New Stadium Curse

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The New Stadium Curse is a curse inflicted upon teams debuting new stadiums, mainly through losing (or at least not winning) their very first match at their new venue, but also through other unusual matters.

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Team Stadium Debut cup Result
3 icon.png /3/ Polly's Wonderland Winter 2021 Drew 3-3 to /int/
Adv icon.png /adv/ Advice Dog Arena Summer 2016 Lost 4-2 to /an/
An icon.png /an/ /an/ Stadium Winter 2017 Drew 1-1 against /mu/
Asp icon.png /asp/ Tokyo Dome Summer 2016 Lost 3-1 to /e/
Tokyo Dome Summer 2017 Lost 2-1 to /wg/
Bant icon.png /bant/ ImpTrash Dump Summer 2018 Lost 6-1 to /tg/
Biz icon.png /biz/ Wall Street Summer 2016 Lost 2-1 to [s4s]
Crypto Space Autumn 2018 Lost 2-1 to /f/
C icon.png /c/ Kawaii Park Autumn 2016 Lost 2-1 to /u/
Ck icon.png /ck/ Iron Chef Stadium Summer 2016 Lost 4-2 to /a/
F icon.png /f/ Awesome Dome Summer 2016 Lost 5-3 to /p/
4chan City.swf World 2021 Drew 1-1 against /vm/
G icon.png /g/ The GNU/Lag (or GNU+Lag) Summer 2019 Drew 1-1 against /lit/
H icon.png /h/ Sad Panda Communal Faphouse Autumn 2016 Lost 2-0 to /u/
His icon.png /his/ The Colosseum Autumn 2016 Drew 1-1 against /int/
I icon.png /i/ Scribble Stadium Autumn 2016 Lost 4-2 to /toy/
M icon.png /m/ Dropped Colony Impact Crater Spring 2014 Lost 0-2 to /s/
Zwei Wing Stadium Summer 2015 Drew 1-1 against /cm/
Orbital Ring Stadium Spring 2016 Lost 5-4 to /gif/
Mlp icon.png /mlp/ Racist Barn Winter 2015 Drew 3-3 against /m/
Cirrus Maximus Winter 2016 Drew 2-2 against /an/
N icon.png /n/ Intercity Blimp Train Summer 2017 Drew 2-2 against /lit/
P icon.png /p/ Depthof Field Summer 2016 Lost 3-5 against /s/
Po icon.png /po/ The Cutting Mat Autumn 2016 Lost 2-1 to /a/
Pol icon.png /pol/ /new/remberg Field Summer 2016 Lost 8-1 to /adv/
S icon.png /s/ Skank Stadium Summer 2016 Lost 3-0 to /r9k/
S4s icon.png /s4s/ Unchecked Dubs Memorial Stadium Summer 2016 Drew 2-2 against /m/
Soc icon.png /soc/ Snapchat Stadium Summer 2016 Lost 3-2 to /asp/
Sp icon.png /sp/ Transatlantic Semen Pipeline Stadium Spring 2016 Lost 1-0 to /v/
T icon.png /t/ The Pirate's Bay Spring 2017 Fetus Lost 1-0 to /y/
U icon.png /u/ Astrea Hill Winter 2021 Drew 0-0 to /co/
Vg icon.png /vg/ Unlimited Blade Works Winter 2017 Drew 1-1 against /w/
The Sand Casino Summer 2019 Drew 2-2 against /h/
Deep Divegrass Winter 2020 Drew 1-1 against /x/
The AMOS Arena Summer 2020 Drew 0-0 against /d/
Grand Arena Winter 2021 Lost 3-1 to /an/
The Grandcypher World 2021 Lost 1-2 to /n/
Vm icon.png /vm/ ctf_2fort World 2021 Drew 2-2 against /k/
Vrpg icon.png /vrpg/ Colosseo Purgatorio World 2021 Drew 1-1 against /int/

Avoided Curse

Team Stadium Debut cup Result
3 icon.png /3/ New Scene Spring 2018 Fetus Defeated /gif/ 2-1
C icon.png /c/ Akihabara Denki-gai Autumn 2018 Fetus Defeated /v/ 1-0
Ck icon.png /ck/ Big Rig's Bar Autumn 2017 Fetus Defeated /fa/ 3-2
Cm icon.png /cm/ Karasuno Gymnasium Autumn 2017 Fetus Defeated /b/ 3-1
D icon.png /d/ /d/eviant's /d/imension World 2021 Defeated /fa/ 1-0
E icon.png /e/ Ecchirena Spring 2016 Defeated /i/ 2-0
Fit icon.png /fit/ Zyzz Memorial Bronasium Winter 2018 Defeated /u/ 1-0
Gif icon.png /gif/ The Sauce Pot Spring 2018 Deafeated /asp/ 1-0
Lgbt icon.png /lgbt/ The Token LGBT Representation Arena Spring 2017 Fetus Defeated /wsg/ 2-1
M icon.png /m/ Nu Axis Stadium Spring 2015 Defeated /t/ 3-2
Mu icon.png /mu/ The Mountaintops Winter 2016 Defeated /cm/ 3-1
O icon.png /o/ Daytona Beach Winter 2017 Defeated /vr/ 1-0
Out icon.png /out/ 100 Acre Wood Summer 2016 Defeated /sp/ 3-2
Pol icon.png /pol/ /pol/ in the High Castle Summer 2018 Defeated /fit/ 2-1
U icon.png /u/ Zwei Wing Stadium Summer 2015 Defeated /d/ 1-0
Sei Michael Joshi Gakuen Winter 2017 Defeated /n/ 2-0
Vg icon.png /vg/ Dark Age of Divegrass Summer 2017 Defeated /tv/ 2-1
Planeptune Stadium Winter 2019 Defeated /bant/ 5-1
Vp icon.png /vp/ Cinnabar Gym Spring 2016 Defeated /x/ 4-1
Pokemon League Summer 2017 Defeated /m/ 2-0
Battle Royal Arena Autumn 2018 Defeated /aco/ 1-0
Realgam Tower Autumn 2020 Defeated /aco/ 2-1
Vr icon.png /vr/ The Retro Arcadium Summer 2016 Defeated /o/ 1-0
Vst icon.png /vst/ Armchair General World 2021 Defeated /lit/ 3-1
W icon.png /w/ Tatami Arena Summer 2016 Defeated /e/ 2-1

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