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/vg/ League Exports

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This page is for the upcoming /vg/ League 15. Archived exports pages can be found at /vg/ League Exports/Archive

This page is for the initial deadlines only. See the VGL Mid Cup Aesthetics for tactical export-related changes beyond the first deadline.

Make sure to read the warning message above.


  • Tactics and Aesthetics: November 12th (23:59:59 UTC)
  • Music: November 18th (23:59:59 UTC)

Main Teams

@ icon.png /@/

  • Tactical Export: Ganbarimasu
  • Aesthetics Export: Soooon. (Care of the aesthetics team)
  • Audio Export: TBD

2hug icon.png /2hug/

Aceg icon.png /aceg/

Acg icon.png /acg/

Akg icon.png /akg/

Alg icon.png /alg/

Assg icon.png /assg/

Civ4xg icon.png /civ4xg/

Dbg icon.png /dbg/

Ddlc icon.png /ddlc/

Digi icon.png /digi/

Dng icon.png /dng/

Domg icon.png /domg/

Drag icon.png /drag/

Egg icon.png /egg/

Feg icon.png /feg/

Fg icon.png /fg/

Fgoalter icon.png /fgoalter/

Fgog icon.png /fgog/

Gbfg icon.png /gbfg/

Gbpen icon.png /gbpen/

Gfg icon.png /gfg/

Hanny icon.png /hanny/

Hgg2d icon.png /hgg2d/

Indie icon.png /indie/

Ink icon.png /ink/

Kfg icon.png /kfg/

Llsifg icon.png /llsifg/

Lzg icon.png /lzg/

Mbg icon.png /mbg/

Mjg icon.png /mjg/

Nepgen icon.png /nepgen/

Osg icon.png /osg/

Pmmm icon.png /pmmm/

R6g icon.png /r6g/

Revue icon.png /revue/

Rsg icon.png /rsg/

Skg icon.png /skg/

Ssbg icon.png /ssbg/

  • Tactical Export: he's in
  • Aesthetics Export:
  • Audio Export:

Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/

Tnm icon.png /tnm/

Twg icon.png /twg/

Vitagen icon.png /vitagen/

Vn icon.png /vn/

Vrg icon.png /vrg/

Wtg icon.png /wtg/

Xcg icon.png /xcg/

きらら icon.png /きらら/