If you're interested in submitting one or more logo designs for the upcoming 2017 4chan Spring Babby Cup (and qualifiers/fetus), send them to f4r via email (f4r.hanakodlmg at gmail dot com) by 12:00pm UTC on Sunday, 2nd of April. On the 3rd I'll put them all up on the wiki on a single page, after which you'll have one week (until 12:00pm UTC on the 10th) to discuss them wherever you want, suggest changes, make revisions, and so on and so forth. A day or so following that deadline, we'll hold a poll to see which design is the most popular, after which the winner should be finalized barring any final modifications or adjustments from the 4CCC. As has been the case for the past few cups, we'll hold a second round of voting between the top designs from the first should the results be deemed close enough to warrant it. Ball logo: .ai .svg .png


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This glossary seeks to describe commonly-used terms in the 4chan Cup community.



A player or team element that is perceived as being used purely because of its popularity with 4chan Cup fans, rather than the board it is supposed to be representing.


The 4chan Cup Committee, the governing body of the 4chan Cup.

4chan Cup

The name given to the system of official tournaments hosted by the 4CCC. The four annual tournaments are known as the Spring Babby, Summer, Autumn Babby and Winter Cups.

4chan Cup Community

Anyone contributing directly to the 4chan Cup or interacting with its representatives (4CCC, commentators, managers, streamers, etc.) is deemed to be part of the 4chan Cup Community. This includes chatting viewers, people participating in the /vg/ thread, and members of cup-related chat rooms.

>4 minutes

Term used in reference to /sci/ after their management missed a deadline by four minutes before a match during the 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup Friendlies, leaving them heavily penalized for the match.

77 player

A standard player that has 77 in every stat.



Generally used to refer to custom adboards.

Arrows and dots

Player attributes found in older versions of PES, that determined player behavior and pass directions to a degree.


A program designed to automate checking of exports for official tournaments, ensuring they comply with official rules.



A team either at or recently promoted from Babby Cup level.

Babby Cup

Lower-level tournament for 32 or more teams looking to qualify for top-tier competition.

Generally used to refer to custom banners.


The group of players on a team that are not currently on the pitch.

Bicycle kick

An acrobatic finish where a player facing away from the goal throws their body into the air, attempting to score by shooting the ball backwards over their own head. Massive style points.


Any custom face or model for a player. The word is derived from Blender, the 3D modeling software used to produce said models.


A goal scored from a powerful long-range shot.

Bronze player

A non-standard player with stats rated at 77 across the board. Bronze players were phased out to be replaced by the GGSS system.



Equippable attributes to players which enhance a specific ability. Skill cards enhance a technical ability, while playstyle cards generally enhance a tactical ability. The amount of cards per player is limited according to the official rules.

Classic No. 10

A midfielder that moves the ball forward through effective passes, yet remains fairly static on the pitch.


The person who hosts and streams official tournaments, and oversees the 4chan Cup Committee. The current commissioner is Lear.


Attribute, specific to each player, which is usually randomly generated before each match. Conditions range from "terrible" to "top", represented by a set of arrow graphics.

Cond-very poor.png: Terrible form
Cond-poor.png: Poor form
Cond-okay.png: Normal form
Cond-good.png: Good form
Cond-very good.png: Top form

Better condition provides players with a stat buff, and worse condition inflicts a stat debuff.



Match between two rivals.


Mocking term for the sport of football. Refers to the tendency of football players to fake injuries, taking a dive to the grass in the hope of aiding their team.


Scandal in which a manager was caught managing multiple teams, which is against the rules. Resulted in a large amount of match results being rendered void.



Any number of programs that allow for the easier editing of player stats and team tactics, as well as importing and exporting of attributes and tactics.


A term that carries two meanings. First and foremost, it refers to the Elite level of Cup tournaments. It is also used to refer to teams that have advanced to the knockouts in every major Cup event they have competed in. For more information on this, see Elite (teams).


The collection of files sent by a manager to the 4CCC to enter a team into an official tournament. This almost always includes tactics, but managers can also choose to submit an aesthetic export as well, to make their team stand out on the pitch.



Attribute, specific to each player, which is dependent on a number of factors including the amount of activity performed in recent matches. Higher levels of fatigue result in faster stamina depletion and makes players more prone to errors. This attribute is not enabled in more recent cups.

Fergie time

The time period exceeding the allotted stoppage time at the end of a match. Particularly infamous for yielding very late goals, to the dismay of many.


Adjustable attribute which alters the random generation of a player's condition.

Fox in the box

A striker that lurks in the opposition's 18-yard box, waiting for a chance to score.



Short for Gold, Gold, Silver, Silver. A team structure where each team is given two gold and two silver players. This has been the official system for every official cup since Spring 2013.


A perceived weaker team that relegates a team that is considered strong.

Goal poacher

A type of striker that plays off the shoulders of the last defender, usually excelling at scoring.


Acronym for Greatest Of All Time, often used to describe a player or team of legendary stature.

Gold player

Used to describe a non-standard player with stats rated at 99 across the board.

Golden Boot

Award presented to the best striker in an official tournament, typically the player with the most goals.

Golden Glove

Award presented to the best goalkeeper in an official tournament, typically the keeper with the most saves.

Group of death

Group in a cup competition which is unusually competitive, because the number of strong teams in the group is greater than the number of qualifying places available for the next phase of the tournament.


Height abuse

A phrase invoked against teams that used taller-than-average players. Less used after new height rules were instituted starting with the 2014 4chan Summer Cup.



A tournament where teams are invited to play the tournament organizer. These are always unofficial in nature.



Japanese modder who contributed several programs used to edit various PES games. Ded.


Kick-off abuse

The tendency for goals to be scored very quickly following a kick-off situation.


Refers to custom kits within Pro Evolution Soccer.


An add-on program for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. It was previously used to add custom content to the game, but has now been dropped by the Cup due to stability issues.


Live managing

When a manager relays tactical input to a host in real time as a match is being played. In official Cup matches, this is subject to strict rules.



The individual in charge of a board's team. Duties include overseeing the team's tactics, live managing, putting together aesthetics for the team, and interfacing with the team's board. For some teams, these duties are shared between multiple co-managers, or a council of managers.

Man of the match

Award, decided by PES through arcane means, given to the player it thinks performed the best in a match.


A player attribute in older version of PES that determines the attacking or defensive nature of that player. Replaced by the Attacking/Defensive Prowess stats in newer versions of PES.


Short for mercenary. Any manager that is perceived as not being a regular visitor of the board he manages.

Medal player

Used to describe a non-standard player. Can refer to gold, silver, or bronze players, or all three of these. Bronze players were phased out in Spring 2013 to be replaced by the GGSS system.


Parking the bus

Expression used when all the players on a team play defensively, usually when the team is winning by a narrow margin.


An expression indicating displeasure at the somewhat random AI gameplay in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. Usually employed as an excuse when faced with a loss.


Any one of the customizable formations which can be switched in PES at will by a manager.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Also known as PES. A series of football video games created by Konami. The 4chan Cup is played using this series.


When a team moves up to a higher division in the 4chan Cup hierarchy, usually when reaching the playoff stage of a Babby cup.



When a team moves down to a lower division in the Cup hierarchy, usually as a result of failing to reach the playoff stage of an Elite Cup.


Rigbux (or RB) are the imaginary currency often used in 4CC contexts, such as the betting shop in /4ccg/ during match days. If you hear someone complain about losing their Rigbux and/or kneecaps, they probably just lost a bet.

Rig Cam

A webcam pointed at the commissioners monitor to allow managers and color commentators to see the match as it happens without delay. Speeds live managing up considerably.


Term regularly used since the 2012 Winter Cup to describe any questionable decisions made or activities performed by the 4CCC.


Semen slurping

A match that is characterized by midfield/possession antics, with no real chances either way. Often accompanied by the ResidentSleeper Twitch emoticon.

Silver player

A non-standard player with stats rated at 88 across the board.

Slav goal

Goal scored during the final two minutes that grants the scoring team a win. Named after the /int/ player Putin's two match-winning goals during the The World Series invitational.


Skill move where a player, typically a striker, flicks the ball over and past an opposing player to retain possession.

Squat Toilet

A goal scored on a rebound from outside the 18-yard box, preferably by a non-medal player. Named after the /trv/ player Squat Toilet, who delivered a very memorable instance of this.


Player attribute which depletes as they perform physical activity during a match. Ending a match with a very low level of stamina will contribute to fatigue, if the feature is enabled in-game.


Players are forced to miss their team's next game(s) if they pick up an allotted number of bookings in Cup matches, or if they are sent off in a previous match.


Target Man

A type of striker that holds the ball up in an advanced area, waiting for his team to back him up to generate an attack.

Third Place Trophy

A term mocking the notion of third place in an official tournament as a result worthy of bragging.


Style of play characterized by short passing and movement, with an emphasis on retaining possession. In the Cup, mostly used to refer to excessive examples of such a playstyle.


Any shot that hits the post of the goal. Used both as a noun and a verb.



A match or tournament not governed by the 4CCC. These events do not count towards official statistics.



An official match result that does not count towards statistics, usually as a result of rigging.


Plastic horn-shaped instruments popularized by supporters at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South AfrBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT.


Yo-yo team

A team that is regularly promoted and relegated between the Elite and Babby Cup levels.