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Both the Autism Task Forces (save checking and aesthetics checking) are done with their jobs. Links to both spreadsheets can be found on the 2015 Spring Babby Cup Save Fixes page below their respective headings.

The aesthetics spreadsheet has several columns, the first two obviously being the team name and ID. The third lists everything that was found to be broken or missing. The fourth column lists how these things can be fixed. More information on how these things can be fixed is given below. Please list all aesthetic fixes on the Save Fixes page below the Aesthetical Export Fixes heading.

While I (Tony) was checking the aesthetic exports I encountered some errors/mistakes several times:

  • Several teams just have not uploaded an export yet. All these exports have to be on the wiki before the second deadline (same as save fixes). Anything broken in these exports will not be used.
  • A few teams have not listed any team colors. Please do this so I can update the TeamColor.bin correctly.
  • Skin colors not updated to PES15. While PES14 used this as skin texture: http://puu.sh/hjTm8/e6ee2a39ee.png , PES15 uses: http://puu.sh/hjTqk/a880c86514.png . As you can see a whole lot has changed, so skin textures that are not 100% a single color might need an update.
  • A whole lot of faces are packed uncorrectly in .cpk files. Please read Pro Evolution Soccer 2015/Faces#Installing faces carefully to make sure your faces are packed correctly. It is really advised to make use of the batch files to make sure the faces will be packed correctly.

If you have any more questions and/or problems please contact me on Skype or IRC (either via a PM or in #aesthetics ).