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2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Tipping Competition

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Everyone's favorite shins-conscious betting activity returns!

Background Information & Rules

Similar to Bet Rigtor's Rigshop, the tipping competition relies on your ability to predict a winner and hope you don't get fucked over by the magic of PES. The competition runs as follows:

  • Matchdays 1-6: For each match, predict the winner of the match, or if it will end in a draw, and also predict what the score will be at the end of the match. A correct tip is worth one point, and a correct score is worth two points. Therefore, a completely correct day of predictions can net you 24 points, which means people will assume that you looked at the pre-recorded matchday tape.
    Note that for the final weekend, all matches leading to penalty shoot-outs will be considered draws, and predicting whether a match will be settled in regulation or ET will not award extra points.
  • Matchday 7: Exactly the same as 1-6, a draw scoreline can be predicted; this is the same as predicting benuldies, but a team must be picked to advance.
  • Matchday 8: For the four quarter-final matches, tip as during the RO16: predict the winner of the match, and also predict what the score will be at the end of the match. A correct tip is worth one point, and a correct score is worth two points.
    Then, submit a scoreline for the two semi-finals, indicating which of the teams from the upper or lower bracket will advance. Correctly predicting the team is worth one point as usual, and a correct scoreline is two points.
    Finally, send in a prediction for the winners of the third-place and final matches, as well as the scorelines for each. You will get three points for correctly predicting the winners, as well as correctly predicting the scores (twelve points total).

An example of a submission for Matchday 8 would look like this (greentext not included):

>/g/ win, 3-1
>/mu/ 1-1 /x/, /x/ advances
>/fa/ win, 2-2
>/y/ win, 4-3

>4-2, upper bracket wins
>3-0, lower bracket wins

>Third-place: /y/
>Final Score: 1-0
>Winner: /fa/
>Final Score: 3-2

Tipping Rules

  • Bets for Matchday X open when the set of matches for the teams involved preceding it are completed. For example, bets for Matchday 3 open at the end of Matchday 1, and bets for Matchday 6 are open at the end of Matchday 4. Tipping is considered to have begun the moment the outro ends and the streamer goes offline; tipping closes when the first conditions are shown on-stream.
  • Late tips are accepted. However, you cannot make predictions for any match that has ended or has already kicked off by the time you make your prediction sheet.
  • It doesn't matter which way the score prediction goes -- what matters is if you get it right. So, if you say 2-4 but it ends 4-2, you'll still get your two points.
  • A match that goes to benuldies must have a winner. Predicting a winner and a benuldy shoot-out is the only way to get the maximum points allotted during the Round of 16 and Quarterfinals should it occur, unless you are predicting the third-place or final result.
  • You can predict a winning team and predict a score that is a draw, and vice-versa. For example: Predict /v/ wins, and predict it ends 1-1. In the end, it means you'll only get a maximum of two points.
  • The best score you can get is 198. To give you an idea of how difficult this is to achieve, the best historical score is currently 62 for a 9-day cup.
  • In the event of a tie in scores, the results will be sorted by the following (in order): Number of correct score predictions made, highest scoring round, second-highest scoring round, third-highest scoring round (and so on). If you still can't be separated, then fuck it, you're tied.
  • You can enter the competition on any day, but if you want to win for some reason, leave tips for every matchday. Or at least try to miss as few as possible and just win big when you do.
  • You'll need one of either a tripcode or a name, or if you're a faggot you can do both. It's a fucking friendly competition, I'd be more surprised if anyone was actually autistic enough to mess with someone's tips.



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