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Founder and commissioner of the /vg/ League and the guy who did a bunch of things that made people angry in the past.

Fake teams I made
/em/ - INACTIVE: dead game
/exh/ - INACTIVE: Never made, and at this rate never will be made.
Usagi icon.png /usagi/ - ACTIVE: Primarily used for anime cups/Moeshit. Will see the light of day again eventually.
Giivasunner icon.png /giivasunner/ - INACTIVE: Competed in /ag/ League, Rigging After Dark, and Fakkin Bullshit Series 3
Rz icon.png /rz/ - INACTIVE: One time use meme team.
Bang icon.png /bang/ - INACTIVE: Ceased invitational participation after the creation of Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/ for VGL.
Pcr icon.png /pcr/ - ACTIVE: Shared ownership with Bittenfeld, competes in Moeshit, Mogra Cups, and /ag/ League.
Hlg icon.png /hlg/ - ACTIVE: Main team, will see several cups as long as they keep coming.

Things I made
Cup Titles by Nationality
Bort Memorial Cup