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This page is intended for adding or fixing aesthetics during an on-going cup.
Either link new/corrected files or add notes to fix certain things that might have been forgotten or were broken before.

Please add a level 3 header (with three equal signs on each side) with your team name above the stuff you want to be fixed/added.
The headers should be listed chronologically below the Not added yet / To do header, with the newest stuff at the top.
If you have to add more stuff halfway, just make a new header at the top for your team, and leave the old one in place.
Once stuff is added or fixed it will be moved to the Added / Done section.

Important: Every request has to be verified by a team's current manager, with a signature (four tildes) at the end.

This page is currently meant to be used for the 2020 4chan Spring Babby Cup.

Aesthetic Stuff

For all the stuff that involves aesthetic files, including new exports, kits and faces.

Not added yet

Aco icon.png /aco/

- New Shad model that needs to be added in game (same ID) GuyF (talk)

His icon.png /his/

1 boot and 1 faceJunoIvanovich (talk) 10:50, 23 April 2020 (UTC)


2 Boots added, 8 faces, Traps now has a FBM



(Don't write here. Requests will be moved here after being fulfilled.)

Savedata Aesthetic Issues

For all the savedata-related fixes, like setting long sleeves, different boots, etc.
Use the Save Fixes page. Don't write here.