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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
This is still a work in progress.
Please be patient.

How to install PES17 correctly: Installation guide

The cup is still using PES16, while no executive action has been taken yet regarding a move from 16 to 17, many of the same criteria that were used in the move from 15 to 16 will most likely be used to judge the suitability of a move. Some of those are as follows:

  • Is there a stable crack? Yes, of 1.01 (not the newest version though).
  • Are we able to mod to the same (or similar) degree as PES16? Mostly, yes.
  • Has the edit file been decoded, and is an external editor available (NGE or RigIt)? Edit file has been decrypted and decoded, and a couple of editors for the editfile are avaliable: PESED17OR v1.04 (you need to manually decrypt/encrypt the editfile, use pesXdecrypter for this), and PES 2017 Player Data Editor (reportedly incompatible with 4CC editfiles).
  • Has AATF been ported? Mostly, yes. Just waiting for finalization of team IDs.

This page is a work in progress.

Torrent and Crack: Click Here
1.02 crack, updated download folder and EDIT file (18 teams): Normal Download, Compact mode, no stadiums
Plain 1.02 exe: Click Here
Temporary EDIT.bin for testing (17 teams): Click Here
Temporary uniform.cpk for 17 teams: Click Here
Experimental download folder: Click Here
Base PES17 4CC Blank Save: Alpha 2 - All-placeholder. You might have to regenerate system data, this is normal. - Updated 13:42, 26 December 2016 (UTC)
Base PES17 4CC Blank Aesthetics: SOON!
Pre-Winter stadium pack: Click Here

DpFileList.bin Editor for PES 2017: Click Here
Team Editors: Editor

New Stuff to Test

  • custom 4CC stadiums should work properly in PES 17 (both Cirrus Maximus and Final PEStination were tested and neither seemed to have anything wrong); and the three aforementioned slightly-breaking stadiums (Void, Tokyo Dome, and Zyzz), now seem to run perfectly fine
  • Stadium.bin, StadiumOrder.bin, and StadiumOrderInConfederation.bin, all ported from PES 16, mostly seem to work here; stadium slot 26 (Big Rig's Resort on Autumn's 4cc_stadiums) completely crashes the game, however
    • Untrodden Valley (Autumn's 4cc_stadiums slot 23) was previously though to crash the game, but seems to work fine on my end - Exhibition UEL UCL
    • All stadiums should now be working properly as long as each stadium has all possible subfolders present within common\bg\model\bg
  • Mini portrait editing (new to 17) is under common\render\symbol\player\player0.cpk - inside this cpk, under common\render\symbol\player, you can then add DDS (dxt3, expicit alpha, 128x128) textures by the name of to make your player show up.
  • Dag has compiled a special PES17 scoreboard, background texture and replay wipe pack which just works. The new UEL UI has also been converted.
  • The background startup texture seems to work fine straight from 16.
  • I hastily ported the adboards from 4cc_seasonal, but had to revert to using common\bg\model\bg\bill\ucl instead of "elite". These also seem to load just fine.
    • This has once again been supplanted by Dag who ported 4cc_seasonal outright.
  • Gametips hex editing seems to be possible, but I haven't got it quite right on the first try.
    • More hex editing of eng\string\all.str - a file which used to be in 4cc_gametips.cpk 1 2 3 scrolling text editing, new to 17
    • Overflowing the scrolling gametips in the homescreen (to do things like fit the /m/ copypasta into one) doesn't compromise the game's stability, but it will occasionally result in a tip starting in the middle of a sentence - Example
  • Cup mode can actually be used with Coach mode on for the first time since PES13! KONAMI Cup example - Needs to be verified for alphabet abuse either way.


This rambling list of stuff that does/doesn't work was done on an uncracked steam version not long after release and should probably be ignored if there are any conflicts with other info on this page. This section will most likely be deleted later.

  • Balls seem to work exactly the same and need no changes whatsoever.
  • Player aesthetics have yet to be tested fully, however gundam turned into a ref mostly worked (there are some limb issues), dark boris refs worked fine. Kits are ???.
  • Wipes don't work, this may just be a filename/path issue though.
  • Gametips crash (get_bent seems to have no effect).
  • Only three summer cpks (including MCA) crash PES17 on startup: z_gametips, z_other_shite and dag. Other_shite contains pesdb stuff which has changed in 17, the others I'm guessing are just general changes in some bin/string formats maybe?
  • Stadiums are a mixed bag (adboards sometimes work and sometimes don't):
  1. Working just fine
    1. Konami stadium
    2. Transatlantic semen pipeline
    3. Adobe Arena
    4. GNU/Stadium
    5. Animation Alley
    6. Mont Cervin
    7. Advice dog arena
    8. The mountaintops
  2. Only slightly breaking
    1. The Void
    2. Tokyo Dome
    3. Zyzz memorial
  3. Completely crashing the game
    1. The mlp stadium
    2. Orbital Ring
    3. The vr stadium
    4. Big Rigs resort
    5. Skank stadium