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VGL Mid Cup Aesthetics

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This page is intended for adding or fixing aesthetics during an on-going cup.
Either link new/corrected files or add notes to fix certain things that might have been forgotten or were broken before.

Please add a level 3 header (with three equal signs on each side) with your team name above the stuff you want to be fixed/added.
The headers should be listed chronologically below the Not added yet / To do header, with the newest stuff at the top.
If you have to add more stuff halfway, just make a new header at the top for your team, and leave the old one in place.
Once stuff is added or fixed it will be moved to the Added / Done section.

Important: Every request has to be verified by a team's current manager, with a signature (four tildes) at the end.

This page is currently meant to be used for the /vg/ League 15.

Aesthetic Stuff

For all the stuff that involves aesthetic files, like new kits and faces.
Please only put the stuff that changed, don't upload a whole new export every time.

To Fix

(Add your aesthetic fix requests below this line)

Vn icon.png /vn/

Fixed models for Routelets and SOUL: MrPedeiche (talk) 16:38, 14 November 2020 (UTC)


(Don't write here. Requests will be moved here after being fulfilled.)

Savedata Issues

For all the savedata-related fixes, like changing shirt names, setting long sleeves or different boots, etc.

Found issues:
THE EDITOR DOES NOT PICKUP OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS please make sure all of your players in Preset 1 are in position.
The teams with these errors are as follows:

To Fix

(Add your savedata fix requests below this line)


(Don't write here. Requests will be moved here after being fulfilled.)

Dbg icon.png /dbg/

  • Rename Rare Gohan to 4ku
  • Make 4ku's shirt name "GeeTee"

Dng icon.png /dng/

  • (01)-(17): hit "randomize" on the motion settings
  • (18): Goal Celebration 1: 128, Goal Celebration 2: 127
  • (19): Goal Celebration 1: 73, Goal Celebration 2: 140
  • (20): Goal Celebration 1: 57, Goal Celebration 2: 131
  • (21): Goal Celebration 1: 134, Goal Celebration 2: 137
  • (22): Goal Celebration 1: 113, Goal Celebration 2: 85
  • (23): Goal Celebration 1: 109, Goal Celebration 2: 109

Fgoalter icon.png /fgoalter/


Civ4xg icon.png /civ4xg/

  • The Great Wall: add "Penalty Specialist" (if permitted)
  • HAK HAK HAK, >99% Chance To Hit, Sisters Of Milkies, Destructive Anal, DUDE SCIENCE LMAO: remove "Weighted Pass"
  • Balanced For Multiplayer, WE MUST DISSENT, Dosh Lords, I Am Fond Of Pigs, Respectfully Disagree, Garbage Stealing Robot: remove "Low Lofted Pass"
  • Sid Meier, Spaghetti Junctions, That's XCOM Baby!, Fuck Wiz, Please Do Not Bully The Riftborn, Fish Tits: remove "Outside Curler"
  • Nuclear Gandhi: remove "Low Lofted Pass"
  • Horatio Sauce: remove "One Touch Pass"
  • OH SHAKA: remove "Long Range Drive"
  • WOLOLO: remove "First Time Shot"
  • Somehow I'M The Bad Guy: remove "Knuckle Shot"
  • Respectfully Disagree, Garbage Stealing Robot: add playstyle "Crossing Specialist"
  • Please Do Not Bully The Riftborn: add playstyle "The Destroyer"

Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/

  • Doriyah set gloves to 12 (invisible)
  • There! set gloves to 12 (invisible)

Mbg icon.png /mbg/

  • Remove Acrobatic Finishing for King Harlaus

R6g icon.png /r6g/

  • Change "Dokkabae" player number to "707"

Laventale (talk) 23:16, 13 November 2020 (UTC)

Hgg2d icon.png /hgg2d/

  • Change team abbreviation to VHG

Funpill (talk) 02:44, 14 November 2020 (UTC)

Aceg icon.png /aceg/

  • Not sure if I needed to put it here or not, but change all /aceg/ players to the 1876-1898 boots slots they should be

Dog-chan (talk) 01:52, 21 November 2020 (UTC)

Tnm icon.png /tnm/

  • Set gloves ID to be the same as Boots ID for all players except for the following: LICKY LICKY, SNUGGLES-HIME, BARBARIAN, ねね, VAMOS JUUJOU, and CUTEHIME.
  • Set gloves ID 12 for SNUGGLES-HIME

--Jinrai (talk) 23:27, 18 November 2020 (UTC)

Acg icon.png /acg/


  • Set Boots ID to 3057
  • Turn on Gloves and set Gloves ID to 3057
  • Long Sleeves
  • Short Sock length
  • Tucked Shirttail

77412 - STAR TREES

  • Set Boots ID to 3062
  • Turn on Gloves and set Gloves ID to 3062
  • Long Sleeves
  • Short Sock length
  • Tucked Shirttail


  • Set Boots ID to 3072
  • Turn on Gloves and set Gloves ID to 3072
  • Long Sleeves
  • Short Sock length
  • Tucked Shirttail

Hanny icon.png /hanny/

79301 - Too Smart To Win set skin to black

79311 - KANAMI Change name to USELESS NINJA

79314 - Token Zeth Set Foot to Right

79319 - DARK RANCE Set foot to left

Vrg icon.png /vrg/

  • Unity-chan: Goal Celebration 1: 104, Goal Celebration 2: 113
  • Custom Avatar: Goal Celebration 1: 113, Goal Celebration 2: 113
  • The CHAD Full Body User: Goal Celebration 1: 37, Goal Celebration 2: 46
  • Betty Thompson: Goal Celebration 1: 104, Goal Celebration 2: 113

Gbfg icon.png /gbfg/

  • 79001 - FOUR PALM TREE CHAD: Set shirt name to HADESCHAD
  • 79002 - >3 BIRRION AND RUUZU: Set shirt name to PATHETIC
  • 79003 - *click* *click* *click*: Set shirt name to YOU CLICK SKILLS
  • 79004 - THE MONACAR: Set shirt name to MONACAR
  • 79005 - 2.5% BRICK RATE TOKAGE: Set shirt name to HOST IT
    • Set shirt name to I HAVE EXAMS
    • (Player name will be changed in nightlies for subsequent matches)
  • 79009 - KENKYUU NO SEIKA DA: Set shirt name to DEBUFFS YOU
  • 79021 - LUCKY! COOKIE! VICKY!: Set shirt name to RATTOCHADS
  • Remove Heading from all CBs
  • Remove Interception from all LBs/RBs
  • Remove Outside Curler from all non-medal CMFs
  • Remove Low Punt Trajectory from non-medal DMFs
  • Remove One-touch Pass from BURGERBOI BURGERBOI and KENKYUU NO SEIKA DA
  • Remove Outside Curler from SOIYA and First-time Shot from SORRY DANCHOU MY DOG DIED AGAIN
  • Remove Track Back from KMR
  • Remove Long Range Drive from YOUR FATE IS OVER RETARD

Feg icon.png /feg/

  • Swap starting positions of Professional Motherfuckers and Prince Marth