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|gh_title=Funky Dealer<br /><small>Jet Set Radio Future</small>
|gh_title=Funky Dealer<br /><small>Jet Set Radio Future</small>
|altgh2_what=NAGA RAIDAAAAA goal horn
|altgh2_title=Dance Macabre <br /><small>Indivisible</small>
|nickname= The Generals
|nickname= The Generals

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Laboris gloria Ludi
Vg logo.png
/vg/ - Video Game Generals
Founded May 2012
Manager King of All Cosmos
IRL manager tech !!rb+zz19X9Cq
Reso !!q9PyzmIBtiU
Zilyana !!t8bvo456WNa
Team colors
Extra team colors
HEX color 000B60
Navy Blue
Ranking 5th (increase 2)
Highest rank 1st (August 2014-February 2015, August-October 2018, March-June 2019)
Lowest rank 54th (November 2013-March 2014, March 2016)
Top scorer Git Gud (42)
Top assister Git Gud (29)
Captain Git Gud
Website /vg/ - Video Game Generals
Nickname The Generals
Home ground AMOS Arena
Historic performance
45 13 46 104 43.27%
180 180 0
Biggest win
/vg/ Vg icon.png 7–1 Y icon.png /y/
April 17, 2016
Biggest defeat
/vg/ Vg icon.png 0–4 I icon.png /i/
April 17, 2016
First match
/v/ V icon.png 1–0 Vg icon.png /vg/
May 26, 2012
Elite Cup
Appearances 9 (First in 2013 4chan Winter Cup)
Best result 1st, 2018 4chan Summer Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 10 (First in 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup)
Best result 3rd, 2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem Into Free -Dangan-
Dragon's Dogma
Victory Anthem Baba Yetu
Civilization IV

Goal horn Funky Dealer
Jet Set Radio Future
Home kit Vghome-2017sc.png
Away kit Vgaway-2017sc.png

Ever since breaking off from older brother /v/, /vg/ has dutifully carried on the time-honored pledge of all boards that are vidya: talking about everything except vidya. If you're /vg/, that means gachashit, weebshit, and gay fucking shit. Sometimes all three at once.

The football team is proudly no different.

A veteran of the 4chan Cup, with a history as bumpy and dubious as the board it represents, sometimes >we're good, and good enough to win a Cup. How that happens is anyone's guess. Most of the time >we're as bad as the board >we claim to represent, because everyone's been shitposting and bickering long enough that they've forgotten we're here to play football.

Welcome to /vg/ F.C., the team representing the board of /vg/ - Video Game Generals. Enjoy your stay, and remember to git gud.

Team Info

Team colors (the ones that aren't white) are:
Navy Blue (hex 000B60, RGB 0 11 96)
Old-School Purple (hex A200AB, RGB 162 0 171)
Implication Green (hex 789922, RGB 120 153 34)

See this page for the most recent exports.

Current Roster

Main article: /vg/ Roster

No. Position Player
2hug icon.png 1CC Killer
Tf2g icon.png Pottis
Domg icon.png Giant Man Eating Jews
Egg icon.png Clang
Indie icon.png Niko a Cute
Dng icon.png Blaster ;(
Lzg icon.png Salty Umbrella
Vg icon.png Git Gud Captain
Wtg icon.png DUCE DUCE DUCE
Ssbg icon.png Bigley Vice-captain
No. Position Player
Hanny icon.png Mankograbber
Trg icon.png *opens your door*
Drg icon.png Hope
Revue icon.png Famous Pedo Tendou Maya
Gbpen icon.png Are you Fully Devoted?
R6g icon.png Social Cues
Mcg icon.png Autism
Vitagen icon.png High Impact Sexual Violence
Dbg icon.png Gogeta Da
Mjg icon.png Nyagger
Gfg icon.png Sopdog
Mbg icon.png King Harlaus

/vg/ League

Since the 2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup, the /vg/ League has been the way /vg/ has determined its roster for cups. Initially, only medal players were decided with this method, with other players being chosen by way of contacting the board's fastest generals. However, the /vg/ League now determines the entire /vg/ roster, with a meta player being a permanent gold (currently Git Gud), while the gold and both silvers are determined by the top four teams in the League. So far, fourteen incarnations of the /vg/ League have been completed.

Full Results Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
/vg/ League 1 Dsg icon.png /dsg/ Acg icon.png /acg/ Fgg icon.png /fgg/ Ksg icon.png /ksg/
/vg/ League 2 Dng icon.png /dng/ Pdg icon.png /pdg/ Npg icon.png /npg/ Mgg icon.png /mgg/
/vg/ League 3 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/ Wtg icon.png /wtg/ Twg icon.png /twg/ Nepgen icon.png /nepgen/
/vg/ League 4 Dng icon.png /dng/ Hsg icon.png /hsg/ Rsg icon.png /rsg/ Nepgen icon.png /nepgen/
/vg/ League 5 Ffg icon.png /ffg/ Ksg icon.png /ksg/ Kspg icon.png /kspg/ Rlg icon.png /rlg/
/vg/ League 6 Twg icon.png /twg/ Xcg icon.png /xcg/ Rsg icon.png /rsg/ Drg icon.png /drg/
/vg/ League 7 Ddg icon.png /ddg/ Xcg icon.png /xcg/ Hsg icon.png /hsg/ 5N@F icon.png /5N@F/
/vg/ League 8 Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/ Lzg icon.png /lzg/ Gsg icon.png /gsg/ Lolg icon.png /lolg/
/vg/ League 9 Aog icon.png /aog/ Gsg icon.png /gsg/ Vitagen icon.png /vitagen/ Hsg icon.png /hsg/
/vg/ League X Vrg icon.png /vrg/ Fgg icon.png /fgg/ Drg icon.png /drg/ Mbg icon.png /mbg/
/vg/ League 11 Dbg icon.png /dbg/ Fgog icon.png /fgog/ Civ4xg icon.png /civ4xg/ Gfg icon.png /gfg/
/vg/ League 12 Dbg icon.png /dbg/ Nepgen icon.png /nepgen/ Digi icon.png /digi/ Twg icon.png /twg/
/vg/ League 13 Lzg icon.png /lzg/ Drg icon.png /drg/ Vrg icon.png /vrg/ Dng icon.png /dng/
/vg/ League 14 Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/ Wtg icon.png /wtg/ Lzg icon.png /lzg/ 2hug icon.png /2hug/

Match History

See /vg/ Past Match History for matches from previous years, as well as any voided matches not seen on this page. Also see /vg/ Statistics for extra statistical autism.

Official Matches

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers
July 17, 2020 D icon.png /d/ 2020 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage TBD
July 19, 2020 F icon.png /f/ 2020 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage TBD
July 25, 2020 Diy icon.png /diy/ 2020 4chan Summer Cup Group Stage TBD

Unofficial Matches

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers
March 13, 2020 Vr icon.png /vr/ 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies 1–3 L Git Gud Goal 3'
March 15, 2020 Vp icon.png /vp/ 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies 1–2 L HOPE Goal 86'
March 21, 2020 C icon.png /c/ 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies 2–1 W Git Gud Goal 19'88'

Overall Records

Competition Record (W-D-L) Goals Scored Goals Allowed Goal Differential Overall Finish
2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2-1-3 12 15 -3 4th
2013 4chan Winter Cup 0-0-3 4 7 -3 23rd
2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-0-2 1 5 -4 25th
2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 0-1-2 5 8 -3 28th
2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup 3-0-3 12 5 +7 6th
2014 4chan Summer Cup 5-0-2 9 4 +5 3rd
2015 4chan Winter Cup 1-0-1 2 4 -2 21st
2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0-1-3 3 9 -6 38th
2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1-0-3 5 11 -6 34th (tied)
2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2-1-2 15 14 +1 10th in Qualifiers
2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 3-0-2 15 12 +3 7th
2017 4chan Winter Cup 2-2-1 6 5 +1 8th
2017 4chan Summer Cup 1-1-1 4 4 0 19th
2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 0-1-2 1 3 -2 27th
2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup 6-0-2 18 9 +9 3rd
2018 4chan Summer Cup 5-1-1 15 7 +8 1st
2019 4chan Winter Cup 4-0-3 21 22 -1 4th
2019 4chan Summer Cup 2-1-1 7 4 +3 15th
2020 4chan Winter Cup 3-3-1 11 8 +3 2nd
2020 4chan Summer Cup y u r i nigger lol
Cup Matches 40-11-38 163 153 +10 >win a cup >efficiency STILL sub-50%
Official Friendlies 5-0-8 14 24 -10 >implying friendlies matter
Unofficial Matches 19-3-27 114 116 -2 >implying invitationals matter
Total 45-13-46 180 180 0 Updated to last match(es), played on February 2, 2020

The Rivalry

V logo.png
/v/ - Vidya Derby
Since /vg/ is /v/'s little brother, some sibling rivalry is bound to ensue. Everything BUT Videogames vs. Everything BUT Videogames (in general form!), who will come out on top?

To date the all time record has /v/ winning 2 out of 4 official matches, with both of their wins coming in friendlies. However, /vg/'s lone win in the series came during an elite cup and served to relegate /v/. An unofficial friendly match was played between the two before the 2015 4chan Winter Cup, with /v/ winning 1–0, and both teams have met three times in each of the two Vidya Bowls. The fourth official Vidya Bowl came in the 2017 4chan Summer Cup group stage, three years to the last. /v/ got another early lead, but unfortunately /vg/ could not turn same magic they did long ago and only got an equalizer, which ended up being the difference between relegation and advancement. Of course, both teams went and completely shat the bed following their relegation.
Since the last Vidya Derby, one of us has been C H A M P, and it wasn't the big brother. Regardless, any future meetings WILL be >fun. Actually, wait, no, the last one wasn't.

  2012 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies  
26 May 2012 /v/ V icon.png 1–0 Vg icon.png /vg/

Arino Goal 39' Unknown

  2014 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies  
6 June 2014 /v/ V icon.png 2–0 Vg icon.png /vg/

Reggie Fils-Aimé Goal 22'76' Unknown

  2014 4chan Summer Cup  
26 July 2014 /v/ V icon.png 1–4 Vg icon.png /vg/

Group Stage
Mr. Bones Goal 3' Goal 38' Blaster ;)
Goal 77' Simon Viklund
Goal 82' Snowager
Goal 89' Git Gud
Vidya Stadium
Attendance: 1019

  2015 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies (Unofficial)  
25 January 2015 /vg/ Vg icon.png 0–1 V icon.png /v/

Goal 21' SANIC Unknown

  Vidya Bowl (Unofficial)  
26 September 2015 /v/ V icon.png 4–1 Vg icon.png /vg/

Group Stage
Gabe Newell Goal 21'28'
[spoiler]LOL[/spoiler] Goal 52'
SANIC Goal 71'
Goal 59' SEX KING /toy/ Stadium
27 September 2015 /vg/ Vg icon.png 3–1 V icon.png /v/

Group Stage
Git Gud Goal 59'
Blaster :( Goal 90'
Goal 15' Gabe Newell KONAMI Stadium
27 September 2015 /vg/ Vg icon.png 2–5 V icon.png /v/

3rd Place Match
Purple Heart Goal 88'
Goal 41' Hideo Kojima
Goal 45+'62'71' Gabe Newell
Goal 59' SANIC
The Arcadium

  Vidya Bowl II (Unofficial)  
11 March 2017 /v/ V icon.png 5–2 Vg icon.png /vg/

Group Stage
BUT FIRST Goal 41'67' (pen.)
Christopher Robin Goal 50'53'
SANIC Goal 87'
Goal 65' Git Gud
Final PEStination

12 March 2017 /vg/ Vg icon.png 1–3 V icon.png /v/

Group Stage
Grigori Goal 27' Goal 45+0' Todd Howard
Goal 76' BUT FIRST
Goal 79' SANIC
Unlimited Blade Works

12 March 2017 /v/ V icon.png 1–0 Vg icon.png /vg/

BUT FIRST Goal 59' KONAMI Stadium

  2017 4chan Summer Cup  
30 July 2017 /vg/ Vg icon.png 1–1 V icon.png /v/

Git Gud Goal 68' Goal 12' BUT FIRST Dark Age of Divegrass
Attendance: 1011

  2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies  
19 October 2018 /v/ V icon.png 1–2 Vg icon.png /vg/

Console Peasant Goal 6' Goal 63'74' New Thread
Attendance: 87

  Test Cup V 19  
22 December 2019 /vg/ Vg icon.png 4–6 V icon.png /v/

GOGETA DA Goal 42'
nigger lol Goal 63'86'
Blanc Goal 72'
Goal 7'25'39' SANIC
Goal 34' Dante
Goal 61' Mystery of the Druids
Goal 74' Deepest Lore
The Sand Casino
Attendance: 96

  2020 4chan Winter Cup  
26 January 2020 /vg/ Vg icon.png 0–0 V icon.png /v/

Deep Divegrass
Attendance: 857

Team History

Previous history here

The group draw placed /vg/ with a /co/ coming off its first ever elite knockout win, an /x/ that once again barely scraped by a Babby group, and the big brother. The first match was against /x/, who /vg/ had played exactly once before. After an entire half of offensive ineptitude on /vg/'s end, /x/ scored the first goal through Cthulhu; a very quick rebound-goal answer by Git Gud and new goalkeeper BANE? saving many /x/ attempts kept it 1–1 despite /vg/ missing multiple great attempts. Next up was /co/, who, once again, /vg/ had played exactly once ever. Fortunately, things seemed to be going much better this time, as NAGA RAIDAAAAAA introduced himself in six minutes and through the 63rd minute, it was 3–1 /vg/ with /co/'s only goal being in extremely late stoppage time. Unfortunately, /vg/ blew a 3–1 lead, letting Hope Corgi and /co/lette steal a point from them with a 3–3 draw. This did make it clear what /vg/ had to do to advance, however: Beat /v/. Who had just lost their previous match 0–6, proving themselves the joke that never stops being funny. Simple enough, right? Of course not. The latest Vidya Bowl was an even bigger disappointment than the last one, and although /vg/ were the better team, it wasn't anywhere near enough to save the match from becoming the only 0–0 draw of the entire cup. /vg/ finished their group stage with three draws, and normally this would mean they would be looking at a Spring Babby Cup on a new PES. Suffice to say, this was not a normal group. /co/ got their own 2–0 lead against /x/ in the final match, and all seemed lost for /vg/. Then /x/ woke the fuck up, Goatman and /x/-tan scoring two each, and in thirty minutes /co/ had went from top of the group to dead in the water. By, almost literally, the grace of God, /vg/ remained ELITE despite multiple things going against them. Sounds familiar, huh? They also joined the likes of /toy/ and /jp/ as teams that advanced from a group stage without a single win.

Entering the knockout stage, /vg/'s questionable group stage performance led several to dismiss their chances of going anywhere (SOUNDS FAMILIAR), and it didn't help that their opponent was /biz/, a team that had just relegated the biggest team in the Cup. Intense memeing arose about whether /vg/ would "throw" again. And then once the match actually started, those memeing were quickly forced to shut the fuck up as finally-a-medal HOPE and Naga made the score 2–0 /vg/ at halftime and 3–0 shortly after. /biz/'s miracle corner goal failed to stop a complete slaughter, 4–1 to /vg/, and just like that /vg/ were back in the final day, the fourth in their last five cups. And since the Summer of '18 parallels couldn't stop, /vg/ were once again playing /jp/ in the quarterfinals. Far from being a blowout, though, it was /jp/ who controlled most of the match. But like /x/ before them, they failed to get anything past BANE?, and Git Gud finally got gud again at the 89th minute. /vg/ won 1–0, and were officially guaranteed at worst their fourth TOP FOUR finish in the last five cups. So who was up next? Why, it was /out/, at last a fresh opponent, and one whose lead striker was a pissed-off Smokey the Bear. /vg/ scored first through still-gud Git Gud, and managed to reduce a formidable /out/ attack to nearly nothing. Anon's Happy Floote, Smokey's partner in crime, equalized quickly after halftime, but HOPE scored his third goal of the cup and saw /vg/ through to the 2020 4chan Winter Cup Final on a 2–1 victory. So what did they do against their next opponent, new """""""""""""""rivals""""""""""""""" (and also fresh opposition) /pol/?

Nothing. It didn't even take ten minutes for /vg/ to turn back into a pumpkin, and the President of the United States added insult to injury by scoring as a nonmedal. /vg/ were nowhere to be found the entire match, and it ended in a 0–2 defeat to /pol/. /vg/ had completed their Elite medal collection, but even the fact that /pol/ were clearly superior and it was very quickly over could not stop this final from being painful. BANE? won the Golden Glove, his stats padded by a never-ending blitzkrieg, and /vg/ can still take solace in being ELITE and continuing on from two of the most insanely good back-to-back calendar years in the Cup's history by making a final. Hopefully, the coming Summer Cup is just as good. Or better.

Prior to the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup, /vg/ played three friendlies, losing 1–3 and 1–2 to fellow /v/ offspring /vr/ and /vp/ before taking a 2–1 win over /c/.

This VGL's winner is... /ssbg/! /wtg/ claimed second place, again, and /lzg/ followed up their championship run with a Third Place Trophy and a Golden Boot. /2hug/'s goalkeeper broke the saves record and her team intentionally lost the third place match in benuldies to secure her spot as /vg/'s Summer 2020 goalkeeper.

We drew the Babby Champions, a team that relegated us once, and /diy/.


Team Art

Elite Cups
Preceded by
2017 /lgbt/ Lgbt icon.png
Summer Champions
2018 (1st title)
Succeeded by
2019 /cm/ Cm icon.png