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Starting 11

Position No. Name Image Description Height (cm) Weight (kg) Foot Boots Skill cards
GK 1 Berserk Eva-01 200px When an Eva's soul surpasses the restraints placed upon it, it can enter a savage state known simply as "Berserk." Eva-01 is the most well known Berserker and without Shinji's influence, plans to kill the ball instead of run away from it. ?? ?? Right Morelia NEO
CB 3 Granzon 200px The brainchild of the Divine Crusaders, Granzon is their ultimate trump card. Powered by an antimatter annihilator engine an armed with gravity and time-space manipulation weaponry, Granzon is ready to stop all opposition. ?? ?? Right Morelia NEO
CB 666 Persönlichkeit
Pilots: Einst Alfimi
200px The Battle Unit/Life Support Unit of Einst Alfini. Persönlichkeit is a rare breed of Einst Unit; It's humanoid body is covered with Demon-Skull armor plating and it is always accompanied by two floating skulls. Combined with a Katana capable of producing supersonic force waves and teleportation and you have one of the strongest, scariest Center Back to ever walk the pitch. ??? ??? Left Morelia NEO
CB 33 Betterman Forte
AKA: Lamia
200px The strongest form of Lamia obtained by the Animus Seeds. This Titan will find any attackers' breaking point and finish them off with some Psycho Glory. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CMF 7 Black sArena 200px ??? ??? Left Morelia NEO
CMF 87 Specineff 200px A cursed vitrauroid with incredible speed and light armor. Many consider him useless but in the right control he will be anyone's worse nightmare. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CMF 2 Mazinkaiser SKL
Pilots: Ken Kaidou and Ryou Magami
200px When the Skull force is called in battle any threats, they send SKL at them and with good reason. With powers so strong it requires two pilots to control the mech, just pray that no one unlocks his true power with the wing cross. ??? ??? Left Wave Ignitus II
AMF 73 Rein Weißritter
Pilot: Excellen Browning
200px Through the power of Einst possession and their technology, Excellen's puny Weißritter was transformed into it's new demonic form. Armed with the transforming Howling Cannon, this monster is ready to tear through the competition. ??? ??? Right Wave Ignitus II
SS 13 Darkbuster
AKA: Enter
200px Through the power of the 13th Messiah Card, Enter began collecting data from the Go-Busters Hiromu. Over enough time, Enter gained access to this form, granting him super speed and all of Hiromu's special moves. ??? ??? Right Supersonic Wave 3
SS 19 Kamen Rider Skull
AKA: Sokichi Narumi
200px The Hard-Boiled detective boss of Shotaro Hidari. Narumi embodies pure badass-ness where ever he may go and he wishes to count up your sins. Plus he's the only rider to pull off wearing a fedora and not look like a complete loser. ??? ??? Right Supersonic Wave 3
CF 12 Gundam Deathscythe Hell
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
200px Stealth is the game plan for this Gundam and boy can he carry it out. With Hyper jammers and an active cloaking system, Duo should have no problem sneaking through the competition. Should push come to shove Deathscythe can take to the skies or wield his beam scythe. ??? ?? Right Wave Ignitus II


Position No. Name Image Description Height (cm) Weight (kg) Foot Boots Skill cards
GK 31 Z-Master
Controller: Heart Primeval
200px The culmination of the Zonder Master program. Z-Master is the combined form of the 31 Machine Primevals and towers over the competition. Literally. Z-Master is visible on a planetary scale which makes him the prefect candidate for keeper. ??? ??? Left Morelia NEO
GK 00 Devil Gundam
Pilot: Kyoji Kasshu
200px Devil Gundam started out life as the Ultimate Gundam; A partially organic Gundam that would constantly repair and improve itself. Scientists hoped to use the information gather to make the perfect human but due to a malfunction, the gundam became twisted and sinister. Always recognizable by being a gundam growing out of a GAINT FUCKING GUNDAM HEAD! ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CB 6 Valvrave Six
Pilot: Akira Renbokoji
200px Valvrave stands for "VAmpire Link Vessel Rune Activate Vital Engine." Each Valvrave has enough power to destory entire fleets on their own but they specialize in special types of warfare. Valvrave VI, named Hiasobi, specializes in electronic warfare. Armed with the staff call "hummingbird", Hiasobi can directly hack into enemy's system just by touching it. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CB 5 Slattern
200px The only Level 5 Kaiju ever recorded, Slattern is the strongest creature ever faced by the Jaegars at the end of the Kaiju War. Tasked with protecting the portal to the Kaiju home world, /m/ hopes that this behemoth will protect the back line. ??? ??? Left Supersonic Wave 3
CB 95 Venator BETA 200px Words cannot describe this beast so just look at it instead. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CMF 001 Exia Repair
Pilot: Setsuna Seiei
200px Setsuna's shoddily repaired Exia Gundam. While not truly scary, its glowing red eye and partially destroyed face served as basis for the Halloween logo. Right Supersonic Wave 3
CMF 92 Kamen Rider Shin
AKA: Shin Kazamatsuri
200px Kamen Rider went through it's dark a gritty period in the 90s. The result is Shin; a biological rider. All he wants is a hug. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CMF 26 Golden Knight GaroAKA: Kouga Saezima 200px In the Order of the Makai Knights, Garo is a name that commands respect. While not an oficially recognized rank, Garo is the most regal of the armors. Constructed out of gold soul armor only the strongest Makai Knights can wield the title of Garo. While many people have used this armor, the council picked the most famous wielder, Kouga Saezima, to represent Garo. Left Morelia NEO
CMF 50 Shurouga
Pilot: Asakim Dowen
200px Shurouga is the closet mecha equivalent to god mode. Both it and its pilot were cursed as immortal being and it is armed with more overpowered weapons than your average mecha anime, Shurouga looks to defend the provide solid work in the midfield. ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO
CMF 8 Kamen Rider Kiva
AKA: Wataru Kurenai
200px He's arguably the most Halloween related thing on /m/, even if everyone hates him. Right Morelia NEO
SS 4 Brajira of the Messiah 200px A fallen Gosei Angel fueled by the power he absorbed from his comrades. Brajira spent time disguised in other evil factions in order to steal their greatest abilities in order to power his Nega-End ceremony and rule the earth as the true Messiah. ??? ??? Left Supersonic Wave 3
SS 9 Joker 200px He's a fucking clown robot. Need I say more? ??? ??? Right Morelia NEO