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|dates=July 8-9
|dates=July 8–9

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/pol/eague 1
Poleague logo.png
Tournament details
Host board Pol icon.png /pol/
Dates July 8–9
Teams 8
Final positions
Champion Ptg icon.png /ptg/
Runner-up Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
Third Eire icon.png /eire/
Fourth Fsg icon.png /fsg/
Tournament statistics
Matches 16
Goals scored 59 (3.69 per match)
Top scorer(s) Eire icon.png Michael Collins (7 goals)
Top assister(s) Sng icon.png Otto Strasser (3 assists)
Eire icon.png Madra The Country Hunter
Eire icon.png Michael Collins
Fsg icon.png Mussolini
Golden Glove Fsg icon.png The Death of God (15 saves)
Best player Eire icon.png Michael Collins
Yellow cards 9 (0.56 per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

/pol/eague 1
/pol/eague 2

The /pol/eague/ 1 is a Pol icon.png /pol/ hosted invitational, where any generals on /pol/ is allowed to compete. Teams that don't represent a general but are strictly related to /pol/ are allowed to compete.
The tournament took place on July 8th-9th and was streamed by DrBorisG !!uWmnP2zIyZF on the4chancup Smashcast channel.


In order to participate, you must select generals that existed on /pol/ and have been relevant in recent history (or at least, something related to /pol/).
Any manager is allowed to manage, as long as you know what the fuck to understand on /pol/.

The following teams have signed up:

The following team signed up late so will have a penality:

The following team will compete as autopilot:

Teams will be randomly draw in two groups of four. Due to having two teams playing in autopilot, those will have to be in different groups.
The Draw took place on July 1st at 16:30 UTC on the4chancup smashcast channel.

Rules and Format

Normal cup rules as of the 2017 4chan Summer Cup will apply for this tournament. Changes from Spring Rules.
The 8 teams will be randomly draw in 2 groups where the top 2 will advance to semifinals.

Live-managing is permitted.

Exports deadline is set to July 3rd at 11:59 PM UTC


  • Working PES 2017 export (see AutoATF)
  • Anthem and goalhorn(s)
  • At least one outfielder kit and one goalkeeper kit (two outfielder kits recommended)
  • Team logo

Other recommendations

  • Team page and mini-logo for the wiki
  • Aesthetics other than kits (custom models) (see AET)

Signups and Exports

Signups and Exports here
Signups will be open until June 30th at 11:59 PM UTC
The 2 remaining spots are already taken, but lazy managers haven't signed up their teams yet.

Downloads and Savefixies

Main Article: /pol/eague 1 download and savefixies

Group Stage

Group A

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Fsg icon.png /fsg/ 3 3 0 0 9 3 6 9
Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/ 3 1 1 1 6 8 -2 4
Sng icon.png /sng/ 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 3
Ancap icon.png /ancap/ 3 0 1 2 4 7 -3 1

8 July 2017 /ancap/ Ancap icon.png 3–3 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/

NAP Goal 3'37'
Free Helicopter Rides Goal 14'
Goal 42'90+4' Aryanne
Goal 54' Fireaxe
Booked 90+1' Zebra Lives Matter
Innawoods Park
Attendance: 200+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /fsg/ Fsg icon.png 3–2 Sng icon.png /sng/

Futurist Cooking Goal 10'
Mussolini Goal 29'
Viva de Rivera Goal 69'
Goal 3' >NazBol
Goal 20' Dugin
/new/remberg Field
Attendance: 240+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /ancap/ Ancap icon.png 0–2 Fsg icon.png /fsg/

Goal 25'33' Mussolini Wall Street
Attendance: 400+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /mlpol/ Mlpol icon.png 2–1 Sng icon.png /sng/

John Elway Goal 45+2'
Leslie Fair Goal 56'
Goal 61' >NazBol Cirrus Maximus
Attendance: 420+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

9 July 2017 /fsg/ Fsg icon.png 4–1 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/

Mussolini Goal 3'10'
Salgado Goal 7'
Viva de Rivera Goal 16'
Scored 72' Sorel
Booked 78' Leslie
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 281
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

9 July 2017 /sng/ Sng icon.png 2–1 Ancap icon.png /ancap/

Dugin Goal 45+2'
>NazBol Goal 71'
Goal 38' Free Helicopter Rides Konami Stadium
Attendance: 313
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

Group B

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Eire icon.png /eire/ 3 2 0 1 6 4 2 6
Ptg icon.png /ptg/ 3 1 1 1 5 5 0 4
Sg icon.png /sg/ 3 1 1 1 4 4 0 4
Britpol icon.png /britpol/ 3 0 2 1 4 6 -2 2

8 July 2017 /sg/ Sg icon.png 2–1 Eire icon.png /eire/

Mad Gainz Goal 4'
Assad Wins Again Goal 55'
Goal 30' Michael Collins Big Big's Resort
Attendance: 330+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /ptg/ Ptg icon.png 2–2 Britpol icon.png /britpol/
Note: A /britpol/'s gold player is suspended for this match
Mike Pence Goal 77'
Praise Kek Goal 90+0'
Goal 3'38' 40 yr old School Child
Booked 11' >Soft Brexit
Booked 90+3' Her Majesty The Queen
Guacabowle Memorial (Please Clap)
Attendance: 400+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /sg/ Sg icon.png 1–2 Ptg icon.png /ptg/

The Fabulous Tiger Goal 48' Goal 51' President Trump
Goal 74'Jeb Bush
Big Rig's Resort
Attendance: 564
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

8 July 2017 /eire/ Eire icon.png 3–1 Britpol icon.png /britpol/

Michael Collins Goal 51'
Madra The Country Hunter Goal 80'87'
Goal 82' Based Nige
Booked 43' Sadiq Khan
Baile na hEireann
Attendance: 500+
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

9 July 2017 /ptg/ Ptg icon.png 1–2 Eire icon.png /eire/

President Trump Goal 87' Goal 21' Michael Collins
Goal 34' Madra the County Hunter
Guacabowle Memorial (Please Clap)
Attendance: 376
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

9 July 2017 /britpol/ Britpol icon.png 1–1 Sg icon.png /sg/

Based Nige Goal 21' Goal 75' The Fabulous Tiger Konami Stadium
Attendance: 474
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

Knockout Stage

Semifinals format: Group A winner vs Group B runner-up and Group B winner vs Group A runner-up

Semi Finals
Eire icon.png /eire/
Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
Fsg icon.png /fsg/
Ptg icon.png /ptg/
Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
Ptg icon.png /ptg/
Third Place Match
Fsg icon.png /fsg/
Eire icon.png /eire/


9 July 2017 /fsg/ Fsg icon.png 1–2 Ptg icon.png /ptg/

March On Rome Goal 33'
D'Annunzio Booked 79'
Goal 23' Crooked Hillary
Goal 79' President Trump
Booked 13' Literally New Hitler
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 382
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

9 July 2017 /eire/ Eire icon.png 1–2 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/

Michael Collins Goal 41' Scored 45+3' (o.g.) Careful Now
Goal 50' Syriana
Booked 23' King Richard the Crystal Heart
Baile na hEireann
Attendance: 388
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

Third Place Match

9 July 2017 /fsg/ Fsg icon.png 3–6 Eire icon.png /eire/

D'Annunzio Goal 54'90+6'
Mussolini Goal 90+0'
Goal 9'23'40' Michael Collins
Goal 22'34'85' Madra the County Hunter
Booked 90+6' Lyons vs Barrys
Konami Stadium
Attendance: 399
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa


9 July 2017 /mlpol/ Mlpol icon.png 0–1 Ptg icon.png /ptg/

Goal 32' Praise Kek Konami Stadium
Attendance: 469
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa

Final Boss Match

9 July 2017 /pol/ Pol icon.png 8–1 Ptg icon.png /ptg/

Hitler Goal 27'45+1'58'
Jews Goal 50'59'
Stormfront Goal 67'90+6'
Bogdanoff Brothers Goal 73'
Bogdanoff Brothers Booked 6'
Goal 25' Jeb Bush
Booked 19' Flip PA
Guacabowle Memorial (Please Clap)
Attendance: 382
Video: Smashcast   Klaxa


Invitational Record set:

Team Awards

Award Team
Team of the Tournament Ptg icon.png /ptg/
Most Exciting Team Fsg icon.png /fsg/
At least you tried Ancap icon.png /ancap/
Surprise of the Tournament Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
Best Player Model Sg icon.png /sg/ Assad Wins Again
Best Aesthetics Sg icon.png /sg/
Best PES Kits Ptg icon.png /ptg/
Best Anthem Sg icon.png /sg/
Best Goalhorn Fsg icon.png /fsg/ SALVTO AL DVCE
Best Alternate Goalhorn Eire icon.png /eire/ Flying Colums, Carbomb, Tiocfaidh ar la Horn
Match of the Tournament /ancap/ Ancap icon.png 3-3 Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
Biggest Upset of the Tournament >autopilot /sng/ Sng icon.png 2-1 Ancap icon.png /ancap/
Goal of the tournament Sng icon.png /sng/ Dugin's Bergkamp Turn vs Ancap icon.png /ancap/
Biggest Spaghetti Moment Ptg icon.png /ptg/ Leading versus final boss
Best Player Eire icon.png /eire/ Michael Collins

Final Rankings

  1. Ptg icon.png /ptg/
  2. Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/
  3. Eire icon.png /eire/
  4. Fsg icon.png /fsg/

  1. Sg icon.png /sg/
  2. Sng icon.png /sng/
  3. Britpol icon.png /britpol/
  4. >the road of Ancap icon.png /ancap/


WE CIRCLEJERK NOW! Join the /pol/eague Discord: link
(if no reply, contact us via Discord: Canes#4555 and Rabbi Shlomo#4757)