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Team List:
Signups for the 2022 4chan Spring Babby Cup have closed and 40 teams have been accepted for participation, which are as follows:

Because 40 teams will participate in this cup, the same format as the 2021 4chan Autumn Babby Cup will be used, a Megababby that consists of eight groups of five teams and will take place over four weeks with eight games per day, with the final matches for Groups E-H being done on the Friday of the typical Knockouts weekend. Here is the diagram from Autumn as a reminder.

Aesthetics Export Deadline: April 22nd, 23:59:59 UTC
Tactical Export Deadline: April 23rd, 23:59:59 UTC
Babby Draw: April 24th
First Weekend: April 29-May 1
Second Weekend: May 6-8
Third Weekend: May 13-15
Last Day of Groups + Knockout Draw: May 20
Knockouts: May 21-22

The AI Patch for Spring 2022 will be Righetti 0.06.3 (or Spaghetti Patch 3 I guess?). You can download it HERE and overwrite the 4cc_06_gameplay.cpk that should currently be in the download folder in your PES21 directory (assuming you have downloaded any 4cc aesthetics pack for PES21 already, which you should have by now).
ADDENDUM 4/3/22: Please note that for this patch, as listed in the changelog listed above, the Offensive preset (preset 1) and the Defensive preset (preset 2) are actually slightly geared to be more offensive and defensive respectively, at least in terms of midfielder positioning.

Rule Changes:
Spring 2022 will continue to use PES 2021 and the following rule changes will be implemented:

  1. Green Height Bracket
    1. 199cm players will now be 194cm players.
    2. The stat reduction for medals set to a height of 194cm will be decreased. Gold players will now receive a -4 stat reduction (all stats set to 95), and Silver players will now receive a -2 stat reduction (all stats set to 86).
  2. Red Height Bracket
    1. Silver players set to a height of 175cm will now receive a +2 stat increase (all stats set to 90).