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Virtual Reality, Real Suffering
Vrg logo.png
/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General
Founded May 6th, 2018
Manager Tupper
IRL manager Kizzy
ClingingMars !!wX0LNTKWzpR
Team colors
Extra team colors
HEX color 1b9fc5
Unity-chan Teal
Ranking 29th (decrease 24)
Highest rank 1st (June 24th, 2018)
Lowest rank 29th (June 30th, 2019)
Top scorer Proteus Effect (10)
Top assister Proteus Effect (6)
Captain Proteus Effect
Website /vrg/ - Virtual Reality General
Nickname No nickname
Historic performance
10 1 4 15 66.67%
31 20 +11
Biggest win
/vrg/ Vrg icon.png 4–1 Fgg icon.png /fgg/
June 24th, 2018
Biggest defeat
/vrg/ Vrg icon.png 1–3 Mbg icon.png /mbg/
June 14th, 2019
First match
/vrg/ Vrg icon.png 4–2 Rsg icon.png /rsg/
June 1st, 2018
/vg/ League
Appearances 3 (First in /vg/ League X)
Best result 1st, /vg/ League X
Team music
Anthem Virtual Insanity
Victory Anthem Database

Goal horn Login (feat. Tupper)(Scrambled Harder VIP)
Proteus Effect Goal Horn Bang The Faggot All Day (feat. Yuru)
Unity-chan Goal Horn Database
Unity-chan Brace Horn Database (Guitar Solo)
Custom Avatar Goal Horn Custom Avatar
30 Yr Old VR Boomer Goal Horn Boomer USA
Home kit Vrghome vglX.png
Away kit Vrgaway vglX.png
Goalkeeper kit Vrgkeeper vglX.png

Vrg vgl winners.png

/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General

No. Position Player
Beat Saver
Hate Speech
30 Yr Old VR Boomer
Custom Avatar
Unity-chan Vice-captain
Proteus Effect Captain.png
No. Position Player
Cheers, Kippis, Kanpai, Fuck Niggers
i'm gay
Kemono Friends
Lavender when?
VR Socks
Nintendo Labo VR
VR Sleep
Dinner Circle
>tfw no vrfu
Knuckles & Knuckles ft. Knuckles

Retired Players

No. Position Player
Waste of Draw Calls
Bote Girls
El Kamino
VR Hole
A Panty Shot
Veteran User
Coconut Kap
/dance crew/
>he doesn't know
Abyssal Futa Dick

Team History


VGLX - 1st

VGL11 - 10th

VGL12 - 34th

Overall - 29th

Key Players:


Proteus Effect

Custom Avatar

Counteraction rising. Yeah, we are ready for the punch line. There's no use with all your gimmicks, so check this out.

The story and legacy behind Vrg icon.png /vrg/ is not one that can easily be summarized. How did one team go from being the most hated, infuriating general, to the point where even the tournament organizers despised them, to winning the whole thing and going on to redeem themselves in the eyes of many by helping to lead /vg/ to their first ever cup victory? This is the story of one gay, arrogant team that entered as villains and came out as heroes.

/vg/ League X

The /vrg/ general was formed in the very late December of 2017. The soccer team was formed in May of 2018. Although /vrg/ is the "Virtual Reality General", the main game that is played by the vast majority of people is VRChat, a social game with near infinite creative possibilites. /vrg/ prides itself on content creation and as such, wanted to create their own custom team from scratch without any help. Due to this, as well as other factors, misunderstandings, and some bant, /vrg/ was already hated by the vast majority of people, including the VGL organizers themselves, before VGLX had even begun. Many had told them they would lose immediately, and be the laughing stock of the tournament, especially when /vrg/'s refusal to ask for help wound up making them miss the aesthetic deadline. However, that didn't happen. /vrg/ won their very first game, even without their aesthetics. And then they got their aesthetics, and they won. And then they won again, and then they kept winning, and winning, and winning, until no one was laughing anymore. To the dismay of many, /vrg/ sweeped their first ever tournament, coming in first place without a single loss on their record. VGL had laughed at /vrg/, and now /vrg/ was laughing back.

However, /vrg/'s story doesn't end there. It continues on in the form of Unity-chan, their MVP who had been elected to lead Vg icon.png /vg/ in the 4Chan 2018 Summer Cup as their gold medal player. In the very first game that /vg/ played, Unity-chan landed herself a red card, all but assuring /vg/'s complete and total destruction in the tournament after only a single game played. The hate for /vrg/ had multipled tenfold. Due to the /vg/ team management's expert strategies and tactics, as well as the performance of a lifetime by goalkeeper Jannu (/fgoalter/), /vg/ was somehow barely able to cling on for dear life until Unity-chan's suspension was up. Unity-chan, and by extension /vrg/, would then go on to have a legendary redemption arc, going from a red card in the first game and no goals scored in the entire group stage to absolutely annihilating every team and tying for the Golden Boot on most goals scored in the entire tournament, as well as helping /vg/ to win their first ever 4Chan Cup. You laughed at us, we laughed at you, and now we all laugh together.

After accomplishing just about everything there is to accomplish, there's nowhere to go but downhill from here for /vrg/. The biggest victory they now seek to achieve is the same as it was when they first started - Having fun watching their walking abomination shitpost of a team kick the ball around while watching the game on a big screen in virtual reality.

/vg/ League 11

VGL11 occurred, marking /vrg/'s second VGL tournament after they became champions of the last one. Waste of Draw Calls, VR Hole, and four other players that never saw any playtime in VGLX were retired (/dance crew/, Monkeysphere, Abyssal Futa Dick, and >he doesn't know). Newcomers Veteran User, Awptist, El Kamino, Nepbar, Beat Saber, and 30 Yr Old VR Boomer were added to the team. Beat Saber would replace VR Socks as /vrg/'s main goalkeeper, with VR Socks becoming a fullback.

Unfortunately VGL11 would be a rude wake-up call. Although /vrg/ was placed in what seemed like an extremely easy group stage against the likes of Osg icon.png /osg/, Aceg icon.png /aceg/, and Utg icon.png /utg/, /vrg/ would suffer their first ever loss on the opening day of the tournament against /osg/ in a 2-1 blunder in which both goals were caused by newly added CB "El Kamino"'s inability to intercept easy passes by the enemy team. Team captain Proteus Effect was able to knock one in but unfortunately it wasn't enough. Although they suffered their first ever loss, /vrg/ was not out just yet. In their next match, Kap and Unity-chan would make quick work of /utg/ in a 3-0 blowout, and Unity-chan was able to further carry her team in the next match against the cursed /aceg/ (who of course, were cursed and despite getting one of their members tripped in the box, the ref for some reason called it for /vrg/ and a penalty kick was avoided) with the lone goal to send them through.

/osg/'s win against /vrg/ was no fluke though, as they also continued to destroy both /aceg/ and /utg/ and claim first place in the group stage. /vrg/ came in second place and as such had to face off in a playoff round against VGL8 champions Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/ before they could move on to the Round of 16. Proteus Effect and Kap would make quick work of the idols in another 3-0 blowout, sending /vrg/ to the Round of 16, where they were drawn against the advanced block-building autism of Mcg icon.png /mcg/. /vrg/ had previously gone up against /mcg/ in the Quarterfinals in VGLX and was BARELY able to scrape a 1-0 victory by Custom Avatar's header at 89 minutes into the match. Unfortunately though, the autism of /mcg/ had begun to prove too much in this rematch. /vrg/ was down 3-2 and in 90+ overtime, this looked like the end of the Virtual Reality General. Then, with barely a minute left to spare in the match, the 30 Yr Old VR Boomer was able to blast a pass up to Unity-chan, who of course sank it right into the goal to tie the game and save /vrg/ for the moment to send them into overtime. /ourgirl/ came in clutch yet again as she always does. Unfortunately it was again not enough, as /mcg/'s Autism (literally the player's name) sank a fourth goal (and a hattrick) in at the 117 minute mark, which would send /mcg/ through with a 4-3 victory. /mcg/ won the rematch this time, and /vrg/ would eventually come in 10th place in VGL11 as a result, although their overall ranking was only knocked down 4 positions, down to 5th place.

As a result of coming in 10th place and not being able to secure a medal spot on the /vg/ roster, /vrg/ decided to send in the 30 Yr Old VR Boomer as a representative for /vg/ instead of Unity-chan. The boomer would go on to become a fan favorite and would eventually secure an even higher position among the /vrg/ team.

/vg/ League 12

The VGL12 roster poll occurred. VGLX original members Bote Girls, Mutetopper, A Panty Shot, PHOTOSHOP ME IN, and even the silver medal Coconut Kap failed to make it onto the team and were retired. VGL11 additions Awptist, Veteran User, and the worst player /vrg/ has ever had, El Kamino (who literally clapped for the other fucking team in his last match ever played against /dbg/ after he failed to prevent a goal YET AGAIN), were also retired. 8 new players were added to the team: Indexfag, Cheers, Kippis, Kanpai, Fuck Niggers, Hate Speech, i'm gay, Nintendo Labo VR, Boothcat, Lavender When? and VR Sleep being the new additions. In addition to new players and new models, the vast majority of the current members on the team had their aesthetics updated and polished.

Due to his immense popularity on the /vg/ team in the 2019 Winter 4Chan Cup (as well as winning the #1 most voted for player in the roster poll behind team captain Proteus Effect and vice-captain Unity-chan), 30 Yr Old VR Boomer was promoted from a bench position all the way to a bronze medal, and Custom Avatar would promote from a bronze to a silver medal due to the previous silver, Coconut Kap, being retired. The second bronze medal spot would go to VGLX veteran TUPPERED, replacing the previous bronze >tfw no vrfu, who is now on the bench. In addition, Ugandan Knuckles was renamed to Knuckles & Knuckles ft. Knuckles, and is no longer a goalkeeper. The second goalkeeper spot would go to new VGL12 addition Cheers, Kippis, Kanpai, Fuck Niggers.

After the draw for VGL12 was held, /vrg/ was placed in Group G along with the cripples of Ksg icon.png /ksg/, the familiar faces of the peasants, lords, and kings of Mbg icon.png /mbg/ (whom /vrg/ defeated during the Semi-Finals in their run for the VGLX championship), and whatever the fuck Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/ is, assumingly gachashit. /vrg/ started off VGL12 strong, as Proteus Effect and Custom Avatar (in a wheelchair, no less) carried them to victory 2-1 against the handicapped players of /ksg/. Next, /vrg/ hoped to recapture the same magic that allowed them to win their Semi-final VGLX match against /mbg/, but just like with Mcg icon.png /mcg/, the rematch had turned out in their opponent's favor, and /mbg/ destroyed /vrg/ 3-1. Custom Avatar (this time riding a horse onto the field) was able to knock one in, but it was nowhere near enough. His horse also had to be euthanized on the pitch, not just once but TWICE.

Because of these results, /vrg/ needed to either tie or win against /gbpen/ to advance. As a result, /vrg/ decided that they wanted to try and harness Unity-chan's magic, who had so far been absolutely abhorrent, by temporarily making her into the gold medal center fielder, as well as granting her temporary captainship of the team. /vrg/'s first half began strong, with Custom Avatar (this time as a band of girls) once again scoring for his third game in a row. /gbpen/ would eventually equalize though in the second half, and then scored a second goal to take the lead. Then, they were able to knock a third one in. /vrg/ was finished. Although Unity-chan had played far better than previous matches, it was simply not enough as /gbpen/'s defenders constantly swarmed her, with the rest of /vrg/'s offense doing very little to support her. In their most embarrassing result yet, /vrg/, considered an "elite team", was unable to even make it out of the group stage and would finish 34th. Their overall ranking had dipped from 5th place to 29th, and they would not obtain a spot on the /vg/ roster for the Summer 2019 4Chan Cup.

If there is at least some silver lining here, it's that because of Dbg icon.png /dbg/'s second straight VGL victory in a row, /vrg/ is still technically, sort of, not really but kinda considered the previous cup winning team. Look, we got 34th place, we'll take whatever we can get.

Player Statistics

Player Goals in VGLX Assists in VGLX Goals in VGL11 Assists in VGL11 Goals in VGL12 Assists in VGL12 Goals (Total) Assists (Total)
Unity-chan 5 3 4 0 0 0 9 3
Proteus Effect 4 2 5 4 1 0 10 6
Coconut Kap 4 3 2 1 N/A N/A 6 4
>tfw no vrfu 2 1 0 0 0 0 2 1
Custom Avatar 1 0 0 0 3 0 4 0
A Panty Shot 0 2 0 0 N/A N/A 0 2
Vivelet 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 2
Riftcuck 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2
30 Yr Old VR Boomer N/A N/A 0 1 0 0 0 1

Goalkeeper Statistics

Player Saves in VGLX Saves in VGL11 Saves in VGL12 Saves (Total)
VR Socks 19 N/A N/A 19
Ugandan Knuckles 7 6 N/A 13
Beat Saber N/A 8 2 10
Cheers, Kippis, Kanpai, Fuck Niggers N/A N/A 5 5

Match History

Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
/vg/ League X
Group Stage Rsg icon.png /rsg/ 4-2 W

Unity-chan Goal 23'

Coconut Kap Goal 33'

>tfw no VRfu Goal 57'

Proteus Effect Goal 62'

June 1st, 2018 YouTube
2hug icon.png /2hug/ 1-0 W

Unity-chan Goal 6'

June 10th, 2018 YouTube
Lzg icon.png /lzg/ 2-2 D

Coconut Kap Goal 37'

Proteus Effect Goal 40'

June 16th, 2018 YouTube
Round of 16 @ icon.png /@/ 2-1 W

Coconut Kap Goal 18'

Unity-chan Goal 70'

June 23rd, 2018 YouTube
Quarter-finals Mcg icon.png /mcg/ 1-0 W

Custom Avatar Goal 88'

June 24th, 2018 YouTube
Semi-finals Mbg icon.png /mbg/ 2-1 W

Unity-chan Goal 80'

Unity-chan Goal 85'

June 24th, 2018 YouTube
Finals Fgg icon.png /fgg/ 4-1 W

Proteus Effect Goal 2'

Coconut Kap Goal 8'

>tfw no VRfu Goal 53'

Proteus Effect Goal 74'

June 24th, 2018 YouTube
Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
/vg/ League 11
Group Stage Osg icon.png /osg/ 1-2 L

Proteus Effect Goal 72'

November 23rd, 2018 YouTube
Utg icon.png /utg/ 3-0 W

Coconut Kap Goal 18'

Unity-chan Goal 58'

Unity-chan Goal 84'

December 2nd, 2018 YouTube

Aceg icon.png /aceg/ 1-0 W

Unity-chan Goal 45'

December 8th, 2018 YouTube
Playoffs Round 2 Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/ 3-0 W

Proteus Effect Goal 55'

Coconut Kap Goal 72'

Proteus Effect Goal 85'

December 14th, 2018 YouTube
Round of 16 Mcg icon.png /mcg/ 3-4 L

Proteus Effect Goal 45+1'

Proteus Effect Goal 69'

Unity-chan Goal 90+3'

December 15th, 2018 YouTube
Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
/vg/ League 12
Group Stage Ksg icon.png /ksg/ 2-1 W

Proteus Effect Goal 28'

Custom Avatar Goal 87'

June 8th, 2019 YouTube
Mbg icon.png /mbg/ 1-3 L

Custom Avatar Goal 50'

June 14th, 2019 YouTube
Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/ 1-3 L

Custom Avatar Goal 8'

June 23rd, 2019 YouTube

Unofficial Matches

Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
/vg/ League 11
Friendlies Gsg icon.png /gsg/ 1-1 L (3-5 PK)

Penis Shaft Landing Craft Goal 38'

September 14th, 2018 YouTube
Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
/vg/ League 12
Friendlies Dbg icon.png /dbg/ 3-3 W (5-3 PK)

Custom Avatar Goal 23'

Proteus Effect Goal 85'

Proteus Effect Goal 89'

March 23rd, 2019 YouTube
Gfg icon.png /gfg/ 4-3 W

Coconut Kap Goal 8'

Coconut Kap Goal 10'

Proteus Effect Goal 52'

Proteus Effect Goal 79'

March 30th, 2019 YouTube
Competition Stage Opponent Result Scorers Date Video
Vrg vs mlpol.png
Battle of the Nazi Horsefuckers
Exhibition Match Mlpol icon.png /mlpol/ 3-8 L

Unity-chan Goal 63'

Unity-chan Goal 78'

Gogeta Da Goal 90+0'

April 20th, 2019 Twitch

/vg/ Representatives

2018 Summer Cup
Unity chan face.png
Center Forward
2019 Winter Cup
Boomer face.png
30 Yr Old VR Boomer
Defensive Midfielder
2019 Summer Cup
Fucking NO ONE


Vrg icon.png /vrg/


Team Art

/vg/ League
Preceded by
/vg/ League 9 Aog icon.png /aog/
/vg/ League Champions
/vg/ League X (1st title)
Succeeded by
/vg/ League 11 Dbg icon.png /dbg/