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I ft sbc19.png /i/ - Oekaki I icon.png
Ranking: 30th
Key Players: /i/rene Captain, SS GF, Bait-Chan, Beardanon, Reibear
Recent Form: W W W W W
It's only /i/, they said.

Coming into the tournament, it had been 3 years since /i/ had won a game in an official 4cc match. In their previous 18 matches, they had 0 wins, 4 draws, and 14 losses, permanently stuck in the Babby Cup or Qualifiers during this span. The goal for /i/ was clear, just win a goddamn game.

The small yet loyal fanbase had watched the team for many years, and were eager to see how the team would function with the new PES version, hoping it could spur some ideas for the /i/ team to finally win that game. In the third match of group stages against /m/, it finally happened. In a glorious 1-0 victory with a goal by SS GF, /i/ won their first match in 3 years. Bel/i/evers everywhere were ecstatic as the team also clinched a spot in the knockout round as well as the 2019 Summer Cup, the first elite cup that /i/ will participate in in 4 years.

However, /i/ weren't done yet. Their desire to win wasn't satisfied just yet. The sketches got their pencils out and were ready to make quick work of the knockouts. Securing a win over /diy/ on a 120' goal from SS GF had any previous fans instantly converted to bel/i/evers, as /i/ drew up a play that was sure to get them to penalties, which they would end up winning as each /i/ player converted successfully.

After a win over /h/ in the quarterfinals, /i/ pulled off another miracle win over /jp/ in the semis with a goal by Taking Requests at 90+1' to force eggsdra diem which would lead to another trip to Benuldy's Pub, winning again with all players converting their shots.

By this time, everyone knew it was their turn. In the Finals against /c/, /i/rene had woken up from her sleep to score a hat-trick when it mattered most. Fans across the 4cc were cheering her and /i/ on when the oh so familiar goal horn would play again and again, "Come On /i/rene!".

/i/ would win the 2019 Spring Babby Cup in what was a new turn for the 4cc. It had been a while since a team as unique as /i/ and their story had pulled off something so great and enjoyable for fans everywhere to watch. Watch out for them this summer as /i/ try to draw up a new strategy now that they are on the radar again, here's to hoping they don't get erased and become a one draft wonder. Whatever happens, just know that we bel/i/eve.

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Cm ft sc19.png /cm/ - Cute/Male Cm icon.png
Ranking: 1st
Key Players: Len-kun!!! Captain, Kaworu Nagisa, Suicidal Hooni, All Silvers Die
Recent Form: W W W W L
What a ride it has been for /cm/.

Flashback to the 2019 Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers: /cm/ is in Pot 3; an absolute unknown, and "just an autopilot" -- one that hasn't seen any success since Dragongate. But after drawing their first match, /cm/ then cutely devastated the competition, finishing with a +7 goal differential and a teal and purple ticket to the 2019 Spring Babby Cup.

So as the cup began, all eyes were on /cm/, many expecting Len-kun!!! and Nagisa to carry the team through on another powerfully cute run; the power duo did exactly that. In three matches, the pair scored all 7 goals for /cm/, including 4 in a win-or-go-home match against /mu/. While the two would once again fetchingly carry them through the Round of 16 against /x/, /cm/ would be shocked in the quarterfinals at Benuldy’s Pub when a penalty kick by Nagisa was denied by Captain Meido. Among this and reports that Nagisa had drunkenly yelled “Shinji is a bitch-ass motherfucker”, /cm/ missed out on Babby glory, but qualified for their first Elite Cup in almost two years. But this team of heart-melting boys would be up against stiff competition, as their first match was against defending champions and aesthetic debonairs /gd/ -- or so the 4CC thought -- as /cm/ would make quick work of them in a charming 3-1 win, making a statement to the 4CC that this team was not going away. However, after a shock draw to /x/ and a loss to /wg/, some viewers began to believe there was a chink in /cm/'s cute-yet-strong armor.

Then, in a finish for the ages, /cm/ were paired against /diy/ in the Round of 16, where hope looked lost after an 82’ go-ahead goal by /diy/, except that Nagisa was not quite ready to let go. Scoring at 85’ to dab on the /diy/nosaurs, /cm/ ultimately advanced when their fellow autopilot overheated and committed an own goal; possibly the cutest spaghetti end to a game the Elites have seen in quite a while. The very next day, /cm/ then went on a destructive run unmatched in 4chan Cup history: across the span of the quarters, semis, and the final, they went on to win the cup with a total aggregate score of 11-1. With 12 goals across the entire cup, 9 alone in the final 2 matches, Kaworu went on to take the Boot from under Summer's noses, with Len-kun!!! taking the Ball as his cute second.

Proving that you can be cute, and a boy, and yet a monster on the pitch, it is thanks to Kaworu and the rest of the boys that /cm/ are now undeniably the best, with a star to prove it.

And who knows? Maybe when they fly to the moon next Winter, they can make it back-to-back as they play among the stars.

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Gd ft sc19.png /gd/ - Graphic Design Gd icon.png
Ranking: 20th
Key Players: Kerning Captain, Helvetica, Minimalism, Glitch Art
Recent Form: W W L D L
In Summer, little /cm/ took the cup by storm. The Spring before that, /i/ went on the underdog run to dwarf any before it. If there was any doubt before, you can be sure now -- 2019 is the Year of the Small Market.

But before them -- once, there was a small team. Smooth, and inoffensive, it became the basis of a revolution — and few other boards could be better suited to start a trend than the innovative /gd/.

Even before they truly made a mark in Cup history, it was — intentionally or unintentionally — thanks to /gd/ that the Cup adopted its current seeding format. However, what truly put /gd/ on the map was the now-legendary upset of Cup stalwart /sp/ — an achievement that kicked off the story of the little team that could. Following another miraculous escape the following year, they soon became a near-permanent fixture of the Elites, and a common sight on the final day of any Cup they appeared in. Yet, for all their sleek aesthetics and masterclass tactics, /gd/ seemed unable to ever reach beyond the quarterfinals — until, one Winter, a cunning little cat made a wish upon a genie... a wish that led to a star, and, as luck would have it, an honest-to-goodness logo redesign.

But as their fellow Elite colleague had learned the year before... every wish has a price. Though /gd/ now faces Autumn with their reputation on the line, expectations will be high, because as their history shows: it doesn't matter if your team is small — all you need is the drive to make it bigger.

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