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|live            = no
|live            = no
|countdown        = yes
|countdown        = yes
|countdown data  = /vg/ League 15 sign ups open {{#ifexpr:{{#time: U | now }} < 1602349200|<span class="countdown" style="display:none;" data-options="no-leading-zeros" data-end="remove">in:<br><span class="countdowndate">October 16 2020 00:00:00 UTC</span>|<br>Now}}
|countdown data  = /vg/ League 15 sign ups open {{#ifexpr:{{#time: U | now }} < 1602892799|<span class="countdown" style="display:none;" data-options="no-leading-zeros" data-end="remove">in:<br><span class="countdowndate">October 15 2020 23:59:59 UTC</span>|<br>now}}

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Welcome to the /vg/ League!
The /vg/ League is the series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series, which determines the roster of 4chan Cup team /vg/. Since 2013, /vg/'s general threads have competed on the field for the dubious honor of representing /vg/'s main team. Iterations of the /vg/ League typically run in June and December, between the 4chan Cup's Babby and Elite Cup cycles.
48 /vg/ generals currently have competing teams in the /vg/ League.
For more information on a team click an icon.
@ icon.png 2hug icon.png Aceg icon.png Acg icon.png Akg icon.png Alg icon.png Assg icon.png Civ4xg icon.png Dbg icon.png Ddlc icon.png Digi icon.png Dng icon.png Domg icon.png Drag icon.png Egg icon.png Feg icon.png Fg icon.png Fgoalter icon.png Fgog icon.png Gbfg icon.png Gbpen icon.png Gfg icon.png Hanny icon.png Hgg2d icon.png Indie icon.png Ink icon.png Kfg icon.png Llsifg icon.png Lzg icon.png Mbg icon.png Mjg icon.png Nepgen icon.png Osg icon.png Pmmm icon.png R6g icon.png Revue icon.png Rsg icon.png Skg icon.png Ssbg icon.png Tf2g icon.png Tnm icon.png Twg icon.png Vitagen icon.png Vn icon.png Vrg icon.png Wtg icon.png Xcg icon.png きらら icon.png
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Upcoming Events

/vg/ League News

Manager News

  • 2020/10/09: /vg/ League caretaker updates and 15 dates confirmed
  • 2020/08/19: /vg/ League 15 ruleset released.
  • 2020/04/13: /vg/ League 15 confirmed to be played on PES 19.
Upcoming Tournament
/vg/ League 15
November 20th-22nd, 27th-29th, December 4th-6th, 11th-13th
Competitors: TBD
Cup holders: /ssbg/
/vg/ League 15 sign ups open

Getting started


The game


1. Lzg icon.png /lzg/ 3190pts steady 6. Dng icon.png /dng/ 1569pts increase 4 11. Mcg icon.png /mcg/ 1016pts increase 43
2. Wtg icon.png /wtg/ 2298pts increase 9 7. Domg icon.png /domg/ 1378pts increase 12 12. Hanny icon.png /hanny/ 1005pts increase 14
3. Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/ 2237pts increase 21 8. Vrg icon.png /vrg/ 1114pts decrease 4 13. Trg icon.png /trg/ 996pts increase 29
4. 2hug icon.png /2hug/ 1804pts increase 41 9. Indie icon.png /indie/ 1108pts increase 37 14. Mbg icon.png /mbg/ 978pts decrease 8
5. Drg icon.png /drg/ 1705pts decrease 3 10. Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/ 1027pts increase 28 15. D2g icon.png /d2g/ 963pts increase 10
On this day in history, November 26
The /vg/ League 7 Qualifiers are held. This was the first qualifier round to have 16 teams, and the first /vg/ League in general to host 40 teams. (4y ago)
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