest win
/g/ G icon.png 0–4 Bant icon.png /bant/
18 May 2018
Biggest defeat
/bant/ Bant icon.png 1–6 Tg icon.png /tg/
4 August 2018
First match
/gif/ Gif icon.png 1–2 Bant icon.png /bant/
28 April 2018
Elite Cup
Appearances 2 (First in 2018 4chan Summer Cup)
Best result 15th, 2018 4chan Summer Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 2 (First in 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup)
Best result 15th, 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem It Was Just Banter

Goal horn Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme (start at 0:09)
Leaf Girl Horn O CANADA
Leaf Girl Brace+ Oh, Canada~ (Start at 0:36)
Queen Horn Fags singing a song about Cirno
Home kit Banthomefix2017.png
Away kit Bantawayb2017.png
Goalkeeper kit Bantgk2017.png
Third kit Bantawaya2017.png
Fourth kit Bantberbaway4.png
Fifth kit Bantbatloliaway4kit.png

Lowpoly bantan flag u.gif

A containment board for a containment board, /bant/ is one of the freshest divegrass teams in the 4chan Cup; set to return to glory in the 2019 4chan Spring Babbys.
Can you handle their sick /bant/z?

Current Roster

Main Article: /bant/ Roster.

No. Position Player
Toothpaste Kagari
Morning Leader
the fishe
Aussie Girl
Bat Loli
Leaf Girl Captain
No. Position Player
Fuck Off Pooftahs
Buy My Passu
Isle of Manlet
Bant Plant
Redpilled Haircuts
le dank forced face™
Plague Doctor

Match History



Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers Qualifier Stage Gif icon.png /gif/ 1-2 W Queen Goal 39'
Alzheimers Goal 51'
Borche Booked 82'
April 28, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers Qualifier Stage Aco icon.png /aco/ 0-1 L Egge Booked 48'
Borche Booked 71'
April 28, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers Qualifier Stage 3 icon.png /3/ 2-1 L Leaf Girl Goal 18' April 28, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage Ck icon.png /ck/ 4-0 L Borche Booked 49' May 6, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage Po icon.png /po/ 2-0 W Queen Goal 11, 19' May 12, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage G icon.png /g/ 0-4 W Alzheimers Goal 43, 45+3'
Burdo Goal 66'
LEAF GIRL Goal 90+4'
May 18, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage O icon.png /o/ 1-1 D (W) Alzheimers Goal 31' May 20, 2018
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Round of 16 Soc icon.png /soc/ 3-1 L Borche Booked 30'
Leaf Girl Goal 32'
May 26, 2018
2018 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage An icon.png /an/ 0-2 W Leaf Girl Goal 29, 63'
Aussie Girl Booked 66'
July 27, 2018
2018 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage Fa icon.png /fa/ 1-2 W Leaf Girl Goal 29'

Queen Goal 39'

July 29, 2018
2018 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage Tg icon.png /tg/ 1-6 L Leaf Girl Goal 82'
Borche Booked 66'

August 4, 2018
2018 4chan Summer Cup Round of 16 Sp icon.png /sp/ 0-2 L August 11, 2018


Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date
2019 4chan Winter Cup Group Stage Biz icon.png /biz/ 2-4 L Queen Goal 30'

Leaf Girl Goal 56'

February 15, 2019
2019 4chan Winter Cup Group Stage Vg icon.png /vg/ 5-1 L Leaf Girl Goal 24'
Alzheimers Booked 82'
February 17, 2019
2019 4chan Winter Cup Group Stage Vp icon.png /vp/ 2-4 L the fishe Goal 15'

Leaf Girl Goal 85'

February 23, 2019
2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage A icon.png /a/ 2-2 D Bat Loli Goal 18, 90+0' May 18, 2019
2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage Jp icon.png /jp/ 0-0 D May 24, 2019
2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup Group Stage Diy icon.png /diy/ 1-2 L Okay, Real Talk Goal 85' May 26, 2019


Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Date
PESathon PESathon S4s icon.png /s4s/ 2-1 W Leaf Girl Goal 63' Goal 79' September 29th, 2017
PESathon PESathon Po icon.png /po/ 0-1 L Rooki Booked 7' September 29th, 2017
Omegacup 2017 Omegacup 2017 Ck icon.png /ck/ 1-1
(2-4) L
Leaf Girl Goal 72'
Bant Plant Booked 74'
Aussie Girl Booked 77'
December 12th, 2017
2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies 2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies R9k icon.png /r9k/ 1-4 W Leaf Girl Goal 25'49'58'
Queen Goal 34'
Simon Booked 71'
Aussie Girl Booked 90+3'
January 20th, 2018
2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies S4s icon.png /s4s/ 0-0
(3-4) W
Missed Morning Leader
Scored Simon
Scored The Fishe
Scored Toothepaste Kagari
Scored Blow it out your Ass
September 28th, 2018
2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies Int icon.png /int/ 5-4 W Leaf Girl Goal 29'75'
Queen Goal 55'72'
Aussie Girl Goal 90+4'
September 29th, 2018
2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies 2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies Aco icon.png /aco/ 0-1 L September 30th, 2018

Tournament History

Competition Win Tie Loss Final Placement Status
SBC18 Design G2q.png 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 1 0 2 Third Place Promoted to MEGABABBY
SBC18 Design G2.png 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2 1 2 15th Place PROMOTED TO ELITES
Summer18 E.png 2018 4chan Summer Cup 2 0 2 15th Place MUSCULAR AND NEVER RELEGATED
WC19 Design E.png 2019 4chan Winter Cup 0 0 3 Wooden Spoon oof
SBC19 Design B1.png 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0 2 1 23rd Place Banter of Banter.

Team History


The Beginning & The 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers

On May 21, 2017, four individuals poked their heads into a thread on /bant/, Q2 !!dqVfJ/UWfpF, Grill !!u8ODbK/RIz+, Niner !!CirnoTm38w and EternalFlip !!57l0cbOWbkI, and later onto a PiratePad document, and the 4chan Cup would never be remain the same. Scraping together a plethora of fresh new memes and beloved characters from around /bant/, the four set out to prepare for entry in Spring of 2018.

Unfortunately, the fated four was not to last. Q2 !!dqVfJ/UWfpF and Niner !!CirnoTm38w dropped out due to life issues early within the project. However, board interest was sufficient enough to justify /bant/'s entry into the 4chan Cup, so not all was bad.

As the roster grew and memes develop, /bant/ was confirmed on April Fools Day 2018, and was granted entry into the 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup, along autopiloted teams like /t/, /3/, /gif/ and fellow newcomer /aco/.

First up was /gif/, both team managers all newcomers to the Cup. Our Lovely Queen scored an early lead from a penalty kick, however, /gif/'s offense was undeterred, and /gif/'s JAV scored on Cockeyes, totalling it up to 1-1. Luckily for the upstarts, Alzheimer's finally remembered how to score and struck, bringing up the scores to 1-2. /bant/'s defense, pulling out the stops to retain this score, succeeded, and /bant/ secures her very first win on her very first match!

Next on the block is fellow newcomer /aco/, despite a pressuring offense, /bant/ made sure the pooftahs fucked off all in the first half, but /aco/'s defense was too sturdy for anyone in /bant/ to get anything in. However it started to go downhill in the second half, with Xenophilia failing to fuck off and scoring, giving /aco/ an lead, 0-1. With little time to rest, /bant/ is immediately paired up with /3/, so far undefeated. /bant/ is under immense pressure. They must either win, draw or lose by 1 to be confirmed for the Megababby, unfortunately Borche got his second yellow card and is thus suspended. However /bant/'s hopes are realized after Leaf Girl scores her first official goal, bringing it up to 0-1, but is immediately answered by /3/, and the future looks bleak as /3/ scores once more, 2-1. However, /bant/ held in there, and despite the loss, /bant/ was confirmed for the Spring Megababby due to /aco/'s dead GD.

The 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

With /bant/ out of the Qualifiers, it was time for their entry into the cup proper. First up is /ck/, a team only remembered for their owngoals and excellent blenders.

But unfortunately this isn't 2017. With /o/ fallen to /ck/ previously and /ck/ already warmed up, things went terribly for the upstart /bant/, and the team was sent packing at a whopping 4-0. With -4 in the hole in GD, /bant/ can't back out now; and it was back to the drawing board to prepare for next week's games; all the while desperately searching for new talent.

On the week of May 7, the team had picked up their first dedicated tester, and their suggestions and help paid off well. With new memetic tactics in their service, /bant/ prepared to go up against /po/. Practice on the field and testing tactics paid off well, and Toothpaste Kagari and Queen showed their wings as a result, with Queen scoring twice in the first half, and the defense and Kagari breaking every /po/ printer offense that came their way, and /bant/ secured their first win in the Babby Cup, killing off /po/ and securing their place in the Babbys!

Fresh off their first true victory against /po/, the managers and tester got right back to work preparing against /g/, the favorite to win with /bant/ as the underdog. However, despite mounting pressure from /g/, the team held firm, and Alzheimers remembered he was a GOD, and earned a beautiful Brace for /bant/, and right after the half, with /g/'s stamina shot, Burdo got his time to shine with his first goal, and our Captain Leaf Girl made a beautiful finishing header at 90+4 to secure /bant/'s safety! With 6 points on the board and a positive goal difference, the path looks exponentially clear for /bant/ to unironically reach the Elites on their very first Babby Cup. Although it wasn't /o/'s year yet, they were the final obstacle against securing /bant/'s path to the elite. With /ck/ soundly defeated at the hands of /g/, /bant/ must win or draw to qualify for summer; and by God, they did it. With Alzheimer's scoring a goal but Miata answering, /bant/ successfully held out against /o/'s onslaught, and ended the match at 1-1, securing /bant/'s draw(win) and wonderfully qualifying /bant/'s spot in the Summer Elites!

With /bant/ safely in the elites, their toughest challenge on the horizon was /soc/, who dominated their group, and it was clear it wasn't for show. /soc/ managed to score early but things were going to plan, and /bant/ planned to punish the /soc/ialites for their early gegenpress push. But then the stream and game crashed, the conditions were reset and /bant/'s strategy went out the window and /bant/'s Round of 16 ended early due to rigging of the highest tier at 3-1.

With a bitter, undeserved defeat at the hands of /soc/ behind them, Team /bant/ walked away, heads held high for the Summer Elites; which was the true achievement of this cup.

/bant/'s Elite Debut (Summer 2018)

Reinvigorated by their promotion, /bant/ came out swinging in their first Elite Debut against /an/, and despite Leaf Girl feeling down, she was able to fire off a shot, giving /bant/ an early lead and setting up a crippling goal siege, keeping /an/ well locked down and maintaining pressure with a flurry of strikes from the field. Captain Leaf Girl did not let her poor condition restrain her, and easily muscled /an/'s defenders out of the way and scored again, leaving the team sitting pretty at 0-2. And despite Aussie Girl remembering the Emu War with a undeserved yellow card, /bant/'s beginning in the elites worked out in their favor, and the team secured their first Elite win on their very first game!

After a day's break, /bant/ prepared themselves for their most important match of the day against /fa/. A win gets them through. Fears were realized among /bant/'s fans as /fa/cist /fa/shionista Fuccboi scores early; however, /bant/ set up their elite siege, and Leaf Girl equalizes after a beautiful volley, and Queen follows up about 10 minutes later with another slaying strike. /fa/ attempted to put pressure on /ourteam/ but the two defenders at the back were simply too much, and /bant/ held out. Come 90 minutes despite a last desperate /fa/ offense, it was over. /bant/ had won and became the first team to secure their place in the Round of 16 and the Winter Elites!

However, the worst was to come in their match against /tg/. Inheriting a cursed stadium from /pol/ and up against the most superstitious team in the cup, and it showed. /bant/'s defense was slaughtered by /tg/'s Orks and left in a thick line of cocaine, losing by 5 in a humiliating 1 - 6.

Powerhouse /sp/ held nothing back in their Round of 16 match against /bant/, and the numbers were against the upstarts, and despite a spaghetti first half, /sp/ broke through /bant/'s defense and ended /bant/'s Round of 16 early 0 - 2.

Despite the losses, /bant/ had much to be proud of. They were in the 2019 Winter Elites, no doubt about it, and the team had time to rest for six months, they left the stadium, with only a line of cocaine from last night with /tg/ as a note.


The 2019 Winter Elites

Unfortunately for the upstart nuevo elites, this is where it all falls apart, /bant/'s favorite 2-6-2 had a longball chink in their armor, along with PES 16 having poor AI defenders, allowing /biz/ and /vg/ victories over our struggling heroes, ultimately relegating them for the near-certain future. There's a slight glimmer of hope on the horizon, but it is only a glimmer, and /bant/'s future in the Elites is looking very grim, indeed.
And grim it was. Bottoming out against /vp/ at a 2-4, ending their group and ultimately spooning the Winter Elites with no wins and a mere five goals.
Banter of banter; all is banter.

The 2019 Spring Babby Cup

Thoroughly humbled by the Wooden Spoon, the /bant/its prepare themselves to crawl back to the top. And it's the newest team in the cup, versus the oldest team in the cup for their first match, /a/. Isekai'd early on by Truck-kun, /bant/ brought on signature /bant/er by scoring via Bat Loli corner meme. And when it dragged on forever, struggling to keep up with /a/'s aggression and superior control, Bat Loli came through once more with a diving header from the corner, drawing (read: winning) against /a/ at the last minute.
Next however, was the biggest (moral) challenge yet. The only team with a (unjustified) claim on >our Queen, /jp/, which turned out to be a total slurpfest of 0-0, with The Queen's fate being unknown.

/bant/'s fight for the Babbys would finally come to an end against /diy/, and despite Okay, Real Talk getting a goal, /diy/'s MacGyver made a win out of a fishe and a Leaf, and /bant/'s run in the Babbys flopped with a 1-2 loss.

Player Hall of Fame

Only official matches are reflected in the below tables.

Player Goals As Non Medal As Bronze Medal As Silver Medal As Gold Medal
Leaf Girl - - - 10
Queen - - 5 1
Bat Loli - - 2 -
Alzheimers - 3 - -
Burdo 1 - - -
the fishe 1 - - -
Okay, Real Talk 1 - - -

Player Cards Yellow Cards Red Cards
Borche 5 -
Egge 1 -
Aussie Girl 1 -
Alzheimers 1 -

Team Gallery



If you have an interest in helping the team, please contact us.
Team Discord: Link
Individual Contact Info: Contact


Old exports are posted on the talk page.
Tactics: autopilot lel
Aesthetics: AET
Music: Rigdio