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(Not Added Yet)
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=Not Added Yet=
=Not Added Yet=
=={{team away|int}}==
*72711 - Gondola
**Set Boots ID to 761 & turn on FPC
=={{team away|vp}}==
*75412 - Masuda
**Set Boots ID to 1437

Revision as of 04:27, 14 July 2019

Current preliminary save: v2 (7/14/19)
AATF Results:
Save fix deadline: Wednesday, July 17th, at 23:59:59 UTC

Please add your save fixes below under the Not Added Yet section under a header for your own team. If you have any save fixes for the edit file of an aesthetic nature like appearance for FBM or other model effects, shirt numbers, etc., also list them below. For any save fixes after the deadline stated above, please inform QD directly after editing this page to make sure he's aware and that it should be implemented. Also be sure to always use the latest save available with up-to-date save fixes to avoid repeating save fix-related issues in your nightly exports.

Not Added Yet

Int icon.png /int/

  • 72711 - Gondola
    • Set Boots ID to 761 & turn on FPC

Vp icon.png /vp/

  • 75412 - Masuda
    • Set Boots ID to 1437


(Don't write here. Save fixes will be moved here after being put in the latest save.)

H icon.png /h/

  • Put translation never on bench and Lightsaber Dick on field
  • Set Lightsaber Dick's boots to 626
  • Change Lightsaber Dick's name to Lightsaber Dick instead of Lightsaberdick
  • Set these shirt numbers

N icon.png /n/

  • Make Baconrider and Airport General's heights 185
  • Set Hipster Fixie's form to 4 and 90s Rigid MTB's to 8
  • Change Airport General from XIII to XVI

Wg icon.png /wg/

  • Give the following players these goal celebrations:
    • Cunt Destroyer: 77, 87
    • Helios: 112, 113
    • Comfy: 106, 46
    • Descartes: 73, 42
    • Boss Nigger: 126, 117
  • Set all motions to 1, except goal celebrations, for:
    • Hey wg Its My Birthday
    • Orgy Dog
    • Dank Papes
    • Boss Nigger
    • Helios
    • Cunt Destroyer
    • Holy Fuckin Shit Dude How Big Is Your Monitor
  • Set both arm movements on mnml to 4

Gd icon.png /gd/

  • Set GK gloves to 130 for Untitled-1.AI and Untitled-1.JPG