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Source for muh /h/ history, other shit

  •!!vnlTXgr1jSc/page/12/ - Avalon's beginnings
  •!!YN%2Fc61bWcAz/page/12/ - Somewhere around here, Bitten took over
  • I really liked /h/ at one point, so I kept up with the team's history for 2012-2013. Dat match vs /v/, man. Anyways, can someone, anyone explain what the fuck this had to do with /h/? It was an early goalhorn for the team, possibly the first one ever.
  • Don't count penalty losses as draws, we're not exactly like FIFA here. Here's a simple way to figure out how you should count knockout matches that went to penalty kicks - Did you win? Yes? Okay, count it as a win. If not, then, you lost.

">>getting your own team's managerial history wrong" - Hey, to my credit, I consulted with Bitten on Skype over dates, so blame him for not knowing anything. As far as the Parity Jam, that was before my time following the Cup. I can only guess that Avalon was keen on Katawa Shoujo, and since it is a graphic novel H-game to some extent, it warranted a place? I don't know, I never would've picked it. RLK_Dragon (talk) 19:02, 16 September 2015 (UTC)