Multinational Bowl

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The Multinational Bowl is another opportunity for people to shitpost about /theircountry/ the virtual memeball tournament between a bunch of (non-)countries' fake divegrass teams.

Currently, the Multinational Bowl has had three completed iterations with a fourth planned.

Tournament Teams Final Third place game
Champion Score Runner Up Third Score Fourth
Multinational Bowl 1 20 Csa icon.png /csa/ 3–2 Ne icon.png /ne/ Tsab icon.png /tsab/ 3–1 Aus icon.png /aus/
Multinational Bowl 2 24 Mn icon.png /mn/ 2–1 Csa icon.png /csa/ Tsab icon.png /tsab/ 4–1 Poland icon.png /poland/
Multinational Bowl 3 24 Pak icon.png /pak/ 2–0 Ussr icon.png /ussr/ Rome icon.png /rome/ 3–1 Usa icon.png /usa/

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