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4chan Cup Committee
Abbreviation 4CCC
Formation August 2011
Membership List of teams
Official Languages English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Swedish
Commissioner QD !!ztCBdAQrY7S
Council /admin/
Website 4chan

The Comité de la Coupe 4chan (Japanese: 4chanカップ委員会, English: 4chan Cup Committee), commonly known by the acronym 4CCC, is the governing body of all international simulated 4chan Pro Evolution Soccer leagues. Its membership is comprised of about 60 teams, representing the majority of currently existing 4chan boards. It is overseen by its current commissioner and former /vg/ manager QD. The 4CCC is currently responsible for the organization of 4chan Elite and Babby Cups, as well as their qualifiers.


The 4CCC historically always consisted of a council of people chosen and headed by the Commissioner. The council members serve as advisors and/or fill in crucial roles within the cup's organization.

While these councils and their structure, members, and workflow changed throughout the cup's history, the lines between actual members and outside opinions/people influencing the decisions have always been a bit blurry. This results from the lack of strictly formalized voting procedures, how feedback is gathered and reviewed, and the absolute veto powers held by the Commissioner.


The current incarnation of the 4CCC is /admin/ (formerly known as /merit/, which was founded by then Commissioner DrBorisG after the 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup).

In terms of composition and function, /admin/ mostly matches the former /merit/, but was renamed in order to better present the purely-administrative function it had attained over the years, rather than its former function at inception of being a channel for important non-administrative individuals to reach the administration.

The following people are currently in /admin/:

  • DrBorisG (Former Commissioner, Streamer, Server Administrator)
  • Old Man Sou (Streamer, Manager)
  • f4r (Server Administrator)
  • QD (Commissioner, Streamer)
  • Noteperson (Aesthetics, Manager)
  • Shakes (Aesthetics Chair)
  • Potatotron (Hype, Manager)
  • Kekkels (Streamer)


Allegations of corruption

As with any major governing body, the 4CCC is not entirely without controversy. Throughout its short history, there have been many accusations thrown at the Committee - some baseless, some not. The supreme leader GermanBro was the center of the accusations, with cries of >RIGGED echoing throughout the 4chan threads, IRC and chats. Lately the focus was shifted to blaming outgoing commissioner DrBorisG, Former commissioner Gracen, and advising manager Sexcopter.

2012 WC Match Fixing Scandal

During the first friendlies of the 4chan Cup teams, allegations of stat alterations and general RIGGING of two /sp/ club players rose due to an unusually higher performance. Initially, there was little done to quell the rumors until BasedNickLeddy looked into the situation after a /sp/ v. /ck/ match. On January 7th, he issued a statement that he lowered the ability of the two players in question, LMF Tony Reali and Goalkeeper DA BEARS, to a lower setting than the original.

Since then, /sp/ has been the target of many other claims of rigging, though all of these allegations are baseless.

2012 SC Bracket Scandal

Following the initial group stages of the 2012 4chan Summer Cup, PES2012 selected the brackets for the knockout stages. This had been done before with the 2012 4chan Spring Babby Cup, so no one expected the massive backlash as provided by the random bracketing.

At the conclusion of the group stage, PES 2012 randomly selected the draw for the knockout stages. To make things worse, the game placed top performers like /m/, /sp/, and /toy/ in the preliminary rounds. Accusations of RIGGED flew around 4chan, some /sp/ supporters vandalized the wiki and posted what they considered the rightful standings, /pol/ and /int/ released a joint statement blaming "The Jews" for "starting a false-flag operation to make the Aryan GermanBro look worse than Hitler," and /vg/'s empty stadium was filled with supporters on all sides bemoaning or celebrating their team's placement while the hometown vendors sold booze and lol'd at the proceedings.

After witnessing a night of furious petitioning, bitching, moaning, wiki vandalizing and a few flaming bags of dog poop left on the steps of random German people in the neighborhood, the secretive 4CCC convened to discuss how to proceed. In the end, GermanBro decided to "rejigger" the brackets within PES, giving byes to the top-ranked teams and changing around the matchups in the preliminaries. GermanBro also promised to actually sort out the tiebreaker and placement rules before the Cup starts next time.

"Hi guys. I wanted to save this until Friday but apparently you guys have no patience. I am honoured by your dedication and enthusiasm and disappointed with your insults and hate. This is the new bracket and this is how it will be done. I hope you enjoy the tournament Friday. I am available for questions this evening. Once again, I don't care if a board goes against me personally, but there is no need to attack the site or the wiki or sabotage this and result to petty insults."
GermanBro !Qg4DEzuQbM

This decision was not without controversy either, as some lambasted GermanBro for giving into a minorities demands, while others accused /sp/, the board most outraged at the randomly drawn bracket, of attempting to rig the cup. Still others were upset that, while the new bracket addressed some of the primary problems regarding byes, the two group winners that did not receive byes, /co/ and /n/ were matched against each other in the preliminaries. GermanBro has stated that, while he properly seeded the boards, he failed to match them up properly. However, seeing the anger that met both versions of the bracket, he refused to make any further changes.


On a mid-December day after a round of friendlies, the supreme leader GermanBro made the shock announcement of 2012. The 2013 4chan Winter Cup was his last as head of the 4CCC. It was then that GB appointed another commissioner, Gracen, to govern the Cups as GB watched in the background like a caring father watches over his son. Gracen resigned shortly afterward and GermanBro appointed DrBorisG as the new leader. After five cups under his wing, Boris saw fit to hand the command over to Tottori. Today, GB is relegated to the personnel carousel that is the commentary team.

Much has happened since then, but unless someone writes them down, these events shall remain known to only those who witnessed them.


4CCC structured tournaments

Note: Qualifiers are not listed.

List of 4CCC Commissioners

List of interim 4CCC Commissioners

While technically functioning as main streamers, the following people were granted partial Commissioner rights for the events they hosted: