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Hoofler Did Nothing Wrong
Mlpol logo.png
/mlpol/ - My Little Politics
Founded 1 April 2017
Manager John Elway
Owner Atlas (mlpol.net)
IRL manager plus !!IfFZMaPmcC7

wand !!mZEulPrzZDp

Team colors
Extra team color
Aryanne White
Top scorer Aryanne (10)
Top assister Aryanne (10)
Captain Aryanne
Website /mlpol/ - My Little Politics
Nickname Nor/mlpol/ice
Historic performance
18 4 9 31 58.06%
70 51 +19
Biggest win
/mlpol/ Mlpol icon.png 7–1 Cg icon.png /cg/
23 September 2018
Biggest defeat
/fsg/ Fsg icon.png 4–1 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
9 July 2017
First match
/ancap/ Ancap icon.png 3–3 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
8 July 2017
Appearances 4 (First in /pol/eague 1)
Best result Champions,
/pol/eague 3
/pol/eague 4
Team music
Anthem Die Blauen Dragoner
Group Stage Victory Anthem Deutschland's Bard
Knockout Stage Victory Anthem Hitler's Brew
Anthem vs /ptg/ Open Up Your Eyes

Goal horn In unserem Städtchen (In Our Town) [German]
John Elway
goal horn
Are You Ready for
Some Football
Syriana goal horn Syrian Arab Army Song
Home kit Mlpolhome.png
Away kit Mlpolaway.png
Goalkeeper kit Mlpolgk.png
Third kit Mlpolthird.png
Fourth kit Mlpolfourth.png
Fifth kit Mlpolfifth.png
Sixth kit Mlpolsixth.png
Seventh kit Mlpolseventh.png
Eighth kit Mlpoleigth.png
Ninth kit Mlpolninth.png

Mlp icon.png /mlp/ and Pol icon.png /pol/ combining what could go wrong?


Hailing from the proud tradition of its parent boards of Mlp icon.png /mlp/ and Pol icon.png /pol/, /mlpol/ has inherited the best of both worlds. Its love of everything pony has allowed it to make a cheeky 90+ when needed along with being able to tactically out-maneuver the enemy. /mlpol/'s fans similarly come from one board if not to cheer the greatest thing to happen to both boards, whether it be screaming Giddy Up with joy being reminded of all the friends they made while being able to post horse porn or yelling Heil as they recollects the day where they were able to post in peace without shills or reddit. These days they hang out on their board on mlpol.net and prepare for the next games.


/pol/eague I

After having their board killed /mlpol/ was in the dark, they had to flee offsite in order to survive the mods who wanted nothing but their death. The community was fracturing and the individuals part of /mlpol/ that were willing to venture offsite rather than wait for their home to be restored were in low morale. But when one anon noticed that /pol/ was holding an invitational for /pol/ generals and other /pol/ related things he quickly notified the community who were more than willing to participate. However, the /mlpol/ management was new, being the only team with no experience in the /pol/eague. When they arrived at the battlefield against the ancaps the ancaps quickly took the lead scoring 3 goals in the first 40 minutes. However, in a twist of fate and with a bit of pony autism /mlpol/ managed to tied the game 3-3 with a 90++++ solidifying and showing the world that /mlpol/ was not meant to be treated lightly. Quickly /mlpol/ overran the crypto communists in a 2-1 game but were set back with /fsg/ made it so that their ability to move forward was dependent on how /ancap/ played against /sng/. As soon as the communists took /ancap/'s property /mlpol/ knew they were destined to fight to the end. Not soon after savoring their victory luck, they were up against /eire/. /eire/ faught hard but stood no match and with the fatal own goal that careful now made /mlpol/ would progress to fight /ptg/ in the finals. /mlpol/ fought hard, and after praise kek scored, they tired to recover. Leslie fired a shot but it fell off the side of the net and was cleared. /mlpol/ would have to settle for second but now everyone would know of their potential.

/pol/eague II

The second /pol/eague brought on a few new players and a new and stronger desire to win. Grouped together with /balk/, /britpol/, and /fsg/, /mlpol/ had its work cut out for them. With some difficulty, they made their way through the group stage, scoring a 3-0 victory against /britpol/ c/o Aryanne, Fireaxe, and a cheeky 90++ by Leslie Fair, a 0-1 loss to /fsg/, and a 1-1 tie against /balk/. Even in points with /britpol/, Mlpol had a 4 point lead against them and were able to move on to the quarter-finals. Their first match against /auspol/ was a pretty solid and even match. Communism scored the first goal at 45+, and Aryanne started off the second half with a goal at 54'. Not to be outdone, /auspol/ countered with a goal from the late, great, Steve Irwin at 59', followed by a second goal by Bruce at 69'. For the entire remainder of the match, both teams threw everything they had at one another. And just when eggsdra dime loomed omenously, almost certain to befall both teams, Syriana scored a cheeky 90+ and securing /mlpol/ for the semi-finals. It was here that their momentum stopped. In the match against /ancap/, Recreational™️ Nuclear™️ Bomb™️ scored right out the gate at 3', followed immediately by a goal from TAXATION IS THEFT AT 6', and then scoring a brace at 37'. The half ended with /ancap/ up 3-0. /mlpol/ refocused their efforts and those efforts seemed ready to pay off, as Syriana scored at 56', but their defense couldn't prevent So to Speak from responding with a goal at 68'. In a last-ditch effort to push the momentum in their favor, Fireaxe turned around and scored right back at them at 70', but the damage had been done. With no other goals scored, the match ended with /ancap/ winning 4-2, sending them to the finals and /mlpol/ to the 3rd place match against /britpol/. In a not-complete repeat of their first match against /britpol/, Mummy May scored first blood at 28', but that was about as far as /britpol/ could advance against /mlpol/ who were dissatisfied after their loss to /ancap/. Aryanne tied the score 1-1 just before the half (not QUITE a cheeky 45+, but close enough), and after the half Based Nige took back /britpol/'s 1 point lead at 59', but that would be their last score in the match; /mlpol/ however had only just begun. Mere minutes later, Syriana would drive for a goal at 63', and in some kekoff abuse Fireaxe would score another goal at 66'. With only a 1 point lead and a comeback still in their sights, /britpol/ rallied against the nazi horsefuckers, only to see their hopes for 3rd place dashed as Aryanne pulled off a 90++ ending their run in /pol/eague 2 with 3rd place and reaffirming /mlpol/ as a force to be reckoned with in the league.

/pol/eague III

As soon as the second /pol/eague had ended the third seemed to begin. /mlpol/ started against /britpol/ who fell with 3-0. When /fsg/ came again though /mlpol/ yet again was not able to overcome their relentless assault however, they did not lose to the same degree only letting a single shot make it in. /mlpol/'s progression would be decided in the last game of the day, in which they faced /balk/. The match was even with neither side being able to find an advantage over the other, but with the end of the 80 minute /balk/ scored. But /mlpol/ would not suffer defeat, in a classic 90+ /mlpol/ managed to tie the game, solidifying /mlpol/'s advance into the knockouts. /mlpol/'s first opponent was /auspol/ and both teams would double in an epic battle where both were nearly scoring on each other left and right. It was 2-2 about to go into overtime when Syriana made it throw the /auspol/ defence and scored a 90+. /mlpol/ would progress to the semifinals, but this time /ancap/ was prepared not willing to let /mlpol/ equalize and left /mlpol/ to fight for third place. /mlpol/ would then fight /britpol/ again winning 4-2 this time. /mlpol/ might not have won this time but /mlpol/ made it into the top 3 again.

Eager for blood in their first rematch with /ptg/ since the 1st /pol/eague, John Elway took the lead in Football and American scoring 2 goals for a 2-0 shutout against reddit. Their initial momentum was short lived however as they suffered back-to-back 1-3 defeats. The first came from /cg/ who seemed blessed by God with quick rebounds and effective strategy. The second came from /tcr/ who effectively used their cheers and their general's obsessive hatred for My Little Pony to drive for the second /mlpol/ defeat. In spite of this, the Nazi Horsefuckers very narrowly maintained the necessary margin and managed to move on to the elimination rounds. In the quarter-finals they faced /italypol/ and early on seemed to have the same momentum as in the qualifiers but that quickly changed with Aryanne and Elway (who is Football forever more) scoring 2 and 1 goals respectively, moving on to the semi-finals with a 3-1 victory. In the semi-finals they faced /cg/ once again but their newfound surge kicked into high gear, scoring goal after goal against the previously victorious Christians. As though God had now forsaken them, /cg/ gave up 7 total goals including 2 to the man himself John Elway (who is not just Football but American, praise Football), as well as 1 to Syriana, Leslie Fair, Luftkreig (a new member of the roster, and Aryanne's daughter), and finally Fireaxe who scored 2 goals including a 90+ cuz why not? Jesus simply could not save them.

The finals were a harrowing match with neither team willing to give an inch. The first half passed without any goals, but Leslie followed by Aryanne took a 2 point lead in the second half. Not to be outdone, Tito responded with an almost immediate goal and Dinaric Master Race landed a 90+ to put it into eggstra dime. Tito scored four minutes in, and Syriana answered with a goal four minutes later. Both teams fought tooth and nail but neither could gain headway against one another, and so both teams went on to benaldies. In classic "Hi Anon!" form Aryanne sent it right to the keeper, a mistake not repeated by Slobodan Milosevic giving /balk/ an early advantage. Leslie, Ante Pavelic, and Syriana all made their shots but Tito's luck had run out, missing his kick and tying the score with a "Hi Anon!" of his own. John Elway (who is 100% Football), Rakto Mladic, Fireaxe, Slobodan Praljak, and Dixie Jack all made their shots in succession coming ultimately to the Ottoman Roach who simply couldn't keep up the intensity, kicking a last "Hi Anon!" easily into the hands of Clippity Cloppity Get Off My Property and earning /mlpol/ their first /pol/eague star and the Championship.

/pol/eague IV

And before anyone really knew it, /pol/eague 4 was upon /mlpol/. The team saw 3 new additions including Tarrant Chan, Honk Ponk, and FRIENDSHIP IN THE WATER IS TURNING THE FREAKIN' CHANGELINGS GAY, all of whom were eager to represent the team and the board. Aryanne, meeting with the team before the start of the cup attempted to rally the team.

"Ve are ze champions! Ve are already supreme! Zere is nothink zey can do to stop us!" and this was met with cheers.

"But vhat if ve vent undefeated?" Luftkreig asked.

And so they got their game faces on and got to work.

Their first match against a long-time competitor /britpol/ was the most difficult match of the cup. Goalposting, then Syriana, then Are Nige, and finally Leslie tying the match at 78' and leaving both teams feeling unsatisfied. Their second match came against their anti-horsefucker rivals /tcr/. However, the ponies would not give them an inch, with Aryanne at 20', Leslie at 44', and Aryanne kekoff aboosing for a 45++ just before the end of the half. /tcr/ tried to make up for the deficit, but could only prevent /mlpol/ from scoring further. The third match of the group stage pitted them against the Yang Gang of /pay/. Much like Yang's showing in the presidential primaries, /pay/ couldn't get anything done getting abused by Aryanne scoring a brace throughout the match, and with John Elway and Leslie fouling for yellows. With these 3 matches, /mlpol/ led both their group and were second only to /italypol/ in the group stage score.

The quarter-finals pitted /mlpol/ against /cg/ in a throw-back to their 7-1 win in /pol/eague III, but this would be no easy match like in previous. With only a cheeky 45+ by Leslie to show for, /mlpol/ still managed to hold /cg/ scoreless throughout the match, and they moved on to the semi-finals and a match against /balk/ in a rematch of the /pol/eague III finals.

In this match, /balk/ took an early lead with Norf Memedonia scoring at 6' and seemed intent on vengeance from the previous cup, but what they failed to account for was Leslie Fair who with a resounding "THIS VIOLATES THE NAP!". Scoring a response-goal at 13' and then a brace at 36', /mlpol/ secured and maintained the lead for the remainder of the match with neither team scoring again. However, this was sufficient to send /balk/ to the 3rd place match and /mlpol/ to their 3rd Final in /pol/eague history, a rematch against /britpol/.

Still bitter adversaries, and with /britpol/ wanting their first star seemingly as badly as /mlpol/ wanted their second, both teams played furiously, shutting down one another at every chance and opportunity. The first goal of the match was secured by Are Nige at 69', and Aryanne was having none of that, typing it up at 80'. Again neither team could emerge in the lead and the match went into eggsdra dime. Both teams maintained their intensity, and neither side gave way, throughout the first half of AET and most of the way through the second half when Anonfilly - who usually just sort of does her own thing on the board and on the team - scored an opportunistic goal at 109'. With this lead and only 11' remaining on the clock /britpol/ lost in eggsdra dime 2-1. /mlpol/ defends their title and scores a second star (going undefeated in the process and putting their winning streak at 8 wins and 1 tie of the last 9 matches in the league), Leslie Fair is awarded Mare of the Tournament and /mlpol/ establishing they're NOT a team to be trifled with in the /pol/eague.


Extended player history / roster: /mlpol/ Roster

No. Position Player
Clippity Cloppity
Reichs Alicorn
Dixie Jack
Honk Ponk
John Elway
No. Position Player
WOW! Communism
Friendship in the Water Turning the Freaking Changelings Gay
Burn Juice
What The Fuck I Like Horses Now
Remove Reddit
Windmill of Friendship

Team Gallery

Mlpol team photo.png

Match History


Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Video Date
Poleague logo.png
/pol/eague 1
Group Stage Ancap icon.png /ancap/ 3-3 D Aryanne Goal 42'90+4'
Fireaxe Goal 54'
Here July 8th, 2017
Sng icon.png /sng/ 2-1 W John Elway Goal 45+2'
Leslie Fair Goal 56'
Here July 8th, 2017
Fsg icon.png /fsg/ 1-4 L Here July 9th, 2017
Semifinal Eire icon.png /eire/ 2-1 W Careful Now Scored 45+3' (o.g.)
Syriana Goal 50'
Here July 9th, 2017
Final Ptg icon.png /ptg/ 0-1 L Here July 9th, 2017


Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Video Date
Poleague logo.png
/pol/eague 2
Group Stage Britpol icon.png /britpol/ 3-0 W Aryanne Goal 17'
Fireaxe Goal 71'
LeslieGoal 90+2'
Here January 5th, 2018
Fsg icon.png /fsg/ 0-1 L Here January 6th, 2018
Balk icon.png /balk/ 1-1 D Aryanne Goal 90+1' Here January 6th, 2018
Quarterfinals Auspol icon.png /auspol/ 3-2 W Wow! Communism Goal 45+1'
Aryanne Goal 54'
Syriana Goal 90+1'
Here January 7th, 2018
Semifinals Ancap icon.png /ancap/ 2-4 L Syriana Goal 56'
Fireaxe Goal 70'
Here January 7th, 2018
Third Place Match Britpol icon.png /britpol/ 4-2 W Aryanne Goal 44'90+2'
Syriana Goal 63'
Fireaxe Goal 66'
Here January 7th, 2018
Poleague logo3.png
/pol/eague 3
Group Stage Ptg icon.png /ptg/ 2-0 W John Elway Goal 10'61' Here September 21st, 2018
Cg icon.png /cg/ 1-3 L What the Fuck I Like Horses Now Goal 33' Here September 22nd, 2018
Tcr icon.png /tcr/ 1-3 L Leslie Goal 45+2' Here September 22nd, 2018
Quarterfinals Italypol icon.png /italypol/ 3-1 W Aryanne Goal 49'89'
John Elway Goal 80'
Here September 23rd, 2018
Semifinals Cg icon.png /cg/ 7-1 W John Elway Goal 32'59'
Fireaxe Goal 44'90+3'
Luftkrieg Goal 50'
Leslie Goal 62'
Syriana Goal 72'
Here September 23rd, 2018
Final Balk icon.png /balk/ 3-3 W
(5-4 PK)
Leslie Goal 60'
Aryanne Goal 81'
Syriana Goal 98'
Here September 23rd, 2018
Divegrass before Christmas.png
Divegrass before Christmas
Group Stage Yellowsub icon.png /yellowsub/ 2-1 W Leslie Goal 29'
Aryanne Goal 77'
Here December 18th, 2018
Vinesauce icon.png /vinesauce/ 3-1 W Syriana Goal 11'
Luftkrieg Goal 39'
John Elway Goal 84'
Here December 19th, 2018
Ro icon.png /ro/ 1-3 L Leslie Goal 67' Here December 21st, 2018
Round of 16 Bootleg icon.png /bootleg/ 2-3 L (a.e.t.) John Elway Goal 13'
Syriana Goal 79'
Here December 22nd, 2018


Competition Round Opponent Result Scorers Video Date
Vrg vs mlpol.png
Battle of the VRlels
Exhibition Match Vrg icon.png /vrg/ 8-3 W Aryanne Goal 7'45+0'
Leslie Goal 19'29'48'66'
John Elway Goal 69'75'
Here April 20th, 2019
Poleague logo3.png
/pol/eague 4
Group Stage Britpol icon.png /britpol/ 2-2 D Syriana Goal 27'
Leslie Goal 78'
[- Coming later] June 22nd, 2019
Tcr icon.png /tcr/ 3-0 W Aryanne Goal 20'45+2'
Leslie Goal 44'
[- Coming later] June 23rd, 2019
Pay icon.png /pay/ 2-0 W Aryanne Goal 18'73' [- Coming later] June 29th, 2019
Quarterfinals Cg icon.png /cg/ 1-0 W Leslie Goal 45+0' [- Coming later] June 30th. 2019
Semifinals Balk icon.png /balk/ 2-1 W Leslie Goal 13'36' [- Coming later] June 30th. 2019
Final Britpol icon.png /britpol/ 2-1 W
Aryanne Goal 80'
Anonfilly Goal 109'
[- Coming later] June 30th. 2019
4CCCL qualifiers.png
2019 4CC Champions League qualifying stage
Group Stage Mogra icon.png /mogra/ 2-2 D Fireaxe Goal 72'
Leslie Goal 90+5'
[- Coming later] July 5th, 2019
Nepgen icon.png /nepgen/ 2-1 W SyrianaGoal 68'
Leslie Goal 88'
[- Coming later] July 6th, 2019
Fgoalter icon.png /fgoalter/ 0-2 L [- Coming later] July 7th, 2019


Player Goals
Aryanne 18
Leslie Fair 18
John Elway 10
Syriana 10
Fireaxe 6
Luftkrieg 2
Wow! Communism 1
What the Fuck I Like Horses Now 1
Anonfilly 1


Poleague logo.png
/pol/eague 1
: Runner-up

Poleague logo.png
/pol/eague 2
: Third Place

Poleague logo3.png
/pol/eague 3
: Champions

Poleague logo3.png
/pol/eague 4
: Champions


Ptg logo.png

The Cancer Bowl
During the election /Trump General/ was a good happening thread with decent content. After the election however it became on par with a shitty /mlp/ general. On April first 2017 the horse pussy was able to scare the reddit colony off of /pol/ liberating it and allowing actual discourse. Let /mlpol/ liberate /pol/ once again from the cancer in which has been killing the board.

Tcr logo.png

Cyber Vermin Derby
Aw look at him, somebody got their butt hurt by me criticizing these assholes that are out here. "I like My Little Pony and I'm male." "I like combing My Little Pony's hair, and there is nothing wrong with being a brony. There is nothing wrong so eeneeh." Give me a break screw you. Ghost is a magnet for ponies fucking with him. Let /mlpol/ continue the tradition.




/pol/eague 3
Tactical Export: link
Aesthetic Export: link
Music Export: link

/pol/eague 2
Tactical Export: link
Aesthetic Export: link
Music Export: link

/pol/eague 1
Tactical Export: link
Aesthetic Export: link
Music Export: link


Divegrass Before Christmas
Tactical Export: link
Aesthetic Export: link
Music Export: link

Battle of the VRlels
Tactical Export: link
Aesthetic Export: link
Music Export: link


plus !!IfFZMaPmcC7

  • IRC: plus
  • Email: pluspes1488@gmail.com
  • Discord: plus#0862

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