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/wsg/ History

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Officially founded March 1st, 2013 by rookie manager Ahzu, Worksafe GIF set the trend for other boards looking to gain entry into the 4chan Cup during the Fifth Founding. A quick response to the conditional acceptance of several recently added imageboards ensured that /wsg/ would make the year's Autumn Babby tournament, provided continued upkeep and interest from managerial staff. Ahzu was able to craft a working export and wiki page, but disappeared soon after. The circumstances of their departure was never fully discovered nor justified. Regardless, this left /wsg/ in danger of being cast off from the rest of the Provisional teams for many weeks. Luckily, two new managers, RollFizzlebeef and Hessen, were signed in after the 2013 Summer Cup Friendlies and /wsg/ was able to keep their cup hopes alive.

2013 Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

/wsg/'s maiden voyage was auspicious, to say the least. Needing to come out swinging, they were unable to work out a winning formula. A comeback 1-1 draw against /k/ saw AMF Big Shake cement Worksafe GIF's first ever goal. The game was otherwise disappointing for both sides, as their play seemed tentative and overly cautious. /wsg/'s second match with /gif/ proved more promising, however /gif/ would win the Moving Picture Derby 2-3 after exploiting their worksafe brethren's backline.

2013 Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers

Commissioner DrBorisG showed no love for Worksafe GIF come time for the Qualifier Tournament draw, pitting them against the top ranked qualifiers /s4s/ and /lgbt/ (as well as the struggling /3/ and recently de-durgened /o/) in what was considered the mini-tournament's Group of Death.

While /wsg/ started strong with a 1-0 win over the hapless /3/ squad, things turned sour for them quickly. An own goal by half-back LOL DIDN'T READ set the tone in a 1-4 heartbreaker against The Legbutts and Duane's last minute offensive efforts couldn't outmatch [s4s] in a 1-2 loss. /wsg/ almost made the Autumn Babby cut in their last match, but /o/ would equalize with three minutes left to send the match to a 2-2 draw, effectively killing both teams' chances.

2014 Winter Cup Friendlies

The Qualifiers were a tough pill to swallow, but Worksafe GIF would be able to find solace in the switch to PES 2014. Reworking themselves into a glorious 4-1-2-1-2 formation, they decided specifically target top-flight competition to send a message to others in their weight class. At first, it seemed like /wsg/ would be far too defensive yet again after squeaking a tight 1-0 win out of /trv/ that saw both teams manage just a shot each all game. However, another friendly against /f/ quickly showed off /wsg/'s latent ability to drive through-balls up the pitch as they would take a 4-2 goalfest victory.

While the state of affairs on the pitch improved, the off-the-field situation had fallen into uncertainty. Hessen would leave the team, citing a loss of interest in the board. He would eventually declare his intentions to join /int/, leaving /wsg/ with a one-man managerial crew.

2014 Spring Babby Cup

With qualifiers abolished by the 4CCC, /wsg/ would enter a 40-team field in Spring. Dubbed the Megababby, the tournament would add a team to each usual 4-team group, and would require both an extra week and second commissioner to pull off. /wsg/ drew into another tough group, landing a hungry /jp/, an equally eager /e/ squad, a washed-out-but-still-dangerous /m/, and the unluckiest Winter Cup team in /s/.

/wsg/ came out the gates flying this time around, banking three points with a 2-0 win over /e/ that saw new goalkeeper Get Out secure Man of The Match honours for a six-save effort. Their second fixture proved more frustrating as several early shots were deflected by a staunch Nippon defense. /jp/ would take the day in 0-1 fashion.

The hopes for Worksafe GIF almost came crashing yet again in game three when Nu-Gundam scored an absolute wondergoal to put /m/ ahead early in the second half. However, /wsg/ would grind momentum back in their favour. Big Shake would pressure the ball away from a sleepy Big O to level the game. He was soon followed by Dodger Leigh scoring the first ever non-gold player goal in team history a few minutes later. /wsg/'s late game heroics sent /m/ tumbling back down and gave themselves 6 points going into their last match against /s/.

/wsg/ would make no mistake on Group Stage Day 8, striking out to a two goal lead within the first twenty minutes. /s/'s best attempts to counter were cut out by a motivated defensive core. Eventually, /s/ gave up on attacking as they attempted to hold on to their elite cup dreams for the rest of the match. /s/ very nearly made it the rest of the way without conceding before a lightning-fast passing play set up 56 Chicken Nuggets alone in front of the net. The dagger had been squarely placed in /s/'s heart with a 3-0 victory. /wsg/ would end the Group Stage portion of Spring with a record of 3-0-1, good for nine points of a possible twelve and the top spot in Group A.

Their knockout run would be a quick but memorable one. Down early, /wsg/ dug in deep and were finally able to equalize at the last moment when Mako Mankanshoku broke through the /fa/ backline to send the game to extra time. Duane would put the team up 2-1 just a touch after the 105th minute, but /fa/ would fire back to take the game to penalties. RNJesus would not smile upon them, as Infomercials would bounce his make-or-break shot off both posts and out to put /fa/ over.

/wsg/ have made their way to the knockouts of a cup for the first time and will set foot in and Elite Cup for the first time this summer. Though they were unluckly to go out in the Round of 16, they've proven that they can do it.

2014 Summer Cup Friendlies

/wsg/ once again decided to challenge top-flight opponents to gear-up for their first ever foray into the Elite level of competition. After some deliberation between multiple parties, Worksafe GIF secured a match against former Summer Cup winner /wg/ and the always fiery /f/.

The first match was a breakthrough for 77-rated players everywhere as Brent Rambo became the focus of attack for the Worker's Union. Rambo would pot a brace of impeccably placed strikes and also found the time to make space in front of the net for Dodger Leigh. /wsg/ would take the day, 3-1.

The second match was a re-visit of the Blazin' All 10's YOLOBOWL that delighted everyone in a 4-2 (blaze it) result during the Winter Friendlies. Both teams looked sluggish as they emerged from the smokey confides of the player/staff area. Early suspicions turned into knowing sighs as /f/ and /wsg/ attempted several underwhelming attacks between coughing fits during the first half. By the time the second half was underway, most of the stadium and commentary box was consumed with purple-gray fumes and nobody would be safe from the contact high. Duane managed to get his head out of the haze long enough to put /wsg/ ahead at the 60th minute. Da Hood, too chilled out by the buzz to fire his customary hail of bullets, decided to shoot the ball at the net some time later to tie the game.

While the game ended in a tie, neither front office went home upset. Per agreement between the two sides and the neutral venue, they would split the money earned through concessions evenly three-ways. As it would turn out, concession sales during the game would set a 4chan Cup record by a wide margin thanks in no small part to the munchies-making smoke that enveloped the site.

2014 Summer Cup

In a move that can only be described as a blatant attempt at demoralization of an energized and focused /wsg/ squad, DrBorisG's hat pitted them into a third straight group of death. Legal action was taken against the hat in question. However, the case was thrown out of small claims court when it was revealed that no damages could be paid for by an inanimate object which >does it for free.

Their opponents would in include Winter Cup winner /trv/, the Elite Goat Army of /sp/, and the unpredictable /gd/. /wsg/ management went on record with press regarding their adversaries, describing the situation as "a Mexican standoff, and /gd/'s the one in the middle of it all holding a grenade. They may very well blow us all to smithereens."

Group Stage day one threw the Working Class into the fire quickly as Le Cut Inside Man lived up to his name early, giving /sp/ the first goal of the Summer Cup. Thanks, Obama! delivered an equalizer in short fashion, but USA USA USA was able to take off his oxygen mask and follow up on a loose rebound to leave /wsg/ in dire straights, 1-2.

Day Three proved almost as frustrating for the Working Class. /gd/'s catenaccio play style meant scoring chances were few and far between. The deadlock broke after Roka Shibasaki curled a deep free kick around the wall and past the keeper. That would prove to be the difference and would give /wsg/ hope going into Day 5.

While Day Five might be seen as /gd/'s day (having performed an immaculate escape and relegated /sp/ just prior to /wsg/ taking the pitch), /wsg/ would also make waves in the Elite Cup scene. Sitting on three points to /trv/'s two, /wsg/ needed only a win or draw to force the Winter Champs into the Autumn Babbies. While Superpornowat Farangbang would make it interesting before the end of the first half, Duane and Big Shake would find their form in time to thrust /wsg/ into the knockouts, 2-1.

/wsg/ would finish with a record of 2-0-1, good for six points and top spot in Group A. /wsg/ would also become just the seventh team in cup history to lose their first match during a group stage and still advance.

The Workers Union would once again get close to playing on the last day, and once again they would fall just a bit short. /ic/'s staunch red-line defense would hold /wsg/ to just one shot over the first ninety minutes. 56 Chicken Nuggets was able to connect on a through ball from Big Shake late into regulation time in order to force an extra half hour of play. They wouldn't find another to keep /ic/ from advancing as a Bob Ross effort would do the deed in extras, 1-2.

/wsg/'s managerial situation would once again become murky, as longstanding coach RollFizzlebeef would site a need to leave full-time management due to health reasons. The team went officially unmanaged through a large portion of their off-season as the Babby Cup raged on.

2015 Winter Cup

Soon after the Autumn Cup wound down, a new manager stepped forward. Knicklicht would assume the mantle of Head Manager, with RollFizzlebeef returning for the Winter season as an assistant.

Shock was abound when /wsg/, for once, did not get dropped into a tournament's Group of Death. DrBorisG and his Infernal Hat rather drew them into an eclectic group featuring the then First Ranked Generals of /vg/, the Pleb Despising /lit/, and the Techno-Terrors of /g/.

Crisis would strike /wsg/ early as neither manager would be able to attend their first group stage game against /lit/. The lack of livemanaging proved to be enough against their favour to put them behind the eight-ball early, 0-2.

Undaunted by the familiar situation, the Worker's Union would battle back with a much needed win against /vg/ that would set the group at 3 points a piece going into Day 6.

With everyone on level footing at the start of the final day, a win-and-in scenario faced all four teams. /wsg/ would have their fixture against /g/ to kickoff the day. Teedus would cause issues early, but /wsg/ would equalize before the first half ended. The effort was almost for not as keeper GET OUT was bombarded in the second half. However, the twine behind him remained unscathed and Duane was able to boogie down the dance floor just in time to put /wsg/ in the lead. Duane would also work with Dodger on a high-tempo attack to put the game on ice just before stoppage, 3-1.

They would finish group stage with a 2-0-1 record, good for six points and second place in Group E. /wsg/ would have the distinction of being perhaps the first team to lose their first match of a group stage and still advance in consecutive cups.

Their knockouts draw would be the siege-happy /ck/. /wsg/ and /ck/ would trade the lead through the first 90 minutes, but in the end it was another hard fought loss in the Round of Sixteen, 2-3 after extra time.

After the cup, post-season dramu got the better of /wsg/ as Knicklicht was revealed to be banned manager OaB under a proxy, leading to /wsg/'s results this tournament being negated. /wsg/ did not participate in the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup as they were not rigged in by the autopilot hat draw.

2015 Autumn Babby Cup

The Working Class would re-enter Cup play during the Autumn season after a new manager stepped forward. .WEBMarshmallow was put to the test immediately as his group draw would include /wsg/'s familiar babby foe /jp/ alongside /n/, former babby runner-up /co/, and /int/.

The familiarity of /jp/ must have translated into /wsg/'s first game of the tournament. Despite Dodger Leigh striking twice, /int/ would storm back late in the game on the wings of Vladimir Putin's heroic efforts. The Russian Leader's refusal to bend to the Workers Union's will meant /wsg/ had lost the first match of their Group Stage fixtures for the third time in a row.

Looking for blood, /wsg/ came into their Halloween match against old friend /jp/ with killer intent. New player Umaru-chan looked upon the NEETs and layabouts of /jp/ and found them wanting. There was only room for one Himouto and damned if it was not going to be her. A 49th minute long shot from the corner of the penalty area punctuated her anger. Not to be outdone, Duane would get his first goal of the tournament soon after when he hooked up with Boston Dynamics for a pinpoint cross from near mid-pitch into the box. Duane would use the flabby bean curd pastry of the defender marking him to angle his header just into the low corner and past a diving keeper to win one for W.O.R.K. /jp/ were forced to say hello to W.O.R.K. after the match and were given jobs as a punishment game.

Afterwards, a hungry /co/ would stumble wildly into the way of /wsg/. Despite obvious commentator bias and the impression that /co/ might be close to a breakthrough on the pitch, Worksafe GIF would play no-nonsense football and leave with another three points on the efforts of Duane and Dodger. Oddly enough, it would not be either strikers taking home Man of the Match honours that day. In fact, that prestige would go to center defenceman WASTED for several key stops he made during the game. The ensuing mass exodus from the commentator booth and merciless jeering from the bleachers would go on to be known as "That Time /co/ Was So Shitty, They Were WASTED."

The one hurdle left between themselves and their Winter Cup dreams was /n/. Going into the game, the stipulations were clear for the Working Class; get a point or go home. /n/ refused to go out without a fight, scoring first and holding a lead for the majority of the match. /wsg/ had to gut out nearly 80 minutes worth of scarily narrow misses on both sides of the pitch before an opportune counter in the midfield would set Dodger Leigh open on a throughball to equalize the game at one. Time would be called with the game sitting level and /wsg/ would ride that single point into the knockouts and Winter. This would be the third time in club history that the team would lose their first match of the Group Stage and went on to advance from their group. This feat is especially amazing considering that it had only been done six times in 4CC history before /wsg/ had done it once.

Alas, the script would once again end on a familiarly sour note in the Round of 16. While /wsg/ would hold /fit/ close into the dying minutes of the match, they would ultimately be muscled out of another chance at a cup win.

2016 Winter Cup

/wsg/'s return to the Elites saw them in Group E, where they would face Summer Quarter-Finalists /tv/, Round of Sixteen Placing /vr/, and /h/ (who finished 7th in the previous Babby). Considering the >pre-cup power rankings (6th, 11th, and 5th respectively), /wsg/ (45th) was regarded by bookmakers and fans alike as perhaps the team with the longest odds of making it out of their group.

It appeared as though they were correct after their first fixture, which saw /vr/ flick the Working Class away with relative ease. Four goals in the first half saw the Troopers run away with three easy points.

A long week of soul-searching for the Wiseguys followed. The team decided to burn the tape of the last match and roll into /h/'s field with a clean slate. Knowing that there was no room for error and wary of the fact their asses were on the line, a total group effort pushed /wsg/ over the /h/arbringers with Duane and Dodger dissecting a scanty defensive line twice each.

The win kept them around, but it was understood that the team would need some aid on the final day of #YOLOWEEKEND. Either a win by several goals over then group-topper /tv/ or any victory and an unlikely draw or win by bottom-team /h/ over /vr/ would need to occur for the Wiseguys to ensure a foothold on their Elite Cup standing. And lo did Titty Monster decide to >git gud that day, forcing the /vr/ Troopers to play from behind and only manage a draw against /h/. While /vr/ may have closed the door on day two, /h/ opened a window on day six.

The window would stay open for ninety minutes of one-bit-of-nonsence football against the Fa/tv/irgins. Duane would deliver early, and Dodger would follow through second. /wsg/ had returned to the Elites and would stay once more.

I don't feel like I should have to tell you what happened in the Round of Sixteen as I've done this five times now. But know that /wsg/ would climb up thirty-three places to twelfth in the power rankings by the end of tournament. They also are in line for a return to the Summer Cup, where their Elite journey began two years ago. Thanks for your support!

2016 Summer Cup

/wsg/ was drawn into a group with familiar faces /gd/ and /trv/ as well as notable wildcard /soc/ for the Cup's fifth anniversary. When not residentSleepering, a number of posters in /4ccg/ took time out of their lives to complain about virtual soccer teams they didn't like being drawn together into a group they didn't like while struggling internally to deal with their own struggles.

While the festivities started promising with a 1-0 win over /trv/, the Working Class were unable to generate enough service to their front line with any sort of efficiency. The lack of cohesion on attack proved to be an chronic issue all game as Dodger Leigh was forced to poach the lone goal off a late-game error by the /trv/ defense. This was the first time in five tournaments that /wsg/ would win the first game of a group stage.

The problems in feeding the ball upwards plagued /wsg/ once more in their match with /gd/, suffering a shutout loss and leaving their destiny once more in the hands of some last-day magic. However, this time it was not meant to be. /soc/ were able to keep ahead of the Working Class for most of the match before dealing the kill blow at three minutes past 90. Gabe the Dog attempted a rescue with perhaps the best coordinated offensive effort /wsg/ had at 90'+5. Unfortunately, that's where the referee would decide the game had reached it's nadir.

Finishing with one win and two losses, /wsg/'s three points was enough for 23rd place. This is the first tournament that team captain Duane was unable to find a goal, despite some considerable effort on the pitch.

2016 Autumn Babby Cup

  • /b/arn burner fun match despite loss
  • close draw with unorthodox 3-4-3 that could've been a win despite the non-medal spaghetti brace from Metall/u/rgy
  • /x/ decides to finally run non-meme sliders for the first time in the tournament and /wsg/ pays for it

2017 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers

  • /wsg/ being /lgbt/'s first kill on the road to their back-to-back babby-elite run and how /wsg/ could've nipped it in the bud.

2017 Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers

.WEBMarshmallow wasted little time making waves through the organization, instituting a new five-man midfield that saw /wsg/ return it's focus to wide attacking. The team also looked to it's fresh-faced striker, TO BE CONTINUED, to take over central striking duties from long-time center-man Duane. The new look offense paid dividends almost immediately as /wsg/ took the Autumn Qualifiers by storm, blindsiding /a/ in a 2-0 shutout which saw MULTI-TRACK LISTENING's first ever goal and the debut of his upbeat yet hypnotic goalhorn, ending the team's fourteen month drought of wins.

The subsequent matches finally gave /wsg/ a chance to settle the score against /fa/ and /ck/, both teams who've contributed to the continuation of /wsg/'s Round of 16 curse which has yet to be broken. /fa/ would be soundly defeated 3-2 even with manlet keeper Scott Sterling in the net and no live management whatsoever, this match would feature the team's first ever career hat-trick from To Be Continued. The next day /ck/ would receive the same fate in another tight 3-2 match which saw Duane's first goal in nearly a year, off a penalty kick no less. Gondola a player on loan from /int/ for the season would also see his first time goal and Man of the Match award for the Wiseguys. /wsg/ became the first team to win all their matches in a qualifier tournament.

2017 Autumn Babby Cup

The team continued their high-octane attack in the Autumn Cup proper, putting on a show of late-game heroics in a 3-all draw against /trv/ that saw Duane and Company escape out the back door with a point thanks in part to the Captain's last minute goal. A drubbing to the tune of 5-1 against minnow /y/ managed to surprise only the colour commentary. However, intrigue started to percolate about their next match against /h/. With /h/ as safe as they were atop the group, would they hold back? The answer come game time was a resounding "no" as the pantsu posse compressed the attacking zone often in the first half. The pressure would not last, however, and /wsg/ would strike back multiple times, dragging the scoreline to /wsg/ 3-2 /h/ at the half. /h/'s aggressiveness would prove costly, as a red card forced them to ten players for almost the entire latter half of the game. From there, /wsg/ made use of the open field and struck two more for their side. The slugfest would eventually end 5-4. /wsg/ would advance, top of their group.

/wsg/ who hadn't seen a knockout match since the Winter '16 match against /out/, once again had another opportunity to break it's Round of 16 curse and win a knockout match for the first time, but alas it was not to be as the team was drawn against /x/, the team who had humiliated the Wiseguys only a year earlier in a 5-2 blowout. Though not as bad as last time, /wsg/ would hold their own against the spooks 2-all into extra-time but ultimately lose 3-2 and finish 11th in the tournament.

2018 Winter Cup

  • Nice lead against /d/ only for it to be canceled out by /co/ in the following match
  • The mistake of not making changes sooner vs. /m/

2018 Spring Babby Cup

  • Second hat-trick for TBC(and team) and lessons learned in not touching the fucking sliders after arriving late for a match while ahead, but consolation in the fact that we wouldn't have advanced anyway

Following the cup, .WEBMarshmallow announced his retirement from the team after 1000 days of service, content to remain as a liaison for the board and continue running roster polls ad infinitum .

2018 Autumn Babby Cup

  • New manager admiralmeru
  • [s4s]'s 5-1 destruction of us

2019 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers

  • Ricardo debut as a gold knocking Duane down to silver
  • Duane(and team)'s first redcard and first ever match Duane has missed.
  • close draw with /fit/ despite being down a silver + Ricardo's first goal of many
  • Ricardo double-brace

2019 Autumn Babby Cup

  • Duane's demotion and Big Man Tyrone's promotion
  • Ricardo meme header vs. [s4s] + our 5-1 revenge win
  • double owngoal vs. /bant/
  • /b/'s redcard and the fact the only two PES18 redcards are in /wsg/ matches
  • /trv/'s first win against us

2020 Winter Cup