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Winter 2019 PES and Rules:
The 2019 4chan Winter Cup will be played on PES 2016 1.04. The ruleset will be the same as Autumn 18's with the following exceptions:

  • Medal player format will change from a gold, two silvers, and two bronzes (GSSBB) to two golds and two silvers (GGSS).
  • Golds will still have all 99 in stats, silvers will now have all 88.
  • Golds will have 4 non-free cards available to them rather than 5, and silvers will have 3 instead of 4.
  • Goalkeepers will have 80 in all stats instead of 77.

These exceptions match those particular rules last used in Autumn 16. In all other cases, including trick cards, double A positions, height systems, and so on, the ruleset will remain the same as the previous cup's. There will also be no AI patch used. An updated AATF is available here.

Winter 2019 Dates:
Export Deadline: February 8th, 23:59:59 wiki time
Draw: February 10th
First Weekend: February 15th-17th
Second Weekend: February 22nd-24th
Knockout Weekend: March 2nd and 3rd

Spring 2019 PES:
If you're unaware, it has been determined that the 2019 4chan Spring Babby Cup will be played on PES 2018.

The decision comes after determining that, while much of the baseline technical aspect of 18 is either ready or can be made ready within a short amount of time (an aesthetics export format and an aesthetics compiler being the major things needing development), there would not be enough time to port over enough aesthetics to PES 18 to be of a satisfactory level. Therefore, it was decided that Spring will be the first cup to use PES 2018 instead, giving managers and other helpers several months' time to port as much as they can over to it from PES 2017. This also confirms definitively that this version of PES will be used for those who have been waiting to begin that work. There are no plans to diverge from this course; what gets made and put in is what will go on-stream, so to those this is (or will be) relevant to, putting it off too long isn't advised.