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Export: [ spycy tactics] <br>
Export: [ spycy tactics] <br>
Aesthetics: [ kawaii spy outfits]<br>
Aesthetics: [ kawaii spy outfits]<br>
Music: <br>
Music: [ spy & spice]<br>
Pastebin: soon<br>
----{{team away|yucamp}} Invitational 16 (ID: 846)<br>
----{{team away|yucamp}} Invitational 16 (ID: 846)<br>
Export: [!ekxABCgR!unymQJxv-UV5JsRHHRpxwh9_HLil1GqhFSXhgrBACjk Camp planning]<br>
Export: [!ekxABCgR!unymQJxv-UV5JsRHHRpxwh9_HLil1GqhFSXhgrBACjk Camp planning]<br>

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100oj icon.png /100oj/ Invitational 1 (ID: 831)
Export: Gotta roll for all the Ones.
Aesthetics: Blazing and Accelerating into new Horizons. + This game wouldn't be rigged without its characteristic Die™
Music: Accelerator kinda be hittin' different today.

3Hz icon.png /3Hz/ Invitational 2 (ID: 832)
Export: Tictacs
Aesthetics: Bargain bin kits
Music: Music for cool girls
Pastebin: The script is a lie

Azu icon.png /azu/ Invitational 3 (ID: 833)
Export: Throw the ball!
Aesthetics: Cute school uniforms
Music: Ru~ra~ru

Bakuon icon.png /bakuon/ Invitational 4 (ID: 834)
Export: bike license
Aesthetics: aes
Music: cool vibrations

Bocchi icon.png /bocchi/ Invitational 5 (ID: 835)
Export: smol bocc

Dropout icon.png /dropout/ Invitational 6 (ID: 836)

Export: SPICY TACTICS courtesy of the Hell Shopping Network
Aesthetics: Delightfully devilish uniforms
Music: Angel Gabu > Vampire Gabu

Hida icon.png /hida/ Invitational 7 (ID: 837)

Aesthetics: Use the /ag/league ones (should be this one)
Music: same as above (and this one)

Keion icon.png /keion/ Invitational 8 (ID: 838)

Export: me
Aesthetics: me
Music: s

Kmb icon.png /kmb/ Invitational 9 (ID: 839)

Export: 14000 alarms slept through later
Aesthetics: 500 yen budget aesthetics
Music: ED>OP, you can't prove me wrong.

Kmd icon.png /kmd/ Invitational 10 (ID: 840)

Export: Tactics, I fixed the heights but not the team ID, do that yourself for your shitty /u/ circlejerk kthanks

Lucky icon.png /lucky/ Invitational 11 (ID: 841)

Export: oha
Aesthetics: lucky

Lwa icon.png /lwa/ Invitational 12 (ID: 842)

Export: 2 INT tictacs
Aesthetics:smol witches
Music:yay sounds

Pcr icon.png /pcr/ Invitational 13 (ID: 843)

Export: cock
Aesthetics: ball

Sora icon.png /sora/ Invitational 14 (ID: 844)

Export: Battle plans
Aesthetics: Uniforms
Music: Marches

Spyce icon.png /spyce/ Invitational 15 (ID: 845)

Export: spycy tactics
Aesthetics: kawaii spy outfits
Music: spy & spice
Pastebin: soon

Yucamp icon.png /yucamp/ Invitational 16 (ID: 846)

Export: Camp planning
Aesthetics: Equipment
Music: Comfy music