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== {{team away|hoenn}} '''Invitational 10'''<br> ==
== {{team away|hoenn}} '''Invitational 10'''<br> ==
*Export: [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rSNxtp2eEMs2dCnF50e_WAbTgt-CRLNG FOKKIN NOFFIN]
*Export: [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rSNxtp2eEMs2dCnF50e_WAbTgt-CRLNG FOKKIN NOFFIN]
*Aesthetics: [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/590650786271199245/617753494765699095/HOENN_Aesthetic.rar Somfin (I need to add a model, which I will do at some point)]
*Aesthetics: [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eIadPEFvxXY4jH_3xXSWHHgmRYwKQVhH WOW ITS FOOKIN LEGIT INFO]
*Music: [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cwvDWysJ6WQGrxOv9t-AwGr8kCEFZxm2 Trumpets]
*Music: [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cwvDWysJ6WQGrxOv9t-AwGr8kCEFZxm2 Trumpets]

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Exports are due at 23:59:59 UTC on September 13.

Edit.bin: Soon(TM)
Aesthetics: Soon(TM)

Signed Up Teams

Ac icon.png /ac/ Invitational 1

Aus icon.png /aus/ Invitational 2

Chn icon.png /chn/ Invitational 3

Es icon.png /es/ Invitational 4

Ex-yu icon.png /ex-yu/ Invitational 5

Fed icon.png /fed/ Invitational 6

  • Export:
  • Aesthetics:
  • Music:
  • Pastebin:[1]

Finland icon.png /finland/ Invitational 7

Arg icon.png /arg/ Invitational 8

Gre icon.png /gre/ Invitational 9

Hoenn icon.png /hoenn/ Invitational 10

Ireland icon.png /ireland/ Invitational 12

  • Export: submitted
  • Aesthetics:
  • Music:
  • Pastebin:

Ita icon.png /ita/ Invitational 13

Kcsa icon.png /kcsa/ Invitational 14

Leaf icon.png /leaf/ Invitational 15

Lordran icon.png /lordran/ Invitational 16

Michigan icon.png /michigan/ Invitational 17

Mn icon.png /mn/ Invitational 18

Ncr icon.png /ncr/ Invitational 19

Nk icon.png /nk/ Invitational 11

  • Export: 탁월한
  • Aesthetics:
  • Music:
  • Pastebin:

Pak icon.png /pak/ Invitational 20

Poland icon.png /poland/ Invitational 21

Punic icon.png /punic/ Invitational 22

Pastebin: FUCK ROME

Rho icon.png /rho/ Invitational 23

Ro icon.png /ro/ Invitational 24

Robonia icon.png /robonia/ Invitational 25

Rome icon.png /rome/ Invitational 26

San Marino icon.png /San Marino/ Invitational 27

Strangereal icon.png /strangereal/ Invitational 28

Swe icon.png /swe/ Invitational 29

Tsab icon.png /tsab/ Invitational 30

Usa icon.png /usa/ Invitational 31

  • Export: USA USA USA
  • Aesthetics: >tfw too free for aesthetics
  • Music: >tfw too free for music
  • Pastebin: USA USA USA

Ussr icon.png /ussr/ Invitational 32

Backup Teams

TBD icon.png TBD Invitational 33