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The /vg/ League 15 Friendlies are another series of unofficial pre-cup friendlies. They begin on September 19th, 2020 and will run for four days over two weekends until September 27th, 2020. If the turnout is lower than expected, Friday will be closed and matches on those days will be rescheduled. The rules for the friendlies are as follows:

  • Each team is limited to two friendlies.
  • Each match is the standard length, with both teams set to good conditioning. Managers may agree to ET/PKs if they would like, but since this is to test a prospective rule set there will be no alternate rules for these matches.
  • For the arrangement of friendlies it is advised to use the article's talk page or the VGL discord, following the rules found at the top of that page. Also please inform your general that they are taking part in a friendly match. Matches may only be approved for the schedule once organized between managers or between generals if no manager is around/exists for said team. In most cases it will be, so don't hesitate to place a match on the schedule once you've come to an agreement.
  • Exports for each match should be provided on your team page. Please specify which export will be used for which match if you are submitting different ones per game. New/revived teams must ask the commissioner what their VGL export slot will be, due to rule changes a new export will have to be provided.
  • Matches must be set on this page by the friendlies deadline. (Week 1: September 11th, Week 2: September 18th)
  • There is no live management. Any and all tactical tweaks you want must be plainly visible on your team's wiki page, but only things that can be set before the game starts. If there is nothing noted on the wiki page then what is in the export will be used.

Matches will be hosted on the VGL Cytube
General Discord discussion server can be found here.


September 19th

19 September 2020 /fgoalter/ Fgoalter icon.png 3–3 Acg icon.png /acg/

Don't Be Greedy Goal 21'
Finally, a Break Goal 64'77'
Liz Love Booked 43'
Jannu Booked 84'
Goal 15' Tom Nook
Goal 34' Celestechads Open Up
Goal 53' Isabelle
Unlimited Blade Works
Attendance: 106

19 September 2020 /fg/ Fg icon.png 1–3 Vn icon.png /vn/
Note: Extra time OFF, Benuldies ON
<WALLS> Goal 63'
Bestelle Booked 9'
Kondo Booked 90+1'
Goal 22' Geralt
Goal 26'50' I Only Read Moege
Booked 73' Geralt
Akihabara Denki-gai
Attendance: 86

19 September 2020 /drag/ Drag icon.png 2–0 2hug icon.png /2hug/
Note: Extra time OFF, Benuldies ON
Enuji Goal 26'
Operation Kill Dragalia Goal 67'
Booked 73' SA is Bootleg EoSD Akihabara Denki-gai
Attendance: 74

19 September 2020 /twg/ Twg icon.png 2–5 Vrg icon.png /vrg/
Note: Extra time OFF, Benuldies ON
wegh Goal 18'
Odysseus Goal 74'
Goal 3'31'79' Unity-chan
Goal 40' Custom Avatar
Goal 62' The Chad Full Body User
Sand Casino
Attendance: 59

September 20th

20 September 2020 /domg/ Domg icon.png 3–4 Akg icon.png /akg/
Note: meme match, GKs nerfed into the ground, /akg/ only uses ZERO SANITY's goalhorn, eggsdra diem and benuldies ON, replace benuldy's music with both goalhorns playing at the same time
Giant Man-Eating Jews Goal 15'19'36' Goal 26' HellaCHAD
Goal 73' Sad Fat Rich Cat
Booked 76' GAOOO
The Ritual Field
Attendance: 100

20 September 2020 /ink/ Ink icon.png 6–4 Acg icon.png /acg/

Marie Has A Gun Goal 3'69'75'
Woomy! Goal 26'86'
Splat Tim Goal 54'
Goal 6' Nice """"Game""""
Goal 45'49'80' CelesteChads Open Up
Booked 68' Is The Bait Duped?
Moray Towers
Attendance: 87

20 September 2020 /civ4xg/ Civ4xg icon.png 3–0 Assg icon.png /assg/

Wololo Goal 18'
Horatio Sauce Goal 25'
Somehow I'm The Bad Guy Goal 64'
Red card 78' M Cote The Colosseum
Attendance: 82

  Yaegashi Nan Derby
5th Edition
20 September 2020 /skg/ Skg icon.png 4–0 Hanny icon.png /hanny/
Note: Penalty Kicks ON
Happy Boobs Goal 7'68'
LIFE Goal 52'
Walmart Kagura Goal 85'
Bashou's Friend Booked 55'
Booked 12' >Helman GDP Peach Beach
Attendance: 92

20 September 2020 /aceg/ Aceg icon.png 3–3 Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/
Note: benals ON
Trigger Goal 3'
Pixy Goal 39'
Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Corneliu A. Shilage Goal 57'
Jpeg Dog Booked 90'
Goal 19'26'42' Chad Wrestler Okada-kun
Attendance: 84
Trigger Missed
Belka Missed
Pixy Scored
Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Corneliu A. Shilage Scored
Jpeg Dog Missed
2–1 Missed Wooby
Scored Alpaca
Missed Anata-chan
Missed Chad Wrestler Okada-kun
Missed Kiss Umi

  Inventory Autism Bowl  
20 September 2020 /tf2g/ Tf2g icon.png 4–6 Mcg icon.png /mcg/
Note: +2 at 70' and Penalties on
Pottis Goal 6'
Random Crits are Fair & Balanced Goal 40'85'
Juaa.raul.rodriguez2009 Goal 73'
Goal 11'53' GTNH Best Modpack 10/10
Goal 15'64' Dedotated Wam
Goal 30' Autism
Goal 90' >vanillafags

Attendance: 65

  Run escapeb owl: a qpw edition  
20 September 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png 8–10 Osg icon.png /osg/
Note: Both teams on qpw formation +2 from the rip ET/PKs on
@@@@@@ Goal 7'40'57'
Slisgay Goal 33'85'
Thok Goal 38'50'
Rare Deepwater Jew Goal 53'
Slisgay Booked 31'
Goal 23'74'80' gz
Goal 51'67'78' Connection Lost
Goal 55'72'90+1' Champ
Goal 62' He Can't Believe It OSRS
Booked 28' Planked
Booked 83' A q p W
Sand Casino
Attendance: 44

September 25th

25 September 2020 /llsifg/ Llsifg icon.png 1–3 Lzg icon.png /lzg/
Note: benals on
Alpaca Goal 13' Goal 19'39' Naga Raidaaaaa
Goal 68' When's Annie?
Mijuku Dreamer Stadium
Attendance: 58

25 September 2020 /r6g/ R6g icon.png Egg icon.png /egg/
Note: Penalties and Extra Time Activated. The Omnissiah decides who wins.

25 September 2020 /dbg/ Dbg icon.png Mjg icon.png /mjg/

25 September 2020 /ink/ Ink icon.png Drag icon.png /drag/

25 September 2020 /mjg/ Mjg icon.png Kfg icon.png /kfg/

25 September 2020 /rsg/ Rsg icon.png Twg icon.png /twg/

September 26th

26 September 2020 /2hug/ 2hug icon.png Revue icon.png /revue/
Note: Extra time and benuldies ON

  Swords vs Guns Bowl  
26 September 2020 /gfg/ Gfg icon.png Tnm icon.png /tnm/

26 September 2020 /fgoalter/ Fgoalter icon.png Vrg icon.png /vrg/
Note: Eggsdra Dime ON, Benuldies ON

26 September 2020 /hanny/ Hanny icon.png Vn icon.png /vn/
Note: Benuldies in this match.

26 September 2020 /sp/ Sp icon.png A icon.png /a/

  Moe vs Shounen  
26 September 2020 /きらら/ きらら icon.png Dbg icon.png /dbg/
Note: Extra Time and Penalties on

26 September 2020 /xcg/ Xcg icon.png Civ4xg icon.png /civ4xg/

26 September 2020 /drg/ Drg icon.png Assg icon.png /assg/

September 27th

27 September 2020 /revue/ Revue icon.png きらら icon.png /きらら/
Note: Extra time and benuldies ON

27 September 2020 /gfg/ Gfg icon.png Aceg icon.png /aceg/

27 September 2020 /ssbg/ Ssbg icon.png Fg icon.png /fg/
Note: Extra time OFF, Benuldies ON

  Swords vs Guns Bowl 2  
27 September 2020 /tnm/ Tnm icon.png R6g icon.png /r6g/
Note: Extra time and benuldies ON

  Yostar Bowl  
27 September 2020 /akg/ Akg icon.png Alg icon.png /alg/
Note: alternatively the coom bowl. extra time and penalties on.

27 September 2020 /kfg/ Kfg icon.png Skg icon.png /skg/
Note: 4 subs, Eggsdra Dime and Benuldies On :DDDD

  2007 Bowl  
27 September 2020 /osg/ Osg icon.png Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/
Note: Penalties on