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Welcome to >implying rigged!
>implying rigged is the community hub and information center of the 4chan Cup, a series of simulated soccer tournaments played on games from the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Since 2011 the boards of 4chan have competed on the field for the unrivaled honor of being crowned champions. Elite tournaments are held in Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn play host to the Babby Cups—qualification tournaments where teams play for the right to compete at Elite level.
52 boards have competing teams in the 4chan Cup.
For more information on a team click an icon or for quick reference visit the list of teams.
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Upcoming Tournament
ABC20 Design F.png
2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
October 23–25, October 30–November 1, November 7–8
Competitors: 32
Cup holders: /trv/
Reigning Elite champions: /u/
Reigning Babby champions: /d/
2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Tactical Export Deadline
Tactical Deadline has passed.

Getting started


The game



1. Out icon.png /out/ 2444pts Steady.png 6. His icon.png /his/ 1686pts Steady.png 11. Pol icon.png /pol/ 1306pts Increase.png 1
2. U icon.png /u/ 2217pts Steady.png 7. M icon.png /m/ 1488pts Steady.png 12. Wsg icon.png /wsg/ 1272pts Increase.png 1
3. Diy icon.png /diy/ 2177pts Steady.png 8. Biz icon.png /biz/ 1481pts Steady.png 13. Adv icon.png /adv/ 1221pts Decrease2.png 2
4. C icon.png /c/ 2136pts Steady.png 9. Cm icon.png /cm/ 1406pts Steady.png 14. I icon.png /i/ 1148pts Steady.png
5. Sp icon.png /sp/ 1954pts Steady.png 10. Fa icon.png /fa/ 1385pts Steady.png 15. Jp icon.png /jp/ 1105pts Increase.png 1
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Featured Player
Eggum.png Eggman Egg icon.png /egg/
I've come to make an announcement:

Shadow the Hedgehog's a bitch ass motherfucker. He pissed on my fucking wife. That's right, he took his hedgehog fucking quilly dick out and he pissed on my fucking wife and he said his dick was "this big" and I said "that's disgusting".

So I'm making a callout post on my twitter dot com: Shadow the Hedgehog, you got a small dick, its the size of this walnut except way smaller. And guess what? Here's what my dong looks like. That's right baby, all point, no quills, no pillows, look at that it looks like two balls and a bong.

He fucked my wife so guess what? I'm gonna fuck the Earth. That's right this is what you get, MY SUPER LASER PISS. Except I'm not pissing on the Earth, I'm gonna go higher, I'M PISSING ON THE MOON. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT OBAMA, I PISSED ON THE MOON YOU IDIOT!

You have twenty-three hours before the piss drop-el-ets hit the fucking Earth, now get out of my fucking sight, before I piss on you too.

Featured Team
Trash poster.png /trash/ - Offtopic Trash icon.png
Ranking: 69th
Key Players: Bert is a trashman Captain, User Was Warned, Backtony Stabtano, Nigger Winner Furthremore
Recent Form: L L L L L
Ponies are probably the sexiest things I've ever seen in my life, not exactly the characters, just what they are, their legs, their eyes, their manes, their mouths, everything is perfect. I would totally have sex with them but I wouldn't want to live in Equestria or any of that bullshit. I would like to keep one but she probably wouldn't like it because she would have to hide and just hang out in my house.

A one night thing? Totally, anyone really. I don't like all of them but even if Rainbow Dash was my only option I would say yes. I don't know how they would translate in real life but there are plenty fan art pictures that show a good example.

I don't think I would be to comfortable with one around me because, I wouldn't know what to do? Do I feed it? Do I pay attention to it? I don't care what I do around my dog because he's a fucking dog, do I treat her like a human and talk to her? Back to my dog, what if he flips shit because there is a god damn flying pony in my house. I couldn't leave her alone because thats not fair at all, and she might fuck something up or answer the door and screw our deal up. I can't take her in public.

~ QD, 2020

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