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|bgcolor= 990000
|bgcolor= 990000
|txtcolor= c85505
|txtcolor= c85505
|ranking= 39 (<small>{{decrease|26}}</small>)
|ranking= 46 (<small>{{decrease|4}}</small>)
|high_ranking= 1
|high_ranking= 1
|high_date= January 8, 2012
|high_date= January 8, 2012
|low_ranking= 39
|low_ranking= 46
|low_date= August 4, 2019
|low_date= November 10, 2019
|scorer= MESSI
|scorer= MESSI
|goals= 50
|goals= 50
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<div style="display: table; position-align: centre;">
<div style="display: table; position-align: centre;">
{|  class="wikitable" style="width: 31%; margin: 1%; text-align:center; float: left; position: relative;"  
{|  class="wikitable" style="width: 31%; margin: 1%; text-align:center; float: left; position: relative;"  
| [[file:vr_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:s4s_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:p_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:co_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:co_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:aco_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:aco_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:c_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:o_logo.png|80px]]
| [[file:n_logo.png|80px]]
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>4-4
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:red">'''Loss'''</span></div>3-7
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>0-0
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>1-1
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>1-1
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>2-2
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>2-2
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:red">'''Loss'''</span></div>2-3
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>1-1
| <div style="font-size: 140%;"><span style="color:gray">'''Draw'''</span></div>0-0
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| [[File:Summer18 E.png|25px]] [[2018 4chan Summer Cup]] ||5||0||2|| Runner up || Broke the yo-yo cycle<br>One win away from football coming home
| [[File:Summer18 E.png|25px]] [[2018 4chan Summer Cup]] ||5||0||2|| Runner up || Broke the yo-yo cycle<br>One win away from football coming home
| [[File:WC19 Design E.png|25px]] [[2019 4chan Winter Cup]] ||0||1||2|| Group (Relegated) ||
| [[File:WC19 Design E.png|25px]] [[2019 4chan Winter Cup]] ||0||1||2|| Group (Relegated) || {{greentext|1 point}}
| [[File:SBC19_Design_B1.png|25px]] [[2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup]] ||0||3||0|| Group (Failed to promote) || {{greentext|3 draws}}
| [[File:SBC19_Design_B1.png|25px]] [[2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup]] ||0||3||0|| Group (Failed to promote) ||
| [[File:ABC19 Design E.png|25px]] [[2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup]] ||0||2||1|| Group (Failed to promote) || {{greentext|art}}

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/sp/ found a way
Sp logo.png
/sp/ - Sports
Founded August 2011
IRL manager Falco !!aXzH59K0ThX

JB !!hun/mYyBLVf HarryEnfield !HSOblOU2q2 ArtVandelay !!C/FOPWY5ljs

Team colors
HEX color 990000
Ranking 46 (decrease 4)
Highest rank 1 (January 8, 2012)
Lowest rank 46 (November 10, 2019)
Top scorer MESSI (50)
Top assister N/A (N/A)
Website /sp/ - Sports
Nickname The GOATs - (the acronym of the commonly-used sporting term "Greatest Of All Time")
/sp/artans - (originally used as the collective term for the denizens of the /sp/ board)
Home ground Transatlantic Semen Pipeline Stadium
Historic performance
49 23 36 108 45.37%
179 147 +32
Biggest win
/sp/ Sp icon.png 6–1 Biz icon.png /biz/
October 30, 2016
Biggest defeat
/sp/ Sp icon.png 1–5 Diy icon.png /diy/
October 25, 2015
First match
/fa/ Fa icon.png 1–2 Sp icon.png /sp/
August 6, 2011
Elite Cup
Appearances 11 (First in 2011 4chan Summer Cup)
Best result Champions, 2013 4chan Winter Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 6 (First in 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup)
Best result 5th, 2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem NBA on NBC
Knockout Anthem US Olympic team tribute to Muhammad Ali
Victory Anthem One Goat on the Shirt

Goal horn Wavin' Flag (Celebration Mix)
Alternate goal horn 'MURICA FUCK YEAH - USA USA USA
Alternate goal horn TSUUUUUUUU goalhorn
Alternate goal horn TSUUUUUUUU penalty horn
Alternate goal horn Shiggy Diggy - George Costanza
Home kit Sphome-2016sc.png
Away kit Spaway-2016sc.png
Third kit Spthird-2016sbc.png
Fourth kit Spfourth-2016abc.png
Fifth kit Spfifth-2016abc.png
Sixth kit Spsixth-2016sc.png
Seventh kit Spseventh-2016sc.png
Eighth kit Speighth-2017sc.png

The /sp/artans Football Club is a simulated professional football team founded in August 2011, representing /sp/, the 4chan board dedicated to sports. They won the 2012 4chan Summer Cup before the title was revoked due to the Dragongate scandal. They also won the 2013 4chan Winter Cup, making them, for a time, the first and only two-time Elite competition champions. They also held the number 1 spot in the cup rankings from January 2012 to May 2013, currently the longest such reign, and from March to May, 2017.

The club's popularity among the proud posters of /sp/ has made them susceptible to negative press. Accusations of rigging lead to the Match Fixing Scandal in early January 2012. The team was implicated in the Dragongate scandal as well. Their almost-systematic shitposting on other boards during /sp/ Cup participation is often cited as one of the possible reasons for the global cup ban by 4chan moderation.

/sp/'s main rivals are, without a doubt, /a/, who knocked them out of the cup twice on top of being dirty weeaboos, but they also have minor rivalries with /k/, /toy/, /tg/, /v/, /fit/, and potentially any board who knocks them out of the cup (/gd/ and /i/ we're looking at you) or have a fanbase as rambunctious as theirs.


For earlier history: /sp/ History


With 2019 Winter came the grim reminder of PES 2016. After months of fans across the 4CC crying out for change from the long played-out PES 17, and with PES 18 still not being a pallatable game yet, it was put to a vote. Ultimately, it was decided that after 2 long years in slumber, the ancient evil of PES 16 was reawakened. The GOATs were drawn into a group with /mlp/, /vr/ and /s4s/. The first match against the horsefuckers was a bad omen that would stay with /sp/ through the group stage. After falling behind 2-0 early on, they couldn't catch up, eventually falling 4-2 to /mlp/. The next match against /vr/ wasn't much better. As the GOATs were ahead 4-3 in the late stages of the match with the help of a hattrick by TSUUUUUU, /vr/ ended up tying the game at 81' with a goal from It's Time to Chew Ass to steal the split decision. /mlp/ dispatching /s4s/ 5-2 in the next match gave hope to the /sp/artans. With 1 point, and +2 GD over /vr/, all they had to do was win the third match. After all, it's only /s4s/. How short lived that sentiment was, as Keksandra, Bateman and Topkek combined for 7 goals to completely blow /sp/ the fuck out 7-3. After conceding early and tying it shortly after, it seemed as though a back and forth goal-fest was on hand. Unfortunately for the GOATs, Keksandra was just too cute to stop. /sp/ was relegated once again, heading for the great unknown of the next babby.

2019 Spring was the unveiling of the unwalked grounds of PES 2018, a game crippled in the aesthetics department by the new game engine, but surely it would bring fresh new gameplay right? Drawn into a group with /co/, /p/, and brand new 4CC proper entrant /aco/, the GOATs fortunes seemed to be smiling on them. Match 1, however, would again be an omen that would stick with /sp/ through the group stage. After a scoreless game up to 54', the game froze and crashed, forcing the rest of the game to be played on aggregate. The scoreline would not change, and a 0-0 draw was the result. This ended up being an omen that cursed the rest of the babby cup, which would go on to be the second lowest goals-per-game average of all time, second only to 1.12. Match 2 against /co/ proved to be a match of heavyweights and stalemates. /co/lette took the lead with a goal at 38', but it was tied with a goal by Messi in added time before the half ended. Neither team would manage anything in the second half, resulting in a 1-1 draw. /sp/ found themselves in a familar position, with their third match being a must win in order to promote. /aco/ had already picked up a win against /p/, so all they needed was a tie to advance. Bowsette scored almost off the get-go, with /aco/ going up 1-0 at 6'. However, TSUUUUUUU retaliated off the kickoff to tie it at 8'. ENF scored at 27' to take the lead again for /aco/, but later at 40' TSUUUUUUUU scored a brace in order to level the score again. Sadly, once again neither team could muster any offence in the second half, resulting in /sp/'s third draw, elimination from summer, and first failed attempt at promotion since 2015 Spring. The dream to bring football home will be dead until at least 2020 Winter.

With the next 6 months to brood and recoup, /sp/ is sure to come back strong in autumn.

Colors and Mascot

/sp/ is maroon, orange, black and white.

Maroon: R173 G17 B12
Orange: R200 G85 B5

For the first 4chan World Cup, /sp/ wore an all white kit with a simplistic green logo. Before the 2012 Winter Cup the team wore blue but eventually settled on the current iconic maroon and orange home kit, based on real world Italian divegrass team AS Roma. For away matches, /sp/ wears solid black kit with orange details. To continue the theme that the club's number one goalkeeper is DA BEARS, the uniform for the goalkeeper is a near representation of the uniform of the handegg team, the Chicago Bears.

The mascot of the club is Paul the Goat (named after the legendary Paul the Octopus), who has gained worldwide fame for his alleged psychic powers. When presented with two boxes containing goat food decorated with the club crest of the two teams who are about to play in a game, Paul has successfully picked the winning team 100% of the time from 25 attempts.

Two logos have been used to represent /sp/ Football Club. While one is the official logo and the other pointless, both are alright to use when depicting the /sp/ Club.

Image Description
Sp logo.png The famous logo of /sp/ Fooball Club and currently the most widely used, it depicts Paul the Goat standing proud on an image of a Spartan soldier. The nickname of the club is the /sp/artans, which is the reason for the Spartan on the logo. The star under the Spartan is a representation of /sp/'s first cup victory in the 4chan summer cup. Football came home that night.
Sp logo 2.png The lesser used logo. Paul the Goat is given orange colored horns and a shawl with the /sp/ name on it. While a lesser used logo, it is quite a classic among die-hard fans of the club.


-Numbers and positions not final-

No. Position Player
>de gay
El VAR Sinson
Board Man Gets Paid
GF to Anon FC
George Costanza
No. Position Player
>Finnish goaltending
An Horse
Perro Caca
Tony Kornheiser
Equal Pay
>Ole's at the wheel

Reserves can be found here: /sp B/

Tactics & Aesthetics


/sp/ is known to have some of the most passionate fans in the game. Due to this passion, /sp/artans are often seen as whiners by other boards, especially in the wake of the 2012 SC Bracket Scandal. Due to this, /sp/ was the winner of the Worst Fans Award in that cup. However, /sp/ does boast some of the most supportive fans in all of 4chan, participating in the most watched game of the 2012 4chan Summer Cup. After claiming victory in this cup, /sp/ was flooded with celebratory "MESSIMESSIMESSI" and "THANK YOU BASED TORRES" posts.


  • Some History

You might have some history,

But we don’t give a crud,

Your team will always be a joke until they have a cup

(Shout the Opposing team’s name)!!!


A logo.png
The Derby of /sp/art/a/

The biggest derby in the game of virtual divegrass–El Classico. A battle between GOATs of /sp/orts and Men of /a/nime to see who are the greater champions. This derby's history runs all the way back to the 2011 4chan Summer Cup semifinals–a moment /a/ refers to as Yamakan saving Anime and /sp/ remembers as BasedChoke. They did not meet again in an official match until the 2013 Spring Babby Cup friendlies, which /sp/ won. They met twice more in Official Cup games for the 2014 4chan Winter Cup round of 16 and 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup group stage, with /a/ winning both.

Asp logo.png
The Not-Sports Derby

Whenever there was a WWE thread on /sp/, there was always at least one person who told WWE fans that pro wrestling is fake and that it belongs on /asp/. Eventually, /sp/ managed to get wrestling threads officially kicked off the board with the help of Hiroyuki Nishimura, who succeeded m00t as owner of 4chan in 2015, stoking the rivalry ever hotter. In the 4chan Cup, these teams have completely different mentalities, with /sp/ angrily sacking managers if they don't win cups and /asp/ exercising more patience with their managers. The two teams finally met in an official Cup match during the 2017 4chan Winter Cup quarterfinals, which /sp/ won 3-1.

V logo.png
The e-Sports Derby

/sp/ and /v/ are intense rivals in a feud that is essentially the alphas vs. the weeaboo gaming nerds, and this rivalry was only made worse after /sp/ sent /v/ to the Loser's Bracket in 2011. /v/ is also jealous of /sp/'s endless creativity, epic maymays and their ability to handle the banter. Despite this, /v/ took control of this rivalry for years, defeating the GOATs in the 2013 4chan Summer Cup round of 16 and twice in the 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup–in the group stage and quarterfinals. This streak was broken in the 2017 4chan Winter Cup when /sp/ eliminated /v/ in the round of 16. /sp/ leveled the series in the 2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup with a 1-0 win over /v/ in the group stage.



Main article: /sp/ Match History

Recent Form

Co logo.png Aco logo.png C logo.png O logo.png N logo.png

Tournament History

Competition Win Draw Loss End result Notes
All friendlies 5 6 5 >implying friendlies count
2012 Summer Cup logo.png 2011 4chan Summer Cup 3 0 2 Third Place Double elimination bracket
2012 Winter Cup logo.png 2012 4chan Winter Cup 5 0 2 Runner up Double elimination bracket
2012 Summer Cup logo.png 2012 4chan Summer Cup 6 0 0 Champions Title vacated due to Dragongate
0 0 0 Nullified Record after 2nd correction.
2013 Winter Cup logo.png 2013 4chan Winter Cup 6 0 0 Champions One match striken, due to Dragongate.
2013 Summer Cup logo.png 2013 4chan Summer Cup 1 1 2 Ro16 >tfw almost relegated
2014 Winter Cup logo.png 2014 4chan Winter Cup 3 0 1 Ro16 >could've been relegated on 6 (six) points
2014SummerCupLogo.png 2014 4chan Summer Cup 1 1 1 Group (Relegated) >Moyes
2014 Autumn Cup Logo.png 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2 0 2 Group (Failed to promote) >losing to a shit team and a new team
2015 Spring Cup Logo.png 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1 1 2 Group (Failed to promote) >couldn't even beat any weeb team
ABC15 Design G.png 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2 1 2 Ro16 Promoted
WC16 Design A.png 2016 4chan Winter Cup 0 1 2 Group (Relegated) Killed after just two matches.
>one point
2016 Spring Cup Logo.png 2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3 0 2 Quarterfinals Promoted
Broke the Curse
Won Round of 16 match for the first time since 2013 Winter Cup
Summer16 H ALT 2.png 2016 4chan Summer Cup 1 1 1 Group (Relegated) The final match of the group got /vp/ to second place over /sp/ via goal difference.
>Let's go, /vp/ (but not by much)
ABC16 Design A.png 2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 3 0 1 Ro16 A combination of results got /sp/ past the group stage after just two matches.
WC17 Design A.png 2017 4chan Winter Cup 4 0 3 4th /sp/ finally broke the yo-yo cycle and reached the #1 spot on the Rankings
SC17 Design A.png 2017 4chan Summer Cup 0 1 2 Group (Relegated) Killed after /toy/ defeated /lgbt/ immediately before the final group match vs /o/.
>one point (again)
ABC17 Design A.png 2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 3 1 1 Quarterfinals Promoted
Finished T-5th, the new highest for /sp/ in a Babby Cup
WC18 Design F2.png 2018 4chan Winter Cup 0 2 1 Group (Relegated) >tfw too high iq to win a game
>tfw back in the yo-yo cycle
SBC18 Design G2.png 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2 1 2 Ro16 Promoted
Summer18 E.png 2018 4chan Summer Cup 5 0 2 Runner up Broke the yo-yo cycle
One win away from football coming home
WC19 Design E.png 2019 4chan Winter Cup 0 1 2 Group (Relegated) >1 point
SBC19 Design B1.png 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0 3 0 Group (Failed to promote) >3 draws
ABC19 Design E.png 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 0 2 1 Group (Failed to promote) >art


The pipeline after which /sp/'s stadium is named.

/sp/'s current home is the Transatlantic Semen Pipeline Stadium, named in remembrance of Murrika's selfless donations to impoverished Yurop.


  • Of the 10 teams to win a 4chan Cup elite tournament, /sp/ is the only one to win every match on their way to the title.
    • Closest calls: /a/ won 2011 Summer 8-0-1 when it was a double-elimination tournament. Under the two-stage format, /wg/ (2013 Summer), /trv/ (2014 Winter), /tg/ (2015 Winter) and /mlp/ (2015 Summer) all won with 6-1-0 records.
  • /sp/ became the first board to have a sticky thread for a 4chan Cup event during the 2012 Winter Cup, a feat that remained unique to the board until /s4s/ had their own sticky for the 2017 Summer Cup.


Official Honors


Vacated Honours

Video Gallery

Old Downloads

Elite Cups
Preceded by
2011 /a/ A icon.png
Summer Champions
2012 (Title vacated)
Succeeded by
2013 /wg/ Wg icon.png
Preceded by
2012 /k/ K icon.png
Winter Champions
2013 (1st title)
Succeeded by
2014 /trv/ Trv icon.png