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Aesthetics Requests

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If you want to try making your own aesthetics, check ou the tutorials page.

Requests for blender models can be made here page but you'll generally have a better chance by contacting us directly on the Aesco Discord. The discord also is the ideal place to ask any questions related to making aesthetics.

The members of the Aesthetics Council are not obliged to fulfill any requests, but a waiting list will be created for any member wanting to fill out requests. It will focus more on teams lacking in Aesthetics rather than teams not necessarily needing them, and will only be done as a 'bonus' once everything else has been checked as good to go for that cup.

The chances of having a request fulfilled skyrocket if you can provide a model to convert, here are some places where you can find stuff:

  • Devianart galleries have A LOT of stuff, especially the much preferred XNALara models but also Source Filmmaker and MMD models.
  • Other MMD resources are Bowlroll (japanese), Nico Nico Douga (japanese) and MMD Booru.
  • Models-Resource specializes in video game models, but they are not posable.
  • has a good library of military themed game assets (russian, but you can put the site in english).
  • Mods from some games like Garry's Mod, Custom Maid 3D 2, GTA, The Elder Scrolls or Fallout can be extracted directly from their files.
  • 3D Warehouse has a lot of stuff and everything is free, but quality varies a lot.
  • Sites like Turbosquid, Free 3D Models, CGTrader, GrabCAD, Cadnav and Sketchfab may or may not have what you're looking for free of charge, but it's always worth a shot.
  • There's also Blendswap which might have unexpected stuff.
  • If nothing comes up, ask /aesco/ directly about the difficulty of making something as some members may have needed resources at hand.

Aco icon.png /aco/

  • custom model kit, white tanktop with black booty shorts
  • /skg/ titties to replace the old ones
  • >artist
    • Realistic mouse head

Bant icon.png /bant/


  • Real Talk Coaster - roller coaster around the stadium (include models/imagery of Homer Simpson, cigars, various sized piles of shit, flags of [Tunisia, Chile, Germany], Princess Mononoke, 4chan report screen)
  • Borche Farms - typical farm, but with dead frog(poster)s all over, preferably murdered in various brutal ways, make pitch design plowed field

Fit icon.png /fit/


Gif icon.png /gif/

  • Big Black Cocks
    • Give it another face and maybe another dick
  • Meme Lover
    • If possible design his hair to look like Danny D, the porn actor from the movie
  • Sauce
    • If possible take the head of the previous model and use it to replace the current bottle body
  • Sprite porn
    • Add some tentacles to the blender
  • Fukouna Shoujo 03
    • If possible have the laser machine for the gif together with blender, if not , just try to make the loli from the gif.

reference 1: reference 2:

His icon.png /his/

  • More Wives your Grace?
    • Weating this cap

Lit icon.png /lit/

Mu icon.png /mu/

The majority of these are faces and hair texture. I think I almost came close to figuring out how to make the hair look decent but ran out of time in spring. Will try again if I have time.

Out icon.png /out/

  • YuruCamp Fire
    • Add flames to the hair and scarf of the already existing model and maybe a disstressed look if possible.
  • This is what we wear in Germany
    • Make the player's head small like in pic, if you got time to waste give him a hat, cloak and walking stick too.

Tv icon.png /tv/

  • Dan "I don't feel so good" Schnider
    • Fade-out of Dan's body just like the Infinity Oven Mitt effect

W icon.png /w/

  • FOTM

Y icon.png /y/

  • Defeated- I just need a normal player laying down in a T pose or a Yamcha pose. Just use jockstraps to make things easier for ya lads.
    • Connor- The android from cyber life, please do a full body model if possible and not a box head. Got the full body model here
  • Big Juicy Bara Titties- Zangief full body model if possible, I need to see the PECS!- Models found here and here. If full body is too hard, just do the upper body please.
    • Canon Gay- Cut out like /i/'s players /i/rene or Fullback gf, but with south park characters Tweek and Craig hand holding. NSFW CGR.png