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*{{team away|100oj}} PLAYA 3! [[User:Laventale|Laventale]] ([[User talk:Laventale|talk]]) 00:07, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
*{{team away|100oj}} PLAYA 3! [[User:Laventale|Laventale]] ([[User talk:Laventale|talk]]) 00:07, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
*{{team away|3Hz}} REMOVE SAUCER and remove own goals --[[User:Jinrai|Jinrai]] ([[User talk:Jinrai|talk]]) 00:12, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
*{{team away|3Hz}} REMOVE SAUCER and remove own goals --[[User:Jinrai|Jinrai]] ([[User talk:Jinrai|talk]]) 00:12, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
*{{team away|jojo}}
*{{team away|bakuon}} Some say she's actually in her 30's and that she gropes all the Motorcycle club members, all we know is, she's not the Stig, but she is the Stigs Japanese cousin [[User:Blinky|Blinky]] ([[User talk:Blinky|talk]]) 01:16, 21 December 2019 (UTC)

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Moeshit Cup 3
Moeshit Cup 3.png
Tournament details
Host board Moeshit icon.png /moeshit/
Dates 14-16, 21-23 February, 2020
Teams 16
Final positions
Champion TBD icon.png TBD
Runner-up TBD icon.png TBD
Third TBD icon.png TBD
Fourth TBD icon.png TBD
Tournament statistics
Goals scored (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Top scorer(s)
Top assister(s)
Golden Glove
Best player N/A
Yellow cards (Expression error: Unexpected / operator. per match)
Red cards 0 (Expression error: Unexpected round operator. per match)

Moeshit Cup 2
Moeshit Cup 3
Moeshit Cup 4

Wow, I can't fucking wait to watch some Moeshit Cup. AGAIN.
Jezu Kurisuto those school girls think they're so fucking cute because they keep eating cake and drinking tea, what a load of shit.
What's the point of watching an anime if we know nothing will happen anyways.
Fucking moeshit ruining the anime, it needs to die.

It's all the same shit all over again with the third edition of Moeshit Cup. We'll crown the cutest moelets from Chinese cartoons and determine the roster of a team whose manager will refuse to sign it up for any memevitationals for the third straight year.
Hosted after 2020 4chan Winter Cup, using Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 which just never gets old (>) it will be streamed by Sillius and Beebs, hosted on >TBA.

Dates are 14-16, 21-23 February, 2020


The deadline for signups is the 1st of February, 2020, 23:59 UTC.
The export deadline will follow a week later, on 8th of February, with the draw on the 9th. Export slots will be announced after the signup deadline.

  • Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/ Win and S3 will happen. Prow (talk) 17:36, 17 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Lwa icon.png /lwa/ Maybe Akko will do something this time Metagross01 (talk) 23:25, 20 December 2019 (UTC)
  • 100oj icon.png /100oj/ PLAYA 3! Laventale (talk) 00:07, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
  • 3Hz icon.png /3Hz/ REMOVE SAUCER and remove own goals --Jinrai (talk) 00:12, 21 December 2019 (UTC)
  • Jojo icon.png /jojo/
  • Bakuon icon.png /bakuon/ Some say she's actually in her 30's and that she gropes all the Motorcycle club members, all we know is, she's not the Stig, but she is the Stigs Japanese cousin Blinky (talk) 01:16, 21 December 2019 (UTC)


The teams have to be based on an anime/manga/LN/VN about cute girls doing cute things, where nothing ever happens and it's hard to find a semblance of plot. The characters have to be school girls (at least in age) but the series doesn't have to take place at a school. It shouldn't have any important male characters.
The teams which will participate will be picked based on how moeshit the source material is and on the strength of the roster. Signup order is of no importance. The actual or perceived quality of the series the teams will be based on won't be taken into account.
Teams part of official cups cannot join.
If we won't get 16 pure moeshit teams the Moeshit Cup Committe ©™ will pick additional teams from slightly-less-moeshit series - most likely shows with all female cast but with a strong theme or some plot.



  • A working PES17 export
  • An anthem
  • At least one goalhorn
  • At least two outfielder kits and a goalkeeper kit
  • Aesthetics for players: at least 6 unique models distributed among all players or 23 unique boxheads
  • Team logo
  • Team page on the wiki
  • Mini-logo for the wiki

Failure to submit any of these will result in medals dropping one medal position (depending on the number of rules violated), starting with golds.
Aesthetics requirements are an exception, failure to comply with those may result in an automatic disqualification.


  • Time consuming live managing


In order to bring you the Ultimate #esports eXperience ©™ the Moeshit Cup Committee ©™ has decided on the following rules. Rules that differ from standard Cup rules are denoted with cursive.


  • Each team must have exactly 23 players in their squad, including 1 gold medal, with 99 in all stats, 2 silvers medals, with 94 in all stats, 2 bronze medals, with 89 in all stats, and 18 non medals, with 77 in all stats. At least 1 of those players has to have goalkeeper as their registered position. Goalkeepers have to be non medals.
  • All stats of non medal players shorter than 160cm should be set to 80.
  • The playable position of each player has to be set to A in that player's registered position, and to C in every other playable position. ''Players shorter than 160cm are allowed to use one extra A playable position besides their registered position.
  • Form is set to 8 for gold, silver and bronze medal players, and 4 for the non medal players.
  • Injury resistance is set to 1 for all players.
  • Gold medal players are allowed to use 5 COM and/or skill cards. Each silver medal player is allowed to use 4 COM and/or skill cards. Each bronze medal player is allowed to use 3 COM and/or skill cards. Each outfielder non medal player is allowed to use 2 COM and/or skill cards. Each goalkeeper is allowed to use 1 COM or skill card.
  • Players shorter than 160cm are allowed to use one extra COM and/or skill card, on top of the amount listed above.
  • Each team has to have a designated captain. The Captaincy skill card is free for that player and does not count towards the card limit, but using it is not obligatory.
  • Each player must use the Malicia skill card.
  • The following cards are free for all players and thus do not count towards each player's card limit:
  1. Scissors Feint, Flip Flap, Marseille Turn, Sombrero, Cut Behind & Turn, Scotch Move, Acrobatic Finishing, Heel Trick, Rabona
    1. Please note that between 5 cards for gold players, free captaincy, obligatory Malicia, and the nine free cards mentioned above a single player can have up to 16 skill cards. Pro Evolution Soccer won't let you select more than 10 of them in-game, but it's possible to cross that threshold using editors like 4ccEditor. Using these editors to get more than 10 skill cards is LEGAL and encouraged.
  • Weak foot accuracy and usage can be set to either 1 or 2 for all players taller than 155cm. Players shorter than 160cm can have their weak foot accuracy and usage set to any value.
  • Each player can use a playing style. Playing styles don't count towards the card limit.
  • To better represent the nature of Moeshit Cup as a tournament about cute Japanese school girls doing cute things each team has to use the following height brackets:



  • Games will be played using 4chan Cup Elite mode (for aesthetic reasons), Superstar AI, 10 minutes halves, injuries on, emotions off, random conditioning, 3 subs per game (1 additional sub in knock-outs, only usable in extra time), assisted sliding. Extra time and benuldies will be turned on for knockouts.
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals cannot substitute the goalkeeper at any moment during the game. Should a goalkeeper get injured or red carded the managers have to sub in the backup goalkeeper if possible. If the team's manager won't be available to tell the host which player to sub out the decision will be made by the host.
  • There will be no suspensions. Getting multiple yellow or even red cards in any of the previous games doesn't affect the players' ability to participate in the following games.
  • There are no specific rules regarding timeouts as they are at host's discretion. In theory it means the amount of timeouts is unlimited, in praxis the host has the right to ignore managers should they spend too much time adjusting things on air.
  • Nightly exports will be accepted and are encouraged but pre-game sliders changes are still allowed. Adjusting formations on air isn't strictly forbidden but highly discouraged.

Nightly exports

Nightly exports will be allowed. Info about how to send them will be issued later.


Hopefully the same as Moeshit Cup 2: round robin of 4 groups with 4 teams each, followed by single elimination knockouts. Top two teams from each group advance to the knockouts. The best team from each group will be seeded.
Should we fail to get 16 teams some other round robin format will be implemented.


As always medal players on /moeshit/, this time for top 4 due to GSSBB system. The rest will depend on the number of teams.