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=={{team away|asp}}==
=={{team away|asp}}==
Rename Punished Mox back to DEAN by popular demand from the board.
Rename Punished Mox back to DEAN by popular demand from the board.
=={{team away|r9k}}==
*reduce manlet to 175
*reduce tendies to 175

Revision as of 10:59, 21 April 2020

Current save: v2b (4/19/20)
Babby AATF Results: https://pastebin.com/FLATrVxc
Babby teams with detected issues: R9k icon.png /r9k/
Babby save fix deadline: Wednesday, April 22nd, at 23:59:59 UTC
Fetus AATF Results: https://pastebin.com/yJ3shQ7B
Fetus teams with detected issues: N icon.png /n/ S4s icon.png /s4s/
Fetus save fix deadline: Wednesday, April 8th, at 23:59:59 UTC

Please add your save fixes below under the Not Added Yet section under a header for your own team. If you have any save fixes for the editfile of an aesthetic nature like appearance for FBM or other model effects, shirt numbers, etc., also list them below. For any save fixes after the deadline stated above, please inform QD directly after editing this page to make sure he's aware and that it should be implemented. Also be sure to either always use the latest save available with up-to-date save fixes or implement your team's save fixes in your own copy of the save to avoid repeating save fix-related issues in your nightly exports.

Not Added Yet

Asp icon.png /asp/

Rename Punished Mox back to DEAN by popular demand from the board.

R9k icon.png /r9k/

  • reduce manlet to 175
  • reduce tendies to 175


(Don't write here. Save fixes will be moved here after being put in the latest save.)

Int icon.png /int/

Switched Why Yes, How Could You Tell? and Amerimutt's positions by request, no ID changes

M icon.png /m/

Change Alteisen Riese Possession in all presets to SS to properly reflect his proper position in the team save Vilkenparadis (talk) 09:25, 19 April 2020 (UTC)

A icon.png /a/

  • Change SMUG ANIME FACE goal celebrations to: 140 and 73
  • Change "THAT" goal celebrations to: 73 and 9
  • Change KAIJI goal celebrations to: 118 and 118
  • Change KAIJI shirt name to: KUYASHIIIIII
  • Change INFERNO COP goal celebrations to: 81 and 132
  • Change EASY BREAZY goal celebrations to: 137 and 120
  • Change CRIM goal celebrations to: 31 and 43
  • Change TRUCK-KUN goal celebrations to: 137 and 127
  • Change COWBOY BEBOP goal celebrations to: 86 and 94
  • Set WIDEFACE boots to 0
  • Set QUALITY boots to 0
  • Set SMUG ANIME FACE boots to 0
  • Set YOU"RE WAIFU boots to 0
  • Set I'M IN DESPAIR boots to 0
  • Set SAKURAFISH boots to 0
  • Set KING OF GETS boots to 0
  • Set I M A G I N E boots to 0
  • Set LELOUCH boots to 0
  • Set DESU boots to 0
  • Set ACCELERATOR boots to 0
  • Set BOKU boots to 0
  • Set PROCREATE boots to 0
  • Set "THAT" boots to 0
  • Set KAIJI boots to 0
  • Set INFERNO COP boots to 0
  • Set LEGENDARY YAMADA TAE boots to 0
  • Set EAZY BREAZY boots to 0
  • Set EAZY BREAZY shirt name name to: EAZY BREEZY
  • Set TRUCK-KUN boots to :83
  • Set YOTSUBA boots to :84
  • Set COWBOY BEBOP boots to :84

An icon.png /an/

  • Change Brown Recluse boots ID to 147

N icon.png /n/

  • Make Skyking's form 8
  • Make 90s Rigid 175cm
  • FPC Settings for all the following players. Boots ID for all the following players
    • 952 - A Circular Runway
    • 953 - Step 1: Ban Cars
    • 954 - Steel is Reel
    • 956 - Memebike
    • 959 - 90s Rigid MTB
    • 964 - 737 Max Impact
    • 965 - Jacob van Zanten
    • 966 - Cager Rage
    • 967 - Slam That Stem
    • 968 - Old Steel 10 Speed
    • 971 - Skyking
    • 972 - Tite Gapz

S4s icon.png /s4s/

  • Change :^) height to 175
  • Remove low lofted pass from ASS

Y icon.png /y/

Make traps have Boots ID:1580 Make home stadium Semen Uke Stadium, Stadium ID should be 47.