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*{{team away|sp}}
*{{team away|sp}}
*{{team away|w}} [ tit taks]
*{{team away|w}} [ tit taks]
*{{team away|wsg}} [ tactical] Music and Aesthetics Coming Soon
*{{team away|wsg}} [ music] [ assthiccs] [ tictacticool genes]
*{{team away|drg}} '''Invitational 2 (ID:832)'''
*{{team away|drg}} '''Invitational 2 (ID:832)'''
*{{team away|vrg}} '''Invitational 3 (ID:833)'''
*{{team away|vrg}} '''Invitational 3 (ID:833)'''

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2020 4CC Champions League
4cc cl logo.png
Tournament details
Host board C icon.png /c/
Dates May 29-31, July 3-5, July 9-12
Teams 16
Final positions
Champion TBD icon.png TBD
Runner-up TBD icon.png TBD
Third TBD icon.png TBD
Fourth TBD icon.png TBD
Tournament statistics
Matches 32
Goals scored (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Top scorer(s)
Top assister(s)
Golden Glove
Best player
Yellow cards (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Red cards 0 (0 per match)

2020 4CC Champions League qualifying stages
2020 4CC Champions League
2021 4CC Champions League

The 2020 4chan Cup Champions League will be the 3rd installment of the of the 4chan Cup Champions League series, an annual effort to determine the one true (unofficial) champion among champions. Teams will qualify for this tournament by virtue of finishing in the top 3 of Elite Cups, top 2 of Babby Cups or /vg/ Leagues, or by winning select memevitationals and advancing out of the qualifying stages. The tournament will commence shortly after /vg/ League 14 and is planned to be streamed on the main 4chan Cup CyTube. Once again, the tournament will be conducted in PES 2017. The final for this year's tournament will be staged at Istanbul's Ataturk Olympic Stadium, site of the real life 2020 UEFA Champions League Final. The winners of this tournament will earn an automatic entry into the 2021 Champions League.

As the winners of the 2019 4CC Champions League, C icon.png /c/ will be host for this year's tournament and qualifying stage.

Discord server: HERE


Sixteen teams will compete in the main tournament. /c/, as champions of last year's edition, earned an automatic entry into this year's tournament. Four entries will be reserved for the winners and runners-up of the 2019 4chan Summer Cup and 2020 4chan Winter Cup, and five entries are reserved for the winners of the 2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup, 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup, /vg/ League 13, /vg/ League 14, and /ag/ League 4. The remaining six entries will be reserved for teams advancing out of the qualifying stages.

The following teams have earned direct entries into the main tournament, based on their cup performances of the previous year, spanning from Summer 2019 up to Spring 2020:

The following teams will compete in the qualifying stages:

League Path preliminary round:

League Path qualifying round:

Champions Path:


Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4


  • PES 2017
  • /vg/ League 14 ruleset for Champions Path qualifiers
  • New rule set for League Path qualifiers and main tournament:
    • GSSBB (99/94/89/80), GK's 77
    • Height bracket rules:
      • 10x 185cm (increase to 189cm if GK)
      • 7x 180cm
      • 6x 175cm or lower (can have 4/4 weak foot usage/accuracy, and 2nd A position if non-medal)
    • Non-medal CB's can have a +5cm height boost
    • Cards: 5 + 5 trick for Golds, 4 + 4 trick for Silvers, 3 + 3 trick for Bronzes, 2 non-trick cards for non-medals (plus up to 2 additional non-trick cards for 175cm or lower). GKs only get 1 card as per usual; captaincy is free
      • Trick cards: Scissors Feint, Flip Flap, Marseille Turn, Sombrero, Cut Behind & Turn, Scotch Move, Rabona, Malicia
  • Live managing with the Rigcam, pastebins, and autopilot play are now all allowed. Current managers of teams that qualified via autopilot are permitted to live-manage, but caretakers are not.
    • Pastebins are permitted and encouraged for those who do not wish to live-manage.
  • Tournament will use UEFA Champions League (4chan Elite Cup) mode, so all non-4CC teams (memevitational and VGL) will be assigned invitational slots in which to place their aesthetics and tactics exports.
  • Nightly exports will be sent to


  • Champions path qualifiers (10 teams, 2 groups of 5): May 29-31 (draw on May 24)
  • League path qualifiers (stages 1 and 2; 8 teams in stage 2, 2 groups of 4): July 3-5 (draw on June 29)
  • Main tournament draw: Immediately after conclusion of League path qualifiers
  • Main tournament (16 teams, Thursday-Sunday): July 9-12


Champions path qualifiers (Due: May 23 23:59 UTC)

League path qualifiers (Due: June 28 23:59 UTC)

Main tournament (Due: July 5 23:59 UTC)