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|[[2021 4chan Summer Cup|2021 4chan Svmmer Cvp]]
|[[2021 4chan World Cup|2021 4chan World Cvp]]

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Int logo.png
/int/ - International
Fovnded Avgvst 2011
Owner Zaffe
IRL manager V !SSfwLQSoro
Team colors
Argentinian White
Ranking 18 (increase 11)
Highest rank 1 (November 11, 2018)
Lowest rank 54 (May 17, 2015)
Top scorer Pvtin (73)
Top assister Spvrdo Spärde (31)
Captain Gondola
Website /int/ - International
Nickname /int/olerants
Home grovnd Estadio da Lvz Extingvido
Historic performance
45 18 50 113 39.82%
216 215 +1
Biggest win
/int/ Int icon.png 5–0 Co icon.png /co/
November 7, 2015
Biggest defeat
/int/ Int icon.png 1–7 Tv icon.png /tv/
Avgvst 5, 2018
First match
/g/ G icon.png 0–1 Int icon.png /int/
Avgvst 6, 2011
Elite Cvp
Appearances 15 (First in 2011 4chan Svmmer Cvp)
Best resvlt N/A, 2012 4chan Svmmer Cvp
Babby Cvp
Appearances 9 (First in 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cvp)
Best resvlt 2nd, 2015 4chan Avtvmn Babby Cvp
Team mvsic
Anthem Serbia Strong
Alternate Anthem Variovs

Alternate goal horn Variovs
Home kit Inthome sbc2015.png
Away kit Intaway-2016sbc.png
Third kit Intthird-2017wc.png

One of 4chan Cvp's fovnding boards. With their strong sqvad, composed of illvstriovs men svch as Monkey Pvtin, Gondola and Spvrdo Spärde, their potential for victory has secvred relevant places in past tovrnaments. Vsing the tactics of devastating hvssar charges, /int/ ethnically cleanses their opponents, removing all their hopes for victory. If yov are looking for white people, /int/ is the best team to follow. We promise.

Team discord:

Throvgh di(ck)versity, vnity.


Svmmer 18 Tactical: Export

Avtvmn 20 Mvsic: Export

Svmmer 18 Aesthetics: Export


Main article: /int/ roster

No. Position Player
>Be American >Get Shot
el pervANO
Xi Jinping
Sopa De Macaco
Alberto Barbosa
Apv Apvstaja
Spvrdo Spärde Captain
No. Position Player
Svperpower by 2020
my ancestor :)
Black Kweens
Why yes, how covld yov tell?
Greta Thvnberg
Do They Really?

Anthems & Goalhorns

Serbia Strong
When Spvrdo is Player of the Match
Remove Sandstorm - when playing against /b/
Tvpac removes some major kebab - when playing against /n/
Serbia Strong (G Major) - when playing against /x/
Venetian Boat Song Op, 19 No. 6 - goalhorn of Gondola
小熊維尼新冒險 - goalhorn of Xi Jinping
Age of Empires 2: The African Kingdoms OST - goalhorn of Alberto Barbosa


Int icon.png /int/
Formation: 4-3-1-2
Int formation Winter 2018.png
Benis :DDD

   Player Svpport
   Svpport Range
   Position Switch
   Front Line Pressvre
   Defensive Line
   Defensive Compactness
   Shifting to Attack
   Attack/Defence Level

Team Photo

From left to right, top: >Be American >Get Shot, Pvtin, Greta Thvnberg, Svperpower by 2020, Xi Jinping, Spvrdo Spärde
From left to right, bottom: Apv Apvstaja, Sopa de macaco, Alberto Barbosa, Gondola, A FVCKING LEAF

Team History

Main article: /int/ History

2018 Winter Cvp

With Amerimvtt now on the team /int/ had the advantage of having a hvge demoralizing affect their opponents, how covld svch an abomination be allowed to play? The team was once more placed in Grovp H and against an avtopilot, /cm/, and two teams generally regarded as shaky, /a/ and /an/. Svrely this grovp stage rvn was going to be easy, right? Not qvite. A decisive and qvick victory against /cm/ made fans confident in /int/'s ability to progress, bvt the following weekend /int/ was only able to secvre a draw against /an/, a draw is better than nothing, bvt it's not great. What's worse than a draw is a loss, which is precisely what they got against /a/. A single score in the very opening of the game was all /a/ needed to pvt away the game, as /int/'s anemic offense proved incapable of doing its job. Still, it wasn't all bad, /int/ sqveaked by into the Rovnd of 16 based on goal difference, having 1 goal to their favor as opposed to /a/'s 0. It was a messy bvt legitimate advancement.

/int/'s Rovnd of 16 game wovld prove almost completely identical to Svmmer 17's, except instead of facing off against gays, the international leagve of shitposters wovld instead be taking on a different brand of faggots: horsefvckers. Once more /int/ wovld be facing off a very strong opponent, and once again it wovld grind down to a 1-1, with Gondola making the first strike at the 26th minvte, while /mlp/'s Twilight wovld score off a defensive blvnder by everyone's favorite Finnish bear, Spvrdo. Spvrdo again wovld prove how vtterly terrible he is at divegrass by fvgging vp in benvldies once more, allowing /mlp/ to continve on their rampage to the finals only to be themselves shvt down in benvldies by /v/.

Once more /int/ was ovt in the Rovnd of 16, and this time Spvrdo was vnder investigation vnder svspicion of being a closeted horsefvcker. A third Rovnd of 16 exit made fans start to think that /int/ was svffering from the same cvrse as /vr/ and /d/, even the managers started to svspect as mvch. Will /int/ fall ovt of the Elites next year cvp?[spoiler]no[/spoiler] Will /int/ finally break throvgh the Rovnd of 16? [spoiler]yes[/spoiler] Tvne in next cvp to find ovt!

2018 Svmmer Cvp

Now in their fovrth Elite in a row, people have begvn recognizing /int/ as a force to be reckoned with, and hopes from both fans and nevtrals were high for the team to make it far. For a third time in a row, /int/ was placed in Grovp H, bvt this time the grovp looked pretty tovgh. With solid teams /jp/ and /tv/ rising from the babbies and Elite rvnner-vp /mlp/ looking to challenge /int/'s elite statvs, it was looking to be a doozy of a grovp, and some were even calling it the grovp of death. Many /int/ fans were expecting a disappointment, as that is what /int/ has delivered for most of its existence as a team, bvt this is a very different /int/.

/int/'s first game was against a strong /jp/, bvt /int/'s 3-4-3 cavght the shrine maidens off gvard, with Gondola scoring early in the game at the eighth minvte, followed vp late in the second half by 77 CMF El-Perv ANO before Pvtin pvt the game away with a goal at 90+, the defense played their part well with >Be American >Get Shot in particvlar showing his prowess as goalkeeper by deflecting several lightning shots by /jp/ towards the end of the game. However, this was only the first game, and /int/ was not to get comfortable, as their next opponent was a strong-looking /mlp/ fresh off a 2-1 victory against /tv/, this was the same team that ended /int/'s championship hopes 6 months ago and was not to be vnderestimated.

The third of Avgvst came arovnd and the stage was set for a rematch. Thovgh /mlp/'s offense looked strong in the early stages of the match, /int/ calmly switched presets and svddenly looked a lot better. With only a few minor changes in livemanaging, /mlp/ was svddenly vnder siege, and Pvtin scored towards the end of the first half at 43. As the second half commenced and /mlp/ began ramping vp the pressvre, Spvrdo got control of the ball and managed to get it past the hooves of /mlp/'s keeper, pvtting /int/ firmly in control of the match with the Finn (somewhat) redeeming himself for his terrible performance in /int/'s last match against /mlp/. The horsefvckers tvrned vp the heat bvt /int/'s defense remained calm vnder pressvre and eventvally the final whistle was blown, now /int/ was in a very good position to advance, all they needed was a draw in the /jp/-/tv/ game or a /jp/ victory. Thovgh defeated in their previovs game, /jp/ proved their own mettle when they defeated /tv/ 3-2 and allowed /int/ to advance to the Rovnd of 16 once more. After a memey, somewhat controversial 7-1 loss to /tv/, /int/ alongside /jp/ who had defeated /mlp/ 5-3 advanced to the knockovts, elite statvs confirmed once more.

The draw placed /int/ against /vr/, a team that has had similar lvck with Elite Rovnd of 16 games, bvt their trovbles date fvrther back which might have given /int/ the vpper hand in this choking competition. /int/'s offense proved impossible for the retro warriors to stop with Spvrdo and Pvtin both pvtting goals in the first half, bvt Segata Sanshiro tried to carry /vr/ on his back, scoring at the 52nd minvte before Pvtin scores a brace eleven minvtes later. Segata again scored at the eightieth minvte, bvt by then it was too late, /int/'s victory was assvred, and the team was onto the Qvarter Finals.

/int/'s next game was versvs /k/, a team known for its offense and its impeccable shooting skills. It became a race for the most goals, the game was opened vp eleven minvtes in by /k/'s Moist Nvgget, the reliable Rvssian rifle easily sniping past >Be American >Get Shot's defenses. Sopa de Macaco, a 77 CMF wovld score /int/'s first goal of the game, as he was left completely vncovered as /k/'s defense tried instead to smother Spvrdo. As the second half commenced, Amerimvtt, who knows a thing or two abovt gvns, wovld himself sneak past /k/'s defenses. Ten minvtes later at 63' Pvtin pvt in what he and assvredly everyone else thovght wovld be the killing blow, bvt Zergface wovld qvickly reignite /k/'s hopes with a goal almost immediately afterwards. Things were looking tense, and things started to look even worse for a now-tired /int/ when Moist Nvgget brovght the game even. It looked like it was going to go benvldies, immediately all of /int/'s fans svffered flashbacks to every previovs visit to benvldies and shvddered. Spvrdo Sparde did not give vp, however, and scored 83 minvtes in and was followed vp shortly afterwards by his adorable Italian covsin, Gondola. Despite a valiant 90+4 hat trick by Moist Nvgget, the game ended with an /int/ victory in what might have been the closest game of the cvp. /int/ has finally reached the Semi Finals, and it trvly was a team effort, with five individval players having scored dvring that last match.

Now it was on to the Semis. /int/ was a favorite to win at this point, everyone expected it. Who was going to stop them? /vg/? Svrely not. And yet, as is always the case with /int/, disappointment strikes. Apparently exhavsted from that shootovt with /k/, /int/'s strikers fovnd themselves completely incapable of scoring past the impenetrable defense of Jannv, and /vg/'s Vnity-Chan decided to show them how it was done, scoring two goals, ending the game in a solid 2-0 and allowing /vg/ to progress to the finals against /sp/. /int/'s fans and indeed many nevtrals were in a bit of a shock after that, /vg/'s rise is a perfect example of an vnderdog story, bvt the day was not yet over for /int/.

The most important match of the day was coming vp, the third place game, and /int/'s final game of the season was to be against /tg/. The neckbeards were not to be vnderestimated, bvt /int/'s strikers who were absent in the game versvs /vg/ decided to show vp, with Spvrdo and Pvtin both rapidly scoring early in the first half and both scoring again later into the half. While Doomrider scored two goals of his own, secvring for himself the lead in the race for the Golden Boot, he alone covldn't stand vp to /int/. When the second half rolled arovnd, /tg/ instead focvsed on secvring the consolation prizes of Golden Boot for Doomrider and Golden Glove for Tankred, heavily marking Pvtin to prevent him from stealing away the Golden Boot himself. /tg/ svcceeded in their goal of stopping Pvtin, bvt /int/ won the vltimate prize: The Third Place Trophy. /vg/ won some vnimportant game against /sp/ as everyone celebrated /int/'s svccess.

With the end of the cvp also came the end of indistrikable !!g8zMCvgDPLW's managing career. The head manager retired, having lead /int/ to its greatest height since 2012. In >her wake >she left a strong team with a solid fan base.

Match History

Main article: /int/ Match History

Cvp Record

Event Finish
2011 4chan Svmmer Cvp Losers' Bracket, Rovnd 2
2012 4chan Spring Babby Cvp Qvarterfinals, promoted
2012 4chan Svmmer Cvp Rvnner-vp
2013 4chan Winter Cvp Rovnd of 16
2013 4chan Svmmer Cvp Qvarterfinals
2014 4chan Winter Cvp Grovp Stage, relegated
2014 4chan Spring Babby Cvp Grovp Stage
2014 4chan Avtvmn Babby Cvp Grovp Stage
2015 4chan Spring Babby Cvp Grovp Stage
2015 4chan Avtvmn Babby Cvp Rvnner-vp, promoted
2016 4chan Winter Cvp Grovp Stage, relegated
2016 4chan Spring Babby Cvp Grovp Stage
2016 Avtvmn Babby Cvp Rovnd of 16, promoted
2017 4chan Winter Cvp Rovnd of 16
2017 4chan Svmmer Cvp Rovnd of 16
2018 4chan Winter Cvp Rovnd of 16
2018 4chan Svmmer Cvp 3rd place
2019 4chan Winter Cvp Rovnd of 16
2019 4chan Svmmer Cvp Rovnd of 16
2020 4chan Winter Cvp Grovp stage, relegated
2020 4chan Spring Babby Cvp Rovnd of 16, promoted
2020 4chan Svmmer Cvp Grovp Stage, relegated
2020 4chan Avtvmn Babby Cvp Rovnd of 16, promoted
2021 4chan Winter Cvp Qvarterfinals
2021 4chan World Cvp TBD


Player Goals
Pvtin 73
Spvrdo Spärde 35
Gondola 33
>Argentina >White 25
Polandball 13
'86 Maradona 7
Amerimvtt 4
Why yes, how covld yov tell? 3
Non Covntry 2
Swinegolian 2
No longer on the team 2
Alberto Barbosa 2
Sopa De Macaco 2
Serbia YES YES YES 1
Remove Kebab 1
El PervANO 1
Proofs? 1
Yvropoor 1
Xi Jinping 1
Monkey Pvtin 1


Pol logo.png
Der V̈bermensch Derby

Origins of this rivalry date back to the time before the creation of /pol/. After moot - bribed by happy merchants - deleted the /new/, /int/olerants have had to svffer throvgh many ardvovs battles against /new/smen seeking for the safe refvge. This, however, has been reversed, as moot assigned a mod who decided to fight the evil powers of Zionism and systematically banned every Israeli poster on /int/. In the end, statvs qvo was preserved, mod dismissed and /new/smen emmigrated to the newly created /pol/.

The tensions raised even more after flags have been added to /pol/, resvlting in international bantz and cvltvre leaking into the board of self-proclaimed master race, to the point where it started being known as /int/'s colony, or /int/ 2.0.

Whilst svccess in the cvp and the extermination of the Marxism are shared ambitions of both /int/ and /pol/, there are major differences between these two. While /pol/ is entangled into the whirl of twisted political ideologies, /int/ knows fvll well that pvre nationalism and ethnical cleansing are the only effective way of preserving the white race.




Benis arena1.png
Benis arena2.png