2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup Final

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The 2013 4chan Spring Babby Cup final was the deciding match of the 4chan Cup's seventh official tournament. It was played between /mlp/ and /tv/. The match was played on the evening of May 19, 2013. /mlp/ were the winners of the match 4-0, producing one of the most dominant displays in a 4chan Cup final ever.

Route to the final

/mlp/ Round /tv/
Opponent Result Group stage Opponent Result
U icon.png /u/ 5–1 Match 1 Gif icon.png /gif/ 0–0
O icon.png /o/ 0–1 Match 2 Vp icon.png /vp/ 3–0
R9k icon.png /r9k/ 2–1 Match 3 Po icon.png /po/ 1–2
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
O icon.png /o/ 3 3 0 0 7 2 5 9
Mlp icon.png /mlp/ 3 2 0 1 7 3 4 6
U icon.png /u/ 3 1 0 2 4 8 -4 3
R9k icon.png /r9k/ 3 0 0 3 3 8 -5 0
Final standing
Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Po icon.png /po/ 3 2 1 0 7 5 2 7
Tv icon.png /tv/ 3 1 1 1 4 2 2 4
Vp icon.png /vp/ 3 1 0 2 4 7 -3 3
Gif icon.png /gif/ 3 0 2 1 3 4 -1 2
Opponent Result Knockout stage Opponent Result
D icon.png /d/ 1–1 (4–3 pens) Round of 16 3 icon.png /3/ 3–3 (5–4 pens)
Fa icon.png /fa/ 1–0 Quarter-finals Lit icon.png /lit/ 1–0
X icon.png /x/ 3–1 Semifinals Soc icon.png /soc/ 2–1



The final began scrappily and there were no clear chances in the opening stages. Loner Cinephile picked up a booking just after the ten-minute mark for a poor tackle. The resultant free kick was taken from 45 yards by Alicorn Twilight, who hit a high ball forward towards the /tv/ box. Rape was in the centre of the box to head the ball on to Tracy who hit the ball on the volley against the bottom of the right post and into the goal to give /mlp/ the lead early on. The advantage was nearly doubled several minutes later when >rape was played through on goal and despite deft touches was left with too much to do as his shot was cleared by the closing High Ground.

Last-ditch goalkeeping from High Ground again saved /tv/ when he excellently closed down Alicorn Twilight to negate another goal threat. However, the clearance only made its way to >rape, who made a short pass to Best Pony and the midfielder obliged with a shot past the out-of-position High Ground to double the lead. Meanwhile /tv/ struggled to compose themselves and faced difficulty mounting a challenge on the /mlp/ goal. Keep-ball sufficed for /mlp/ as they ran circles around a /tv/ side that continued to look out of its depth. Real Human Being attempted to make a mark on the match, dribbling past several /mlp/ defenders before making a shot which was easily saved by Derpy Hooves. That would prove to be one of only two chances for /tv/ in the entire half as /mlp/ looked their clear superiors in every respect.

Title hopes looked all but over for /tv/ immediately after the restart. Lyra Plushie stole the ball from /tv/ who had the kickoff, and managed to get the ball to Tracy before being clattered. Tracy then played a through ball to >rape who outpaced his markers and slotted into the bottom right corner to put /mlp/'s third on the scoreboard. Just after the hour mark, Alicorn Twilight was given the ball 25 yards out and ran down the middle of the pitch through a nearly non-existent /tv/ defence right into the penalty area and placed a shot low and to High Ground's right to give /mlp/ their fourth of the match and put the result beyond any doubt. Moments after the kick off, FOR YOU played a cross with vicious spin into the /mlp/ box only for Real Human Being to miss the gifted header from only six yards out; this was /tv/'s first clear opportunity on goal of the match.

Frustration got the better of the losing side as Plinkett was cautioned for a late slide on Best Pony. /mlp/ continued to look deadly, with >rape having a powerful drive from the right of the area parried by High Ground. A series of corners then followed but /tv/ were able to weather the storm and defend their goal. A speculative effort from Real Human Being from the edge of the area drifted wide of /mlp/'s left post after 80 minutes as the sides neared the end of what was now a formality. /mlp/ had a last clear chance as Best Pony played >rape clear through on goal, but he was closed down by High Ground before being able to get the shot away. A last-ditch injury time venture into the opposition third for /tv/ proved fruitless as the sun set on their forgettable final. For /mlp/, a blow of the referee's whistle meant a first taste of success and a cherry on top of entry into the Summer Cup. The match would surley go on to be remembered as one of the most one-sided finals in 4chan Cup history.


Stadium: Wembley Stadium 19 May 2013, 22:30 UTC Attendance: 2010
Mlp logo.png /mlp/ 4–0 /tv/ Tv logo.png Scoreboard overlay.png
Tracy Goal 13'
Best Pony Goal 29'
>rape Goal 47'
Alicorn Twilight Goal 61'

GK 12 Derpy Hooves
RB 69 Thanks M.A. Larson
CB 8 Fuck Your Marker Substituted off 71'
LB 37 Crotchtits
DM 4 I Want To Cum In Dashie Substituted off 71'
DM 9 Lyra Plushie
CM 99 I Don't Get The Appeal Substituted off 71'
CM 7 Best Pony
AM 23 Alicorn Twilight
AM 21 Tracy
CF 1 >rape
DM 41 Autism In Equestria Substituted in 71'
CM 2 Faust Substituted in 71'
CB 10 Cease and Desist Substituted in 71'
NBD !WLix8e5EX6
Testerbro !3SfloA2uBI
2013sbc final-mlp tv.png
GK 10 High Ground
RB 17 Future Walt
CB 6 Fucken Dropped
LB 9 Crab Legs
DM 12 Loner Cinephile Booked 12' Substituted off 60'
DM 5 Plinkett Booked 65'
CM 23 ABATAP Substituted off 60'
AM 1 Poor Little White Guy
LW 20 Problem Child 2
CF 15 Real Human Being
CM 7 /cel/ Substituted in 60'
CM 3 Eagles Substituted in 60'
SB !8dPCxOtaeI

Man of the Match:
>rape (/mlp/)

Match Stats
8 (6) Shots (On Target) 6 (3)
4 (0) Fouls (Offside) 1 (1)
1 Free Kicks 4
0 Free Kicks scored 0
4 Corner Kicks 3
17 Interceptions 13
53% Possession 47%
87% Passes Completed 80%
7 Tackles Won 12
3 Saves 3