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|{{team away|s4s}}-[[2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup]]
|{{team away|s4s}}-[[2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup]]
|/s4s/ was left on 6 points again in a babby and did not promote
|/s4s/ was left on 6 points again in a babby and did not promote
|{{team away|a}}-[[2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup]]
|/a/ left out on 1 point as their only point from their babby cup came in a 3-3 draw. Most recent victim of the curse

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The Day One /jp/ Curse is a curse that affects the teams that play /jp/ Jp icon.png as their first opponent in the group stages. Regardless of the result of the match itself, teams that play /jp/ first will fail to advance to the knockouts in that tournament, meeting an even more severe fate in some cases. This curse has been in effect uninterrumpted since the 2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup, but has since ended after the 2018 4chan Summer Cup


2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup

/m/ M icon.png was the first victim of the curse, after their 4-0 loss to /jp/, and additional losses to /s/, /wsg/, and /e/ the /m/echas finished the cup with 0 points and earning a Wooden Spoon, in one of the worst performances the team has seen. /m/ would then proceed to become a yo-yo until they finally broke such stretch by failing to promote from the 2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

/pol/ Pol icon.png and /jp/ played to a 0-0 draw in the inaugural match of the cup. After another 0-0 draw with /biz/, and losses against /tg/ and /vr/, /pol/ finished bottom of the group with 2 points. Some would argue that the true bearers of the curse in this instance were the viewers at home, who were subjected to 5 0-0 matches in the same group

2015 4chan Winter Cup

/jp/ met /toy/ Toy icon.png in the first appearance of the curse in an elite cup, with their 2-0 loss to Woody's team. Despite their earlier victory, /toy/ would end up failing to advance of the group with 4 points, having lost to /h/ 2-0 and tied /wg/ 0-0. /jp/s performance was much more pathetic this cup, failing to score a single goal in 3 games.

/toy/ has been the team that has come closest to beating the curse. Even though they failed to advance to the Round of 16, external drama after the cup made it so that the ninth and seventeenth placed teams, /wsg/ and /ic/ lost their standings, while /toy/, originally placed eighteenth, was moved up to the sixteenth place. This means that while they didn't advance to the knockouts in the cup proper, they avoided playing in the following babby and were automatically qualified for the Summer Cup.

2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup

/jp/ started off this cup against /lgbt/ Lgbt icon.png in a goalless drought stretching back from the previous babby cup. /jp/ responded to this by having sage and koisheep score for them in a 2-0 victory. /jp/ was on four points coming into the last day, but a goalless affair with Biz icon.png /biz/ kept them from returning to an elite cup. /lgbt/ had nearly made it into summer thanks to a 6-2 drubbing to /biz/, but a 4-1 Soc icon.png /soc/ win prevented their advancement thanks to goal differential, as both were on six points. /lgbt/ would later go on to die the next babby cup until they revived in 2017 and shot towards back to back championships

2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

The next victim of the day one curse was /co/ Co icon.png. This began with an insane 5-4 victory by /jp/, which saw a 3-0 /jp/ lead nearly blown and goals being passed around like nothing. The next games for /co/ were dreadful, as they continued to struggle mightily, failing to even muster a single point this cup. /co/'s next few games included blown 3-1 lead to /n/, and being in the path of the legendary 9.0 game by Spurdo Spärde. This not only gave them the spoon, but also an entire year being stuck in the fetus. And they just came off of a somewhat successful babby run in the 2015 4chan Spring Babby Cup, finishing 2nd

2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The Babby cup finally returned to a normal one, putting more fear in the result of bottoming a group by being place in the fetus. /jp/ would have to face a strong N icon.png /n/ who nearly became elite for the first time, but were denied by a miracle DA HOOD goal at the last second to create a 4-4 draw with F icon.png /f/. This ended in a PES16 staple of a barnburner, which was won by /jp/ 4-3 thanks to a 90+ goal by sage. For /n/ following that game, they would be mauled by Sp icon.png /sp/ and V icon.png /v/6-3 and 5-3 respectively, gaining another wooden spoon to their collection. Once more, /jp/ was hung out to dry in the babbies

2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

Not many had high expectations for /jp/ in Group B, consisting of a risingA icon.png /a/, sudden giant Out icon.png /out/ and fetus qualified Po icon.png /po/. This did mark the first time /jp/ would meet /a/ in competitive play. /jp/ once again wasted no time and gained a 2-0 victory, even with Marisa being denied of a goal thanks to Dark Boris. /jp/ was on the verge of advancing on the final day once more, even if they did lose in a rare 1-0 game to /po/ on PES16. Their final opponent was /out/, who quickly went up 2-0. /jp/, however, wasn't letting this opportunity go away, and saw a 2 goal comeback force a draw. They did need /a/ to not lose or draw by a large margin. /a/ would get their lone win against /po/ 2-1, and helped /jp/ not only qualify for an elite cup for the first time in two years, but be a part of the championship run had by /jp/, with wins against W icon.png /w/, A rematch with /out/, a memorable 2-0 comeback against U icon.png /u/, and a 3-1 stomping of the seemingly unstoppable P icon.png /p/ army. While /jp/ celebrated at a babby win, A icon.png /a/ was left to go to the fetus, with no honor, no babby cup, and a complete meltdown following their losses.

2017 4chan Winter Cup

/jp/'s return to the elites placed them in Group A, having the hosts Mlp icon.png /mlp/, a plucky An icon.png /an/, and the ever present Mu icon.png /mu/. Right away horsefuckers were claiming /jp/ was a pushover, and just some team blocking them from three stars. Little did they know that /jp/ played a very good role in spoiling them. They kicked off the first game of the cup in a 1-1 draw, featuring a beautiful goal by Marisa which hit top shelf. The game was played on the wrong setting however. On the final day, /mlp/ sat atop the group with 4 points and a comfortable goal differential. It would take a miracle to send them to the babbies, which is what /jp/ and /mu/ did, with a 4-1 /jp/ victory over /an/ and a dominant 2-0 for /mu/ sent /mlp/ to a babby cup for the first time since 2014 Autumn. This also meant /jp/ would become elite for the first time in four years, and didn't have to play in a babby cup. This resulted in /jp/'s best finish in a elites, placing 5th following their babby run. /mlp/ would go on that following spring and become a shell of themselves, nearly gaining the spoon in the process.

2017 4chan Summer Cup

The first summer cup in four years for /jp/ started with a rude awakening. As with almost every elite team that day, they were outpreformed by their babby counterparts. Trv icon.png /trv/ did this with a 1-0 own goal victory, thanks to a poor attempt at clearing by new recruit Younger Sister. /trv/ would later come to draw with Po icon.png /po/ 0-0 to make the group 4-3-2-1 by the final day. /jp/ just needed a draw that wasn't 0-0 thanks to Vr icon.png /vr/ getting a 2-1 victory against /trv/, which saw their only goal credited to a player of theirs this cup. /trv/ was then eliminated the moment 1,000 cranes scored for /po/, keeping the curse alive. It also was /trv/'s last elite cup at the time of writing this page

2018 4chan Winter Cup

/jp/'s next day one encounter was a yo-yo /o/ O icon.png, who looked to stay elite for once. The game was held by /jp/ by a score of 2-1 until a Miata scored to prove why he's the best at 86' to force the 2-2 draw. /o/ would then win 1-0 against Gd icon.png /gd/ to inch closer towards staying elite. The final day came, and /jp/ had a very good chance of promoting alongside /o/, possibly breaking the curse. The results did not happen, as /gd/ sapped all hope for /jp/, and Sci icon.png /sci/ defeated /o/ 3-1, sending both into the babbies.

2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup

The final team to succumb to the curse was none other than the memesters of /s4s/ S4s icon.png. The match left off at /jp/'s seemingly absent attack as anything they tried to do didn't convert, while /s4s/ was able to build up a quick 2-0 lead thanks to a bateman snipe and an unlucky bounce off of Slut Sanae, which saw the end of not only her starting a game as /jp/'s keeper, but also her last game played. /s4s/, however, failed to get into spring as one goal losses to a fallingA icon.png /a/ and a suddenly revived T icon.png /t/. /s4s/ still could've seen a summer cup thanks to /jp/'s thrashing of C icon.png /c/, but the curse held on with /t/ stabbing the hearts of /a/ fans 4-2. It is also important to note that /s4s/ ended their babby cup run on 6 points two times in a row.

2018 4chan Summer Cup

At last, the curse was broken by eventual third place winners Int icon.png /int/. /jp/'s play against /int/ was still in a close game for 81 minutes until the floodgates opened and 2 more goals came in, resulting in a dominant 3-0 victory for /int/. All /int/ had to do was defeat /mlp/ Mlp icon.png to break the curse, and that's exactly what they did with a commanding 2-0 win against said horsefuckers. /jp/ may have lost the curse, but they still were able to recover, getting 3-2 and 5-3 victories over /tv/ and /mlp/ respectively. /int/ broke one of the longest running 4cc curses there was, and had a very successful cup run. /jp/ was also able to do well, finishing 8th in what seemed to be another terrible elite cup

Affected Teams

These are the teams who experienced the day one /jp/ curse. Some faced wooden spoons, others faced team deaths, and some saw themselves become a husk of themselves

Victims Results
M icon.png /m/-2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup Saw /m/ recieve the wooden spoon, ended cup with only one goal credited to them
Pol icon.png /pol/-2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup /pol/ suffered with scoring no goals this cup, and subjecting viewers to a god awful group
Toy icon.png /toy/-2015 4chan Winter Cup While they did partake in the next elite cup, they originally were not supposed to be there, but drama broke this. Curse still held because /toy/ didn't play in knockouts
Lgbt icon.png /lgbt/-2015 Spring Babby Cup Ensuing cup for /lgbt/ would be their last one for a good year until revived
Co icon.png /co/-2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup /co/ would suffer the second wooden spoon of /jp/'s curse, and sunk to its lowest point after making a finals appearance the previous babby cup
N icon.png /n/-2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup Would see /n/ recieve their second wooden spoon, and third wooden spoon placed on a team via day one /jp/ curse
A icon.png /a/-2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Unfortunately for /a/, they would be relegated to the fetus while /jp/ won the cup this season
Mlp icon.png /mlp/-2017 4chan Winter Cup Saw /mlp/ disintegrate into a husk the following cup, and nearly spooned said cup
Trv icon.png /trv/-2017 4chan Summer Cup /trv/ would fail to go to another elite cup, and died almost a year later. They left out on 4 points as well
O icon.png /o/-2018 4chan Winter Cup /o/ also left on 4 points.
S4s icon.png /s4s/-2018 4chan Spring Babby Cup /s4s/ was left on 6 points again in a babby and did not promote
A icon.png /a/-2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup /a/ left out on 1 point as their only point from their babby cup came in a 3-3 draw. Most recent victim of the curse