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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the chat protocol of choice for the official 4chan cup chat. Managers are required to submit their live managing instructions through IRC to the commissioner.

IRC is segmented into networks and channels; implyingrigged runs its own network consisting of two servers (soon to be just one), and the channel everyone usually hangs out in is #4chancup.

If your IRC client is still configured to connect to either or, your configuration will stop working soon. Please make sure you connect to

Connecting to the IRC

You can connect to IRC using a wide range of IRC Clients, or using a browser client such as Mibbit.

The Implyingrigged IRC Information
Network address
Port 6667, 5555 or 55555
Channel #4chancup

If you have an IRC client installed already, simply follow this link to connect.

Connection Issues

If you cannot connect, message an admin on the contact page, and mention your IP. You may be accidentally caught in the spam- and proxy-filter, which was introduced to make ban-evasion more difficult.

Registering your Nick

By default, nicknames on IRC are not protected, which means anyone can use a nickname if it isn't already in-use by a connected user. However, most IRC networks (including this one) provide services to register a nickname.

Type the following command to register your nickname:

/ns register [password] [e-mail]

Replace [password] and [e-mail] with your appropriate information.

Note: /ns is a short alias for /msg NickServ in most clients. If it doesn't work, simply use /msg NickServ instead.

Most clients will have a setting to auto-identify you with NickServ once you connect. If you don't have one or wish to do this manually, simply type

/ns identify [password]

when NickServ tells you to to log in to your NickName. Otherwise, your name will be forcefully changed after a while.

Setting a vHost

If you want to display a fancy custom hostname instead of the boring hashed hostname, you may use the HostServ service to request one. Hosts need to consist of letters and dots just like a real hostname. To do this, type:

/msg HostServ request [Your.vHost.Here]

Where [Your.vHost.Here] is the host of your choosing, e.g.

Your vHost needs to manually be accepted by one of the server admins (f4r or DrBorisG).

Private Messages

To chat with someone privately (for example the commissioner to submit your live managing instructions), type

/query [nickname]

to open a private chat with them. Most IRC clients will also open a private message window if you double-click on a nickname in the users' list.