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What has science done?
Sci logo.png
/sci/ - Science & Math
Founded Jan. 6, 2012
Manager John Urschel
IRL manager Yuyukow !!EOZVjSE1Oud
Team colors
Chat color 0047AB
Cobalt Blue
Ranking 8 (increase 4)
Highest rank 4 (August 2018)
Lowest rank 54 (November 2016)
Top scorer Shinichi Mochizuki (58)
Top assister Richard Feynman (31)
Captain Shinichi Mochizuki
Website /sci/ - Science & Math
Nickname /sci/entists, /sci/borgs, The Science Team
Home ground The Time Cube
Historic performance
49 32 56 137 35.77%
231 252 -21
Biggest win
/sci/ Sci icon.png 5–0 Diy icon.png /diy/
November 1, 2015
Biggest defeat
/sci/ Sci icon.png 1–7 Wg icon.png /wg/
September 29, 2012
First match
/d/ D icon.png 1–0 Sci icon.png /sci/
February 11, 2012
Elite Cup
Appearances 14 (First in 2012 4chan Summer Cup)
Best result 5th, 2023 4chan Winter Cup
Babby Cup
Appearances 17 (First in 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup)
Best result 1st, 2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Team music
Anthem The Science Rap G
Victory Anthem Glorious Dawn

Goal horn Weird Science
Feynman Goalhorn Richard Feynman Playing Bongos
Hawking Goalhorn The Galaxy Song
von Braun Goalhorn Wernher von Braun
Comeback Goalhorn Blinding Lights
Home kit Scihome sc2015.png
Away kit Sciaway-2016sbc.png
Goalkeeper kit Sci home goalkeeper kit 2014 spring babby cup.png
Third kit Scithird-2016sbc.png
Fourth kit Scifourth-2016sbc.png
Fifth kit Sci kit 5 2020 spring babby cup.png
Sixth kit Sci kit 6 2021 autumn babby cup.png

Since the dawn of time, anons from far and wide have come to /sci/ to post their IQ and take autism tests. The best and brightest of these pseuds have come together and put forth 23 of their finest memes and beloved scientists to represent them in the 4chan Cup. Now, over 10 years after the team's founding, the /sci/entists are looking to put their Ph.D's to use and sperg their way into the history books. So put down that CS book and get ready to do some actual science, brainlet.


Main Article: /sci/ Roster

Top: Jon Tooker, Wernher von Braun, Yukariposter, >carbon fiber hull, Bulgarian Element Hunting , Sun of Lava/Ice
Bottom: Norman Wildberger, Shinichi Mochizuki (Captain), Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, You SHOULD be able to solve this
Not pictured: Secret Italian Supercat (/sci/'s mascot), Black Science Guy (Coming to /sci/: When any Ivy League athlete becomes the MVP of 3 Super Bowls)
No. Position Player
The Phenotype
>carbon fiber hull
Bulgarian Element Hunting
Carl Sagan
Wernher Von Braun
Stephen Hawking
Richard Feynman
Shinichi Mochizuki Captain
You SHOULD be able to solve this
Norman Wildberger
No. Position Player
Jon Tooker
Cool Science Facts
CS Pleb
Homo Engineer
Triple Integrals
1+2+3+4+5+.... = -1/12
Does 0.999 = 1?
>biology >hard science
Lying Koreans - 99
300k Starting
Aspie African

Cup & Match History

Main Article: /sci/ History

2023 Autumn Babby Cup: The Miracle Run

As the Babby approached, /sci/ was drawn into Group F with /x/, /a/ and /n/. On the weekend before Halloween /sci/ faced an /x/ that was running a midfield heavy illegal formation, despite this /sci/ managed to get on the board shortly after kick off, as Shinichi scored the first goal at the 7 minute mark. Things looked to be going well for the /sci/entists until the attack started to seize up and fail to get into the last third of the pitch, subsequent tactical changes failed to get the offensive going again, which lead to /x/-tan running up two goals in the second half to leave /sci/ on a loss. Frustrated but determined to rectify the problems of the first game in anticipation for the next, /sci/ would face /a/ for the first time despite both teams being over a decade old. /a/ had pulled of a 7-0 massacre against /n/ and was looking to be rather strong going into the subsequent game against a /sci/ that seemed to have an anemic attack. The match started with Feynman scoring within 5 minute of kick off, yet again things seemed to be going well as the /sci/ defense was able to hold up /a/'s attack while the strikers managed to get plenty of shots off. Unfortunately for /sci/, /a/'s goalkeeper WIDE was at near peak performance and saved all of /sci/'s shots after letting one slip at the start. This trend continued into the second half despite a formation switch in an attempt to score from a different angle of attack. Yotsuba, having failed to score due to an offside call earlier on managed to make it around /sci/'s defenders and scored, defeating the Yukariposter and The Phenotype at 77' to tie up the game. Kicking off after the concession the truly bizarre happened, Boku no Pico had fouled Shinichi in the midfield. This typically warranted a free kick and maybe a yellow card, but the No Anime referee went further and handed out a red card to /a/'s offending center back, sending him off the pitch and out of the game after /a/ had used up all three of their substitutes. After the free kick had hiked the ball up the pitch, /sci/ remained unable to convert and eventually possession was lost and /a/ scored to bring the game to a 2-1 loss on 10 man abuse. After two games /sci/ was sitting on 0 points and a -2 goal differential, the team was at risk of ending up in Spring's Fetus depending on the result of the next match. /sci/'s only saving grace materialized as /n/ trashed /x/ 5-0, leaving the route open for a promotion 3 points in the event that /a/ would beat /x/ and /sci/ could eek out a win against /n/. Sunday of grip weekend came, and /sci/-/n/ would close out the group stage for the cup, /a/ had handily beat /x/ 4-1 and as such /sci/'s fate was in its own hands. The situation looked grim as WE GAAN scored for /n/ right out of the gate and /sci/ struggled for the rest of the first half Shinichi being marked by two /n/ players and unable to score, it appeared that all was lost. But after half time and a tactical change Shinichi was able to tie up the game at 54', and Feynman scored to put /sci/ ahead at 10 minutes later. Both teams switched strategies, /n/ just needing a draw to advance and at the 77 minute mark WE GAAN scored again to tie up the game. A last minute change by the /sci/ management was made to salvage the situation, and incredibly Shinichi managed to fight his way past the thick of /n/'s defense and scored at 80' to bring the game to 3-2, /sci/ immediately parked the bus in order to prevent another concession and the game ended with /sci/ victorious, James Horner's "Re-Entry & Splashdown" played the /sci/borgs out as the team had escaped on 9-3-3-3 miracle, the Knockout Round and the Winter Cup awaited them.

/sci/ was unseeded, and was matched against /vt/ at the very top of the bracket for the Round of 16. Having advanced on 7 points the /vt/umors had shown themselves rather formidable in the group stage, the team and its fans were certainly pining on going deep into the bracket. The first knockout game had begun, 20 minutes of failed attacks by both teams ended with /vt/'s Lia from Phase connect scoring deep into the box. /sci/ stayed the course and Stephen Hawking would even up the game off a rebound from Kurisu, and then at the end of a half /sci/ would pull ahead after Shinichi scored off of his own rebounded header. The second half would see many an on target shot from both /sci/ and /vt/ but good defending and clutch performances by the goalkeepers would ensure that game ended at 2-1. To start off the final day of the cup /sci/ would play /i/ in the first Quaterfinal, a very slow and possession heavy game would ensue: Mochizuki scored at 40', /i/rene responded at 51', Feynman at 67'. A rather dangerous corner kick from /i/ was avoided late in the game by the ball bouncing off one of the corner flags, relieving /sci/ of the possibility that /i/ could drag the game into extra time, as the last minutes of the game ran out. For the first time since /sci/'s initial tournament in the Spring of 2012, the team had won a quarterfinal match after having lost the previous 6 quarterfinals that it had found itself in over the course of a decade, it's biggest white whale slain. In the semifinals /ck/ stood between /sci/'s and its first ever finals appearance, the 4-5-1 that the co/ck/s were running on made made offensive play somewhat difficult, but in spite of this /sci/'s Captain pulled a brace to send the team forward the defense have not let /ck/ get a shot through for the game to conclude 2-0. /mlp/, like /sci/, had a narrow escape from their group but subsequently looked more alive in the knockouts. Having overcome both /f/ and /a/, who had 9 pointed their groups, and beating out /toy/ to face /sci/ in the Autumn's ultimate match, ecstatic to secure another title ahead their return to the elites. But as the game started it just was not to be, Hawking scored shortly after kick off and then Feynman followed up at 24'. /mlp/'s management made alterations that held up /sci/'s attack and heading into the second half /mlp/ continued with a different offensive setup, princess Twilight scoring at the 67th minute, causing concern for /sci/'s fans in the game day thread. But with some fresh legs subbed in and a minor tactical adjustment by the /sci/ management, You SHOULD be able to solve this scored with just 15 minutes left in the game to bring it up to 3-1 after missing so many of her shots throughout the cup. Despite the changes made by /mlp/ in reaction, they only enabled two more goals by Feynman and Mochizuki in the dying minutes of the game. A four medal performance had sent /mlp/ to 5PA1N as /sci/ would take its first title in what could only be described as a miracle run. From the great escape in the group stage, to the breaking of the quarterfinals curse, to going all the way with a commanding win in its first final. After so many instances of the team deserving, but falling short over the years, /sci/ finally had the good fortune to prevail over its trials to emerge as the champions.

Tournament History

Competition Wins Draws Losses Goal For Goals Against Goal Differential Rank Notes
2012 Spring Cup logo.png2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup 4 2 1 11 7 4 3rd place
2012 Summer Cup logo.png 2012 4chan Summer Cup 0 1 2 5 11 -6 19th place - Group Stage
2012 Autumn Cup logo.png 2012 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2 1 1 10 5 5 9th place - Round of 16
2013 Winter Cup logo.png2013 4chan Winter Cup 1 0 2 5 6 -1 16th place - Group Stage
2013 Spring Cup logo.png2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1 0 2 2 4 -2 19th place- Group Stage Promoted due to the Dragongate scandal
2013 Summer Cup logo.png 2013 4chan Summer Cup 1 0 2 3 7 -4 23rd place - Group Stage
2013 Autumn Cup logo.png2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1 1 1 5 7 -2 21st place - Group Stage
2014 Spring Cup logo.png2014 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1 1 2 3 4 -1 30th place - Group Stage
2014 Autumn Cup Logo.png 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 4 1 1 12 7 5 5th place - Quarterfinals
2015 4chan winter cup logo.png2015 4chan Winter Cup 1 2 1 6 7 -1 14th place - Round of 16
2015 Summer Cup Logo.png2015 4chan Summer Cup 0 0 3 3 10 -7 31st - Group Stage
ABC15 Design G.png2015 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1 2 1 8 4 4 24th place - Group Stage
2016 Spring Cup Logo.png2016 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0 1 2 2 7 -5 26th place - Group Stage
ABC16 Design A.png2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 0 0 0 0 0 0 Forfeit No export presented
SBC17 Design Aq.png2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup Qualifiers 0 2 1 4 5 -1 8th place - Group Stage
SBC17 Design A.png2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup 1 1 1 6 6 0 18th - Group Stage Promoted after /t/, /out/ and /p/ were culled
SC17 Design A.png2017 4chan Summer Cup 3 1 1 10 7 3 6th place - Quarterfinals Tied with /tv/
WC18 Design F2.png2018 4chan Winter Cup 3 0 2 9 8 1 8th place - Quarterfinals
Summer18 E.png2018 4chan Summer Cup 4 0 1 10 5 5 6th Place - Quarterfinals
WC19 Design E.png2019 4chan Winter Cup 0 1 2 12 15 -3 25th place - Group Stage
SBC19 Design B1.png2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0 3 0 0 0 0 21st place - Group Stage
ABC19 Design Eq.png2019 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Qualifiers 1 0 2 4 6 -2 8th place - Group Stage >go autopilot >get aborted
SBC20 Design A.png2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup 0 3 0 6 6 0 21st - Group Stage Lost playoffs to /d/
ABC20 Design F.png2020 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1 0 2 3 7 -4 25th - Group Stage
WoC21 Design E.png2021 4chan World Cup 0 2 1 6 7 -1 53rd - Group Stage
ABC21 Design C.png2021 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 1 0 3 6 10 -4 34th - Group Stage
SBC22 Design D.png2022 4chan Spring Babby Cup 2 0 3 9 8 1 11th - Round of 16 Drought ended after 3 years, tied with /c/
SC22 Design G.png2022 4chan Summer Cup 0 2 1 4 7 -3 28th - Group Stage >jobbing to /cm/
ABC22 Design H.png2022 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 2 2 1 8 7 1 8th - Quarter Finals >a fucking repeat group >another QF loss
WC23 Design G.png2023 4chan Winter Cup 4 0 1 12 7 5 5th - Quarter Finals >losing the first elite QF the team had 4.5 years
SC23 Design G1.png2023 4chan Summer Cup 1 0 2 6 9 -3 24th - Group Stage >getting relegated in summer AGAIN
ABC23 Design G.png2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup 5 0 2 16 9 7 Champions 9-3-3-3 miracle promotion, Quarterfinal curse broken
Cup Matches 44 28 47 202 217 -15
Official Friendlies 6 3 9 29 35 -6 No more official friendlies, RIPIP
Official Total 49 32 56 231 252 - 21

Recent & Upcoming Matches

For a >complete match history see: /sci/ Match History

Date Opponent Competition Result Scorers Video
January 27, 2023 K icon.png /k/ Group Stage WC 2023 2-1 W Shinichi MochizukiGoal 16' Norman WildbergerGoal 36' >fun
January 29, 2023 Mu icon.png /mu/ Group Stage WC 2023 2-1 W Shinichi MochizukiGoal 30' Norman WildbergerGoal 80' >fun
February 4, 2023 Gd icon.png /gd/ Group Stage WC 2023 3-2 W Shinichi MochizukiGoal 9' Richard FeynmanGoal 38' Stephen HawkingGoal 77' >fun
February 11, 2023 Xs icon.png /xs/ Round of 16 WC 2023 3-1 W Richard FeynmanGoal 9'111' Norman WildbergerGoal 100' >fun
February 12, 2023 Cm icon.png /cm/ Quater Finals WC 2023 2-2 L (3-5 Pen) Shinichi MochizukiGoal 68'117' >fun
July 28, 2023 Trv icon.png /trv/ Group Stage SC 2023 1-3 L Shinichi MochizukiGoal 79' >fun
July 30, 2023 H icon.png /h/ Group Stage SC 2023 4-3 W Norman WildbergerGoal 31'51'62'79' >fun
August 5, 2023 C icon.png /c/ Group Stage SC 2023 1-3 L You SHOULD be able to solve this Goal 6' >fun
October, 28 2023 X icon.png /x/ Group Stage ABC 2023 1-2 L Shinichi Mochizuki Goal 7' >fun
November 3, 2023 A icon.png /a/ Group Stage ABC 2023 1-2 L Richard Feynman Goal 5' >fun
November 5, 2023 N icon.png /n/ Group Stage ABC 2023 3-2 W Shinichi Mochizuki Goal 54'80' Richard Feynman Goal 65' >fun
November 11, 2023 Vt icon.png /vt/ Round of 16 ABC 2023 2-1 W Stephen HawkingGoal 31' Shinichi Mochizuki Goal 45+2' >fun
November 12, 2023 I icon.png /i/ Quaterfinals ABC 2023 2-1 W Shinichi MochizukiGoal 67'
Richard Feynman Goal 40'
November 12, 2023 Ck icon.png /ck/ Semifinals ABC 2023 2-0 W Shinichi Mochizuki Goal 4'75' >fun
November 12, 2023 Mlp icon.png /mlp/ Finals ABC 2023 5-1 W Stephen Hawking Goal 5'
Richard Feynman Goal 24'89'
You Should Be Able To Solve This Goal 75'
Shinichi Mochizuki Goal 84'


Main Article: /sci/ Player Statistics


  • /sci/ is one of only 2 teams to have drawn 30 or more games.
  • Despite being the longest tenured keeper on the team, Stephen Hawking finished his goalkeeping career only recorded seven clean sheets in an 11 year period, averaging less than 1 per year, and his first recorded clean sheet did not come until 2017. For comparison, Thorium, the second leader in clean sheets, had a short career spanning four years averaged over 1 clean sheet per year.
  • /sci/ went 10 years without promoting from a Spring Babby Cup in a way that didn't involve a scandal or a controversial decision (2012-2022), being eligible to play in 6 of them; staying within the same subject, /sci/ spent 8 years without promoting from an Autumn Babby Cup (2014-2022), although they only participated in 4 thanks to a combination of staying elite and one forfeit.
  • As of the time of writing /sci/ has conceded goals in 91.1% of games played.
  • In the 2023 Summer Cup, Norman Wildberger scored /sci/'s first double brace since Richard Feynman's against /diy/ in 2015
  • As of October 2023, /sci/ has never won on Halloween weekend.
  • /sci/ became the second team to register a four medal performance in a Final, against /mlp/, the first team that achieved this feat.


Autumn 2023

Da time cube.pngScitexport.pngAestheticssci.pngSciMusicExportWIP.png


Version Tactics Aesthetics Music
Pro Evolution Soccer 2021
Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Gallery & Promotional Media





Official tournaments:

2012 Spring Cup logo.png
2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup
Third Place
2012 Summer Cup logo.png
2012 4chan Summer Cup
At least you tried award
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Team of the tournament
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Most Improved Team
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Underdog/Surprise of the Tournament
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Best Goalhorn
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Best Chant
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
Biggest Upset


2015 Antares Memorial Cup
Third place
Akko Invitational II 2nd logo.png
Akko League II: Sucy I Need A Tagline
Akko Stuptor Cup


2012 Summer Cup logo.png
2012 4chan Summer Cup
No. Position Player
Bill Nye
All-Star 2nd Team
2014 Autumn Cup Logo.png
2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
No. Position Player
Stephen Hawking
All-Star Starting XI
Gold Glove Winner (26 Saves)
WC18 Design F2.png
2018 4chan Winter Cup
No. Position Player
Shinichi Mochizuki
Golden Boot Winner (6 Goals, 4 way tie)
ABC23 Design G.png
2023 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
No. Position Player
Shinichi Mochizuki
MVP (4 Man of the Match Awards )


Lit logo.png
The Intellectualism Derby

A match filled with brains and boredom (specially the 10+ minute managing spaghetti at the 2013 Spring Babbies), both boards enjoy reading but /sci/ prefers books that have the purpose of understanding the universe and physics while /lit/ prefers to read made up stories that are 2deep4u. The /lit/erati see the /sci/entists as a soulless team, as for The Team of Science say they are just jelly of their 300k starting jobs in Math because they took an actual helpful God Tier Major instead of ending up on the dole because of their shit tier majors. As for 4CC matters, /lit/ has won three official matches and an old offical friendly, but /sci/ will keep on testing until they can find a scientifically proven tactic that will drive them to victory.

0 Wins 0 Draws 4 Losses
Pol logo.png
The Progress Bowl

Both boards want the best for humanity, although they both disagree on some aspects: /pol/ disagrees with the moral values of /sci/ and /sci/ disagrees with the ethnic cleansing proposals of /pol/. These matches are filled with air raids and nuclear testings so the happenning is now. Both boards have met three times, the first time was a 2-1 victory for the /sci/entists with goals by Richard Feynman and Dawkins, the next one was a 2-1 win for the /pol/acks in the 2012 Summer Cup friendlies. Given /pol/'s elite status and /sci/'s decline both boards had to wait one year to face each other again, this time in the 2013 Summer Cup, where both teams were already eliminated but that didn't stop them from having fun at the infamous Doompaul pitch, whereas /sci/ won 1-0 with a goal by Bill Nye to put the ball back in /sci/'s court. These teams would not face each other for nearly 4 years, this time in a complete different scenario, the 2017 Spring Babby Qualifiers, /pol/ in shambles after disastrous performances one after the other and /sci/ returning after a year of hiatus, both teams were put on a do or die situation where a draw would favor /sci/, taking into account the horrid performances by /pol/ in their new stadium, /sci/ opted to use their stadium instead of the Time Cube, this time around both teams gathered for a joint anthem to protest Bill Nye's brainlet views on gender. Richard Feynman put 2 goals that were enough to gain the draw to advance and bury /pol/ in their stadium, being buried by a Jewish scientist that scored twice on them on the same day that marked the anniversary of Hitler's suicide. The most recent matchup was in Summer 18 and saw /sci/ bury /pol/ 2-1 and staying elite at their expense, while they headed to the inferno of the babbies. /sci/ and /pol/ would meet again in Spring 22 losing to /pol/ 1-2 for the first time in an official cup match, both promoted anyway. While /sci/ normally opposes the idea of slavery, they seem content on owning /pol/.

4 Wins 1 Draw 2 Losses
Diy logo.png
Science vs. Engineering

An age old question that has been argued for years: Which is more useful, Science or Engineering? This derby plans to settle the debate once and for all with /sci/ and /diy/ facing each other for philanthropic dominance. The first matchup between these two boards was in the 2013 Autumn Babby Cup friendlies, on which /diy/ managed to take a win away from the /sci/entists. These two teams would not face each other (barring friendlies and invitationals where /sci/ won a game and drew the other) until the 2015 4chan Winter Cup in a decisive match where it was a situation of do or die for both teams in order to advance, /diy/ struck first with an early 2-0, but with Feynman’s once-in-a-lifetime shot, a miracle performance by CB Triple Integrals and a goal by Bosnia’s Brave Nikola Tesla made /sci/ take a trip to the knockouts and the advantage on this rivalry. They would meet again in the 2015 Autumn Babby Cup but with a strong /diy/ and a /sci/ in a do-or-die situation, things looked to be a bit lopsided… and they were, in favour of /sci/, giving the /sci/borgs their largest win recorded so far. Both teams failed to advance but at least /sci/ can still maintain the “all engineers are fags” statement as law.

2 Wins 1 Draw 0 Losses


Team Discord

Yuyukow !!EOZVjSE1Oud

  • IRC: Yuyukow
  • Email: Yuyukow@protonmail.com
  • Discord: Yuyukow#8393
Babby Cups
Preceded by
2022 /vg/ Vg icon.png
Autumn Champions
2023 (1st title)