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Friendlies are played quarterly, over several weekends, in preparation for the four major tournaments of the 4chan Cup. While friendlies do have a slight bearing on team rankings, they are generally used as a means of readying a team for coming matches of greater importance, or to experiment with new tactics. Friendly matches are of the most importance to teams looking to improve their seeding for coming tournaments, as rankings directly affect the pots for group stage draws. The rules regarding friendlies have changed over time.

Exhibition matches have occasionally been played during tournaments to showcase new teams.


2012 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

The first set of friendlies played were the friendlies of the 2012 4chan Winter Cup. Participation in the friendlies was not total, and of the teams that did participate, some played many more games than others. Due to the sketchy records for these friendlies they were not used in ranking calculations.

2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies

Friendlies for the following Babby Cup used good conditioning for all teams and matches were set to be thirty minutes long (fifteen minutes per half), a slight extension on the standard twenty minute match length for most official matches. Teams were now limited to playing in a maximum of three friendlies, and matches ended at full-time regardless of draws.

2012 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies

The 2012 4chan Summer Cup friendlies saw a return to twenty minute-long matches. Participation was now at a maximum with all teams competing in three friendlies each.

2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

Stricter regulations on managerial alterations and scheduling were introduced for the 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup friendlies. Teams could now be punished for incomplete or missing rosters. The three-matches-per-team rule remained.

2013 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

Due to complaints regarding schedule-bloating and the redundancy of multiple friendlies, the number was reduced to one match per team.

2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies

The limit for number of matches was increased to two after discussion about the long periods of downtime resulting from lack of friendlies before the Winter Cup. These were the first official matches hosted by Gracen Ivorinne !SyespadaHQ.

2013 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies

The first matches hosted by DrBorisG !!tgJi9upHCoV. These friendlies also saw the first official matches for /asp/, /gd/, /lgbt/, /s4s/, and /vr/.

2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

2014 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

2014 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies

These friendlies were hosted by GermanBro !!i9X8R/z42Rt to give Boris a break in between cups. These friendlies also saw the best performing club /ck/ challenge /4ccg/ in the final game.

2015 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

Due to the decision of the 4CCC to no longer host friendlies, these were organised and executed by Suppatenko, Ved and Nepgear as additional streamers. These friendlies saw the best performing club /asp/ challenge /4ccg/ in the final game, only losing 1-0 to them.

2015 4chan Summer Cup Friendlies

Hosted by SuppaTenko and streamed by many others including carmastrikes, Nepgear, and Captain Planet. These friendlies saw /4ccg/ continue to show why it will never compete ever by destroying /merit/ 4–1, among other things. /e/ were these friendlies' best team, with a 6–3 win over /jp/ and a 4–0 win over /d/.

2016 4chan Winter Cup Unfriendlies

Yet again hosted by Tenko. This time without fucking ponies ruining everything (except for Smugleaf obviously). Included, among other things, /tv/ losing 10–2 in /hr/'s last match to date, /e/ losing 8–2, Pleasure Horn managing to lose to San Marino's national team, a Polish degu failing to score a goal, and a PES match to decide the 2016 4chan Winter Cup logo. /wg/ beat /g/ 4–2 and /f/ 5–2 before getting Bra7i1'd by the final boss.

2017 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

This event marks the return of official friendlies organized by the 4CCC, although the matches will not count toward any official statistics. Hosted by Ved during the first weekend, and Kekkels during the second weekend.

2018 4chan Winter Cup Friendlies

Hosted by Old Man Sou during January 12–14, 19–21.

2018 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

Hosted by Old Man Sou during September 28–30, October 5–7, 12–14. Played in PES 2013.

2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies

Will be hosted by Andy during August 25th. Played in PES 2017.