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Welcome to >implying rigged!
>implying rigged is the community hub and information center of the 4chan Cup, a series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Since 2011 the boards of 4chan have competed on the field for the unrivaled honor of being crowned champions. Elite tournaments are held in Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn play host to the Babby Cups—qualification tournaments where teams play for the right to compete at Elite level.
54 boards have competing teams in the 4chan Cup.
For more information on a team click an icon or for quick reference visit the list of teams.
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Upcoming Tournament
Summer19 C.png
2019 4chan Summer Cup
July 19–21, 26–28; August 3–4
Competitors: 32
Cup holders: /vg/
Reigning Elite champions: /gd/
Reigning Babby champions: /i/
2019 4chan Summer Cup export deadline in:


Getting started


The game



1. Cm icon.png /cm/ 2370pts Steady.png 6. I icon.png /i/ 1654pts Steady.png 11. Toy icon.png /toy/ 1424pts Decrease2.png 2
2. Pol icon.png /pol/ 2243pts Steady.png 7. Co icon.png /co/ 1611pts Increase.png 1 12. Vg icon.png /vg/ 1217pts Steady.png
3. Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 2000pts Steady.png 8. W icon.png /w/ 1602pts Decrease2.png 1 13. S4s icon.png /s4s/ 1171pts Increase.png 1
4. K icon.png /k/ 1786pts Steady.png 9. Wg icon.png /wg/ 1457pts Increase.png 1 14. Diy icon.png /diy/ 1133pts Decrease2.png 1
5. Fit icon.png /fit/ 1714pts Steady.png 10. Int icon.png /int/ 1429pts Increase.png 1 15. Vp icon.png /vp/ 1120pts Increase.png 1
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Featured Player
POTW sadpanda.png Sad Panda H icon.png /h/
Build: 185cm, 82kg
Player Skills: S21
Playing Style: Offensive Goalkeeper
There's a question that's dogged both /h/ newfags and frustrated Cup strikers forever -- how the fuck do I get past this goddamn panda?

Known as the biggest and most reliable index for drawings of all sorts, exhentai, more popularly as the Sad Panda, was beloved among all /h/ for hosting all their favorite fetishes and art with decades' worth of material. Then, tragedy struck: a new sticky on /h/ told users to backup material on Sad Panda immediately due to new laws in the Netherlands. Users panickedly scrambled to backup everything they could, but -- there's only so much you can save in twelve hours. Though a backup eventually saved everything, the panic and dread that comes from losing the original and having to save so much could not dissipate so easily.

So how did this carry over to the pitch? For their final group stage match against /g/, Sad Panda became an AMF and a gold medal in honor of his many years of service, and just like that PES found a way to reward him.

With a free kick opportunity just outside of the box, the panda put it right into the back of the net, sending /h/ fans into a frenzy, with their lament momentarily forgotten, and the joy of a divegrass miracle filling their hearts. You'd be hard-pressed to write a better doujin plot than that.

But as /h/ fans blew their collective load for the Panda goal, so, it seems, did /h/ -- when the Panda let a heart-breaking goal past him in the last minute of eggsdra diem, /h/’s loss in the Round of 16 was sealed, capping off /h/’s emotional cup run. No matter how sad this made the panda, /h/ fans surely will still love him all the same.

Watch the Winter Cup, coming to a backup save near you soon, to see if /h/ can penetrate the field harder next time!

Featured Team
Gd ft sc19.png /gd/ - Graphic Design Gd icon.png
Ranking: 20th
Key Players: Kerning Captain, Helvetica, Minimalism, Glitch Art
Recent Form: W W L D L
In Summer, little /cm/ took the cup by storm. The Spring before that, /i/ went on the underdog run to dwarf any before it. If there was any doubt before, you can be sure now -- 2019 is the Year of the Small Market.

But before them -- once, there was a small team. Smooth, and inoffensive, it became the basis of a revolution — and few other boards could be better suited to start a trend than the innovative /gd/.

Even before they truly made a mark in Cup history, it was — intentionally or unintentionally — thanks to /gd/ that the Cup adopted its current seeding format. However, what truly put /gd/ on the map was the now-legendary upset of Cup stalwart /sp/ — an achievement that kicked off the story of the little team that could. Following another miraculous escape the following year, they soon became a near-permanent fixture of the Elites, and a common sight on the final day of any Cup they appeared in. Yet, for all their sleek aesthetics and masterclass tactics, /gd/ seemed unable to ever reach beyond the quarterfinals — until, one Winter, a cunning little cat made a wish upon a genie... a wish that led to a star, and, as luck would have it, an honest-to-goodness logo redesign.

But as their fellow Elite colleague had learned the year before... every wish has a price. Though /gd/ now faces Autumn with their reputation on the line, expectations will be high, because as their history shows: it doesn't matter if your team is small — all you need is the drive to make it bigger.

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