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Cup Finalists Cup statistics

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Statistics for Cup Finalists Cup.


5 goals

  • Toy icon.png Woody
4 goals

  • Winter Sp icon.png Messi
3 goals

  • 3 icon.png 3DS Max
  • R9k icon.png Robot9001
2 goals

  • 3 icon.png Maya
  • R9k icon.png Japanese Lettuce Hardcore

  • Winter Sp icon.png Torres

  • Toy icon.png Madoka Titus
1 goal

  • 3 icon.png Softimage
  • 3 icon.png The Industry
  • M icon.png Gundam RX-78-2
  • R9k icon.png Normalfag

  • R9k icon.png Sadfrog
  • Summer Sp icon.png Messi
  • Summer Sp icon.png Tim Teboq
  • Winter Sp icon.png George Costanza

  • Toy icon.png Matty
  • Wg icon.png Cunt Destroyer
  • Wg icon.png Spacecat