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VGL Mid Cup Aesthetics

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This page is intended for adding or fixing aesthetics during an on-going cup.
Either link new/corrected files or add notes to fix certain things that might have been forgotten or were broken before.

Please add a level 3 header (with three equal signs on each side) with your team name above the stuff you want to be fixed/added.
The headers should be listed chronologically below the Not added yet / To do header, with the newest stuff at the top.
If you have to add more stuff halfway, just make a new header at the top for your team, and leave the old one in place.
Once stuff is added or fixed it will be moved to the Added / Done section.

Important: Every request has to be verified by a team's current manager, with a signature (four tildes) at the end.

This page is currently meant to be used for the /vg/ League 14.

Aesthetic Stuff

For all the stuff that involves aesthetic files, like new kits and faces.
Please only put the stuff that changed, don't upload a whole new export every time.

To Fix

(Add your aesthetic fix requests below this line)

Ink icon.png /ink/

Set FPC settings for all player

Aceg icon.png /aceg/

Set FPC settings for all players if they aren't already

Tf2g icon.png /tf2g/

Set FPC settings for Rick May

Wtg icon.png /wtg/

Forgot to add the proper Duce model to the export
Make sure >shitaly is the starting GK

Drg icon.png /drg/

  • Set FPC settings for Monokuma and Atua

2hug icon.png /2hug/

Change the boots on Byakuren did nothing wrong to the McFucking Nothing

Trg icon.png /trg/

Rename "A fucking torch" to "TORCH GOD"


(Don't write here. Requests will be moved here after being fulfilled.)

Click ->

Savedata Issues

For all the savedata-related fixes, like changing shirt names, setting long sleeves or different boots, etc.

Found issues: https://pastebin.com/dggGxz2C
THE EDITOR DOES NOT PICKUP OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS please make sure all of your players in Preset 1 are in position.
The teams with these errors are as follows:

To Fix

(Add your savedata fix requests below this line)


(Don't write here. Requests will be moved here after being fulfilled.)

Click ->

Revue icon.png /revue/

Please ensure all players have FPC settings on, as well as making "GIGAfin" the starting keeper. Jinrai (talk) 09:02, 3 June 2020 (UTC)

2hug icon.png /2hug/

This is going to take a while Bowling (talk)

  • WHY ISN'T THIS ON /jp/? - Remove man marking
  • 2HU IS A VIDEO GAME - Remove man marking
  • COCKSICLE - Remove Low lofted pass
  • TAKE IT EASY - Remove Low lofted pass
  • DEAD WOMB - Remove Fighting spirit
  • FILTHY SECONDARY - Remove Low lofted pass
  • PLS REMBER - Remove Mazing Runner
  • [X] HUG - Remove Man Marking

Also please set RB and LB to take right/left corners, (and if asking is allowed) Meaningful discussion takes Long FK, Pls rember takes short.

D2g icon.png /d2g/

Please ensure the following players are FPC-compliant:

  • Soaking Wet Doe Pussy

Autocrat (talk) 12:03, 1 June 2020 (UTC)

Mbg icon.png /mbg/

Remove Floris' playing style. Currently is Extra Frontman but should be None.

Make preset 1 legal by:

1. Switching Harlaus and Butter

2. Switching Butter and 8 Years.

Superzak (talk) 20:16, 31 May 2020 (UTC)

Rsg icon.png /rsg/

-Set Thok to Captain, Rare Deepwater Jew Form 8, Archalelogy 4 and Slisgay should be 180 cm Zilyana (talk) 19:39 UTC May 29th, 2020 -set Thok to Right foot because im dumb and had it wrong -set corner takers to non medal CMFs Zilyana (talk) 21:41 UTC June 2nd, 2020

Vrg icon.png /vrg/

- Set RB and LB to take right/left corners

- Set GK to take penalty kicks.

- Give Network IK FPC kit settings

- Give Custom Avatar FPC kit settings

Kizzy (talk) 21:42 UTC May 29th, 2020

Mjg icon.png /mjg/

-Set FPC invisibility with Boots ID 0 for all players with the below exceptions:

-Keep boots ID 55 for Nyagger, Mahjong Crimes, Meido, and Shortcut to Haneman

-Set Furiten's Boots ID to 1 and Glove ID to 1

Azuth (talk) 22:25, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

Twg icon.png /twg/

Rename Fucking Antiochus to S U P R E M E