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The Seventeen-Manager Controversy better known as Dragongate is a day of controversy that occurred on May 23, 2013 after it was revealed that /n/ manager Dragonfag was also /cm/ manager Kageyama as well as former /sp/ manager Torres McIlroy (and a load of other people too).

Also compiled here by a certain Tengu reporter: [1]



/sp/ manager Loli posted these findings in the /vg/ thread, kicking off the biggest shitstorm in 4chan Cup history. It began on May 23, 2013 when /cm/ manager Kageyama removed his name from the /cm/ wiki page. Meanwhile, /sp/'s then-manager Loli made a post in the /vg/ thread announcing a big reveal. Moments after that post, it was revealed that Dragonfag had quit the Autism General. Then Loli revealed all.

He had noticed strange similarities between the posts of Dragonfag and Kageyama and through the checking of the IP of both users on the wiki, came to the conclusion that Kageyama was actually Dragonfag. The shocks did not stop, as many people began to question if former /sp/ manager and the then-/vp/ manager Torres McIlroy was also Dragonfag. Through some snooping by various anons, it was revealed that this was indeed the case. After much of the general shock died down, Dragonfag made a return stating he did what he did to keep the cup entertaining. He also revealed that Gracen was allowing him to continue to be the manager of /n/. After bragging about being allowed to stay, Gracen reversed his decision and banned Dragonfag from managing. The very next day it was revealed by Gracen that /diy/ manager /diy/nosaur was also Dragonfag.


After the reveal, both /vg/ and /sp/ were whipped into a frenzy. Many called for /sp/'s titles to be revoked and awarded to the respective cup's runner-ups with many /sp/artans in agreement. Commissioner Gracen Ivorinne ruled that since Dragonfag teams did not meet in any of the cups, /sp/ would not be stripped of their titles. This only added to the fire as anons were quick to point out that Dragonfag was able to rig the 2013 Winter Cup by deciding what teams would advance, giving /sp/ ample time to prepare for them. Even manager Loli disagreed with the Gracen's decision. Commissioner Gracen eventually allowed Loli and /sp/ to make the decision.


Commissioner Gracen Ivorinne made his final decision. Because of the controversy along with the decision by Loli, /sp/ vacated their Summer and Winter Cup titles. After Dragonfag's departure from the Autism General, he was stripped of his managerial positions in both /n/ and /vp/ and later barred from the Cup after angering Commissioner Gracen. After Loli vacated /sp/'s titles, many /sp/artans came out and demanded that Loli either resign or be fired while also trying to get their two cup wins reinstated. After increasing pressure from these few angry morons, Loli resigned as /sp/ manager. The resignation was short, as /sp/ reconciled with Loli and allowed him to return as manager.

Teams that were managed by Dragonfag faced strict penalties. /n/, /y/, /cm/ and /hm/ along with recently promoted /s/, /3/, /an/, /o/ were immediately relegated back to the babbies while /g/, /m/, /f/, /sci/, /u/, /c/, /co/, and /h/ were promoted to the Summer Cup to take their place. Dragonfag teams also had ranking points taken away, which ended /sp/'s 19 month reign as the top ranked team in the Cup. Not only were Dragonfag teams instantly relegated and had points taken away, but wins against non-Dragonfag teams were reversed, giving many teams a higher efficiency percentage. /sp/, after having both titles vacated, were given back their Winter Cup titles as it was determined that Loli's managing of the knockout rounds had not affected the cup at all. Even though Dragonfag was a tester, /mlp/ were not punished, since released /mlp/ testing logs revealed that manager NBD did not use Dragonfag's tactics. (This has not stopped many people from calling for /mlp/'s Spring title to be stripped.)

Dragongate did not affect only teams, but the Cup in general: /soc/ manager and major cup contributor Sexcopter announced his retirement shortly after the news was broken -- only to return and reveal that he helped with uncovering many of Dragonfag's personas. After seeing Commissioner Gracen's inexperience in making minute-to-minute decisions, /k/ manager Diplo promptly quit, with the intent of returning once the Commissioner's leadership skills improved. Later in the night, /pol/ manager SeeSaw revealed that had had secretly been managing /fa/ during the Spring Babby Cup as Filligree in order to gain experience for when he takes /pol/ into the Summer Cup, causing him to be suspended from the Summer Cup and forcing former /pol/ manager Cozmo to manage the team. /cgl/ interim manager Coleslaw quit after the drama the controversy caused, and was later revealed to be former /jp/ and /lgbt/ manager Doogie by his own admission during the 2013 Autumn Babby Cup. As a consequence of Dragongate, all managers are now required confirm themselves with the 4CCC-appointed verification handler through the Cup's verification system.

Since the resolution of the controversy, Dragonfag made multiple attempts to return to the cup under multiple aliases, each one being subsequently banned. For example, Dragonfag returned to the /vg/ thread on August 4, 2013 after it was discovered he was the new /n/ tester.

Following the 2015 4chan Winter Cup, it was revealed that Dragonfag had been beloved bet shop owner, Bet Rigtor. The revelation caused him to close shop, only to open it back up for the following cup.


  • /an/on
  • Manager of /an/
  • Aut/o/
  • Manager of /o/
  • /diy/nosaur
  • Manager of /diy/
  • Dan
  • Manager of /ic/
  • Dragonfag
  • Manager of /n/, the 'main' identity
  • Falcon71
  • Manager of /hm/
  • Frenchie
  • Candidate manager for /sp/, later became Aut/o/
  • Manager of /3/
  • Gallow
  • Former manager of /x/ and /vp/
  • Haha! Time for /y/
  • /y/ supporter
  • HannahY
  • Manager of /y/
  • JR
  • Manager of /s/
  • LGBTanon
  • Tester for /lgbt/
  • Kageyama
  • Manager of /cm/
  • NotZUN
  • Former manager of /jp/
  • Testerbro
  • Tester for /mlp/
  • Torres McIlroy
  • Manager for /vp/, former manager for /sp/

After Dragongate, Dragonfag tried to return under these aliases:

  • Pipffry
  • Candidate for /cm/ manager
  • Captainlegbutt
  • Candidate for /lgbt/ manager
  • Ireanon
  • /sp/ and /asp/ supporter
  • Shinkansen/Shinzeron
  • /n/ tester
  • Bet Rigtor
  • Betting shop owner (despite being "uncovered", has continued running the shop)


A report detailing the extent of Dragonfag's interference was released on May 29.

Part 1 - Dragon Crash

A full report on all of Dragonfag's personas, by Sexcopter

Part 2 - Playing With Yourself: When Dragonfag Fought Dragonfag

A full report on the matches in which Dragonfag played himself, by Doogie

Part 3 - Repercussions of Evil

A full catalogue of games where a Dragonfag team played a non-Dragonfag team, the what change is done about these matches, and a full table of post-Dragongate statistical changes for all teams, by Gracen

Part 4 - Rebuild of 4chan Cup 1.0: You Can (Not) Be Dragonfag

Document detailing what happens next, and a general statement on the whole Dragongate controversy, by Gracen (Archive 1, 2)