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Current /a/ manager and manager to the following non-teams

/kmd/ -
/creepy/ -
/hoenn/ -
/mogra/ -


MSCF Icons + colours

Mario icon.png /mario/ color1= CE0000
Peach icon.png /peach/ color1= FF7FB6
Dk icon.png /dk/ color1= CCAA00
Waluigi icon.png /waluigi/ color1= 4A26AD
Luigi icon.png /luigi/ color1= 00770D
Wario icon.png /wario/ color1= FFDB3A
Bowser icon.png /bowser/ color1= E54C00
Yoshi icon.png /yoshi/ color1= 3AC400
Daisy icon.png /daisy/ color1= FF8330
Bowser jr icon.png /bowser jr/ color1= C63A00
Diddy kong icon.png /diddy kong/ color1= B200FF
Petey icon.png /petey/ color1= FF0000

F1 logos

Ferrari icon.png /ferrari/ color1= E20303
Redbull icon.png /redbull/ color1= 1D3C60
Mclaren icon.png /mclaren/ color1= F47F17
Mercedes icon.png /mercedes/ color1= 50CEBD
Alpine icon.png /alpine/ color1= 026DCC
Alphatauri icon.png /alphatauri/ color1= 022349
Alfaromeo icon.png /alfaromeo/ color1= EF0000
Astonmartin icon.png /astonmartin/ color1= 0B5B4D
Williams icon.png /williams/ color1= 0000BA
Haas icon.png /haas/ color1= FFFFFF