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2020 4chan Summer Cup Save Fixes

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Current save: v3.1 (7/19/20)
AATF Results:
Teams with detected issues: Lit icon.png /lit/
Save fix deadline: Wednesday, July 15th, at 23:59:59 UTC

Please add your save fixes below under the Not Added Yet section under a header for your own team. If you have any save fixes for the editfile of an aesthetic nature like appearance for FBM or other model effects, shirt numbers, etc., also list them below. For any save fixes after the deadline stated above, please inform QD directly after editing this page to make sure he's aware and that it should be implemented. Also be sure to either always use the latest save available with up-to-date save fixes or implement your team's save fixes in your own copy of the save to avoid repeating save fix-related issues in your nightly exports.

Not Added Yet


(Don't write here. Save fixes will be moved here after being put in the latest save.)

Biz icon.png /biz/

I'm not writing all this shit out.png

D icon.png /d/

midcup changes: cuteanari boot 417 and d sized cock 419, they ain't got shoes since I'm dum, also I don't know how to fix tentacles' leg so please save fix that too if its a save fix thing

F icon.png /f/

Altered In game faces for /f/. Billy, Lolicatgirls, Hood, Dose, and Party Hard are P-Kuns for the sake of models. Im a retard and forgot the portraits.

Fa icon.png /fa/

Change This Party Sucks to have: Long Sleeves always, Undershorts off on both seasons
Change w2c to have GK gloves ID 555
Change Brown Boots, Destroyer of Fits to have Boots ID 512
Change Reviewbrah to have Boots ID 519 & GK gloves ID 0
Change Meme Shoe to have Boots ID 520
Change Yohji to have GK gloves ID 0 and hairstyle to special hair 10 instead of special hair 1
Change Smelly Art Hoe gf's shirt name from "IDEAL GF" to "THIS IS A BOP" Change Sleazecore to have Boots ID 503 & GK gloves ID 0
Change Yohji to have Boots ID 0 & GK gloves ID 0 (doing this on my machine caused the special hairstyle to revert, if it reverts on yours please change to special 10 again thx)
Change Ezra Miller's Face's weight from 80 to 51 kg.

Gd icon.png /gd/

For players with boots set to 0626 (this is most of them):

  • Set boots to 0629

His icon.png /his/

  • Change 9th Battle of the Isonzo name to 10th Battle of the Isonzo
  • Change Tafts gloves ID to 0

Jp icon.png /jp/

Change Cirno to have Boots ID 851

Lit icon.png /lit/

  • On Preset 1, replace Rene Guenon (PBUH) with Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonner at the CMF position on the left

Pol icon.png /pol/

  • Set Corona-chan to use gloves 81
  • Set everyone except Corona-chan, Jogger and Confederate Statue to use gloves 1151

S4s icon.png /s4s/

Keksandra : sleeves long sock length short shirt tail tucked Model ID 74602 Boots 1126

spikeman boots 1128 gloves on and 12 sleeves long sock short shirt tucked

swaglord boots 1127

Toy icon.png /toy/

Set skeleton army's sock length to normal